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«Princess Medical Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 981: Guilty conscience, fake disease

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Chapter 981: Guilty conscience, fake disease

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After Xiao Tianyao entered the city, he did not enter the palace or return to his mansion as the ministers thought. Instead, he asked: “I heard that my father-in-law is sick. I want to accompany the princess to visit him first. My Lords, you can do as you please.”

Xiao Tianyao never addressed Prime Minister Lin his father-in-law, and always calls him Mr. Prime Minister. This was the first time that everyone heard Xiao Tianyao call Prime Minister Lin his father-in-law so formally and affectionately, but no one envied Prime Minister Lin.

Everyone in the capital knew about the conflict between Prime Minister Lin and Prince Xiao. As soon as Prince Xiao entered the capital and left the Emperor, he went to see Prime Minister Lin. The civil and military officials felt there was a deeper meaning…

Lin Chujiu was sitting in the carriage and couldn’t help but chuckle when she heard this. Although Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything last night, she knew that Prime Minister Lin was going to be in trouble.

However, she did not sympathize with Prime Minister Lin at all. Prime Minister Lin owed two lives, the original owner and the original owner’s mother, and he had to pay a price.

So what if Prime Minister Lin was a cuckold? Was he truly innocent?

Come on, he was a poor guy with nothing, why would a noble young lady marry him? Whose fine young lady from a well-born family would marry him?

Many young ladies would want to marry him because he was the number one scholar.

To ordinary people, being the number one scholar was indeed very valuable. Especially if he gets the number one title at a young age, it was even more remarkable. But to the powerful families in the capital, the number one scholar was nothing.

There will be a number one scholar every three years. If there will be Enke, by the special grace of the imperial family, there can be number one scholar every year. Once a scholar becomes number one, will he be able to rise to the top?

Don’t be naive. After passing the first-place exam, he has to study at the Hanlin Academy. How many first-place, second-place, and third-place scholars were there at the Hanlin Academy?

How many of the ministers of the third rank or above in the imperial court were the first-place, second-place, or third-place scholars?

Being the number one scholar was easy, but gaining a foothold in the court had nothing to do with whether a scholar was number one or not. Indeed, every scholar’s starting point and future path was the same. So if there were no support in the officialdom, the children from poor families who wanted a high position, like becoming a powerful minister, would find it very difficult to reach heaven.

It was undeniable that Prime Minister Lin was indeed talented and capable, but without the Meng family to support him and build relationships for him in the early stage, how could he have risen to the top? How could he possibly catch the eye of the Emperor? How could he reach the position he has today?

Prime Minister Lin, a scholar from a poor family, should have understood when he married a daughter of the Meng family and received help from the Meng family that there was no such thing as a free lunch. Otherwise, why would the good eldest daughter of the Meng family marry and help a poor boy like him?

Even after the eldest daughter passed away, didn’t they allow him to marry their second daughter?

Wasn’t it just to compensate for the injustice suffered by Prime Minister Lin before?

However, Prime Minister Lin received support from the Meng family and compensation from the Meng family. How did he repay the Meng family afterward?

When the Meng family was in decline, Prime Minister Lin not only failed to help but secretly stepped on their family. Knowing that the Emperor wanted to use the Meng family to test Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao, Prime Minister Lin remained silent and even helped, putting the Meng family in danger.

Yes, Lin Chujiu’s mother who was pregnant with someone else married Prime Minister Lin. She was sorry for Prime Minister Lin, but didn’t Prime Minister Lin not know it then?

If Prime Minister Lin was a man, he should have made a fuss at that time and refused the Meng Family. Lin Chujiu would even praise Prime Minister Lin for his pride.

However, Prime Minister Lin did not do this at that time. He chose to be patient and take benefits from the Meng family. While he was taking benefits from the Meng family, he was also dealing with the Meng family. It was obvious that he was a white-eyed wolf.

Lin Chujiu didn’t think she needed to be soft-hearted towards such a white-eyed wolf.

When she arrived at the Lin Family’s Mansion with Xiao Tianyao, Lin Chujiu remained silent. Facing the thin and aging Madam Lin, Lin Chujiu had no sympathy but disgust.

It’s not like they were different. Prime Minister Lin was selfish and ruthless, and Madam Lin was not much better. She doesn’t even care about her family for a man. It can be seen that she is also selfish and does not deserve sympathy.

