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«Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories (Web Novel) - Chapter 1210: Depended on His Capabilities as a Father

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Chapter 1210: Depended on His Capabilities as a Father

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As she finished her words, she did not care about the expressions on her brothers’ faces and ran away faster than a rabbit. Gu Xie contemplated about it.

Hm, there is some logic in that.

Gu Yuanli and Fourth Brother felt very helpless.

Second Old Master Gu did not manage to call his daughter back in time. He turned his head to look at his sons and frowned. “Regarding Little Six and his girlfriend’s marriage, put it on the agenda as soon as possible. You few, go and look for girlfriends. Your little sister’s son is already attending primary school, but none of you have even found a wife. Aren’t you ashamed? Anyhow, just quickly find wives now, or I will enlist the help of my old buddies to set you up on a blind date.”



Fourth Brother and Second Brother looked at each other as Second Old Master Gu went upstairs suavely.

“What does that have to do to me!!!”

I don’t want to go on a blind date!!

What era is this? I want to love freely!!!

After sabotaging her brothers, Shen Qianshu whistled as she returned to the Rose Castle happily. B Family’s negotiating representative was unhappy with Shen Qianshu’s negligence. However, he endured it and listened to Chen Wanwan go on and on with the nonsense about courtesy. He was so angry that he wanted to flip the table and eventually decided to negotiate on the afternoon of the second day.

Shen Qianshu was discussing with Ye Ling. The lawsuit would definitely have to be filed. This negotiation was only for show. The B Family would be unable to give any good conditions; however, she did have one condition for them.

“You don’t want to sue them?”

“I do!” said Shen Qianshu. She sat on the sofa cross-legged, snatched Ye Ling’s book, and threw it aside. “Master, what’s so good about the book? Look at me, I want to discuss something with you. If the B Family agrees to reopen the case, apologize, and explain Li Chen’s plagiarism case properly, I can forgive them and not sue the B Family. Why not just sue Megan?”

Ye Ling was a little confused. “When were you so loyal to Li Chen?”

“I’m not close to Li Chen. Today, when I went to eat with him, I was still talking about how I would require him to be a witness in the court. Afterward… I felt that we can handle this case using another method.” Shen Qianshu had her own intentions too. “Do you agree?”

Ye Ling looked at her incredulously. “Li Chen is AG’s top designer. If he can remove this stain in his career, why would I disagree? This is a good thing for AG too.”

“However, if I don’t sue the B Family, their influence on the international market will not diminish. Haven’t you already predicted your sales for the following month? In this case, things may not go according to your predictions. You may have to redo your sales plans. In the international market, B Family’s position will be unshakable.”

Ye Ling’s fingers tapped the sofa lightly. “Qianshu, do whatever you want. You don’t have to worry about AG’s matters. I will take care of everything. AG will press the B Family in its palms in no time. I will make them call me daddy through my own capabilities.

Shen Qianshu was amazed.


Call you daddy through your own capabilities!!

Alright, you have already remained single through your own capabilities for so many years.

I’ll believe you for now.

She pounced over happily, hugged his neck, and kissed his lips. “Daddy, you are so amazing!!!”

She was so happy that she forgot herself and did not notice that Ye Ling’s eyes seemed as if they were about to ignite and were scarily burning. After being shocked, he suddenly carried Shen Qianshu upstairs, scaring Shen Qianshu.

“Ah, hey, Master…”

The security guards did not move their gaze. Shen Qianshu became extremely embarrassed and punched him in anger. She did not know what craziness he was up to until Ye Ling threw her onto the bed and started taking off her clothes.

Indecency in broad daylight.

What the hell!!!

She bent her knee and pressed against his lower abdomen with an expression like she was bullied to tears. “It’s almost dinner time.”

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