As for Lin Wanting?

Lin Chujiu chose to ignore it. It was not her fault that Lin Wanting was in this situation. How she lived in the future was Lin Wanting’s own business, and she would not interfere.

As for Prime Minister Lin’s only son, she also has no feelings or dislikes. How the child lives in the future is his own business. It was already the greatest mercy that she did not take revenge.

Like Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao said nothing after entering the Lin Family Mansion, except to say: “I am here to visit.” Then he sat aloofly on his own accord and did not take Madam Lin seriously at all.

Madam Lin was filled with fear and hatred, but facing the domineering Xiao Tianyao, she did not dare to express her dissatisfaction at all. She timidly said: “Prince Xiao, Princess… the master just drank the medicine, please wait a moment.”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao responded, without the attitude that someone visiting a patient should have.

Not to mention, Xiao Tianyao knew that Prime Minister Lin was pretending to be sick. He would do what he wanted to do even if Prime Minister Lin was sick and dying. He would not visit the patient in his room.

Prime Minister Lin wanted to see Lin Chujiu. If he wants to see her, he should get out obediently. He should crawl over here if he was too sick to get up.

Want to pretend to be sick and gain sympathy?

It doesn’t matter whether Prime Minister Lin was qualified or not.

When Madam Lin saw that Xiao Tianyao didn’t even say a polite word, she was so depressed that she didn’t dare to say anything. She took a look at Lin Chujiu out of the corner of her eye, hinting that Lin Chujiu would take the initiative and ask to visit Prime Minister Lin in the room, but……

Lin Chujiu sat there with her eyes slightly closed, not looking at all.

Madam Lin’s heart was filled with confusion. After waiting for a while, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu didn’t speak, so she had no choice but to step back and invite the “seriously ill” Prime Minister Lin to come out to see the guests.

The daughter and son-in-law came to visit the doctor, but in the end, the seriously ill father-in-law had to come out in person. In the entire world, only Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu could do it, but the Lin family could only endure it.

When Prime Minister Lin heard Madam Lin’s words, he felt inexplicably guilty: Prince Xiao was coming with bad intentions. Could it be that Prince Xiao discovered something?

Thinking of this, Prime Minister Lin suddenly broke into a cold sweat. He was pretending to be sick, but now he was really about to fall ill.

He pretended to be sick to see Lin Chujiu this time because he wanted to borrow the last trace of father-daughter affection. He hoped that Lin Chujiu would take pity on him and come forward to beg Xiao Tianyao to let the Lin family go. It would be best if she could take his son under her wings, but now it seems that he made the wrong move.

During the period when Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu were away from the capital, the Emperor suppressed him at every turn, and the Lin Family was almost unable to hold on.

“Master, master, are you okay?” Madam Lin was extremely frightened when she saw Prime Minister Lin, looking like he was about to die.

She has completely lost her heart towards Prime Minister Lin, but… he cannot die. He was the backbone of the family. If he dies, what will happen to her and their children?

The Meng family no longer wanted her, and she had no one to rely on except Prime Minister Lin.

“Prince Xiao and Chujiu, are they… very angry?” Prime Minister Lin grabbed Madam Lin’s hand tightly, his eyes widening.

His affairs regarding the Lin family of the Central Empire were very secretive, and Prince Xiao couldn’t find out.

He also kept the death of Lin Chujiu’s mother very secret. After so many years, Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu would not be able to find out.

As for the matter of secretly suppressing the Meng family, he was also very cautious, so Prince Xiao and Lin Chujiu could not know about it.

“No, no, the prince and that one… Chujiu was very calm and not angry.” Madam Lin opened her mouth and almost spit out the word “bitch” again, but in the end she held it back.

The current Lin Chujiu was not something she could mess with.

“It’s fine if they are not, it’s fine if they are not angry.” Prime Minister Lin calmed down a little and asked Madam Lin to dress him. Then he went out to see Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu.

However, he had no other request at the moment. He only asked Prince Xiao to let the Lin Family go because he was Lin Chujiu’s “father”. And also, so that the Emperor would not torment the Lin Family anymore.

The Lin Family’s foundation was too shallow and could not withstand the Emperor’s wrath……

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