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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 788 Chaos is Eternal, and the Perfected Spirit is Undying!

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Chapter 788 Chaos is Eternal, and the Perfected Spirit is Undying!

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The door of the spaceship opened. Ao, who was still imposing just now, instantly transformed into a stream of light with three huge heads and flew in front of the spaceship.

A figure walked out of the spaceship. Ao lay on the ground tamely, allowing the young figure who walked out of the spaceship to ride on its back.

This scene made the eyes of the Qi family almost pop out. That was a savage and violent Chaotic dire beast. It was born as a Chaotic lifeform. How did it become so docile all of a sudden, like a huge dog?


Lang Da also hurriedly wore a fawning expression.

However, Lin Feng did not say anything. Instead, he rode Ao slowly up to Qi Xuan and said indifferently, “Patriarch Qi, are you satisfied?”

“Yes, yes, very satisfied!”

Qi Xuan hurriedly came back to his senses and looked up at Lin Feng. He was really too young. His appearance seemed very young, but Qi Xuan knew that appearing young did not mean that he was truly very young in age.

In particular, this young cultivator in front of him could tame the Silver Moon Dire Wolf and Ao. How terrifying was his strength?

Even though he had a vague guess, that guess was too bold. Qi Xuan did not dare to ask at all.

“Very good, Qin Sheng. Don’t forget your promise!” Lin Feng looked up and said to Qin Sheng.

“Senior, I won’t forget! If Senior has any requests, I will definitely fulfill my promise!”

“Very good.”

Lin Feng nodded. As for why he was asking Qin Sheng for? Lin Feng had not thought of it yet, so he would put it on hold for the time being.

“Senior, this way, please!”

Hence, Lin Feng followed behind Qi Xuan and walked into the Qi family. Originally, Qi Xuan wanted to treat Lin Feng first, but Lin Feng was very curious about the martial arts in the Chaos, and could not wait to learn about them.

Hence, Qi Xuan agreed to Lin Feng’s request and led Lin Feng into the Qi family’s library.

“Senior, this is the various martial arts and spells collected by the Qi family over the past millennium. Senior, feel free to browse through them.”

“The three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal are also inside?”

“That’s right, they’re also inside. Everything you need is here!”

“Very good. I’m going to stay inside for a while. Don’t disturb me unless there’s anything special.”

“Yes, yes. Senior, don’t worry. No one will dare to disturb you.”

Hence, Qi Xuan bade farewell respectfully and left. Lin Feng left Lang Da and Ao guarding the door, then pushed open the library door and walked in.

Seeing Lin Feng enter the library, Qi Xuan felt as if he was in a dream. Just as the Qi family was about to be annihilated, unexpectedly, they were saved by this mysterious cultivator.

“He’s able to subdue the Silver Moon Dire Wolf and Ao. This senior’s power is unfathomable! He might even… be a true Chaotic lifeform!”

Qi Xuan was also secretly speculating. A cultivator who was a Chaotic lifeform. Even the illustrious ancestors of their Qi family could not advance to become a Chaotic lifeform in the end.

It was just too difficult to become a Chaotic lifeform.

However, Qi Xuan could not be certain. After all, Lin Feng looked too young, and he seemed to have never appeared on the Incendium Continent. He could not be certain that Lin Feng was a cultivator who was a Chaotic lifeform.

He was more willing to believe that Lin Feng was a cultivator from some major faction in the Chaos, and cultivated top-notch techniques. Even Ao was arranged by the experts of that faction to protect Lin Feng.

This perspective seemed more reasonable.

However, no matter what, Lin Feng was in the Qi family now. As long as Lin Feng did not leave, the Qi family could use Lin Feng’s influence to reestablish the Qi family’s prestige in Red Phosphorus City.

“Hmph, Li family, today’s matter won’t end so easily!”

A cold glint flashed across Qi Xuan’s eyes.

The Qi family did have a lot of books in the library. There was a dazzling array of books everywhere. As expected of a millennium-old family, they had a deep foundation.

When he just entered the Chaos, Lin Feng had felt that it was very dangerous. When he arrived at the Chaotic Continent, however, he realized that the martial power here did not seem to be that powerful.

It seemed like Chaotic lifeforms were not ubiquitous. On the contrary, Chaotic lifeforms were very rare. Even half-Chaotic lifeforms could be considered great experts.

It seemed like this Incendium Continent was not very powerful for a Chaotic continent either.

Lin Feng had a lot to learn about Chaos. He was not in a hurry to practice the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal. In any case, he had plenty of time. He casually flipped through some miscellaneous notes on the bookshelf.

“The Incendium Continent was created by Perfected Lord Incendium. After some unknown billions of years…”

Lin Feng flipped through a miscellaneous book and suddenly mentioned the origins of the Incendium Continent.

“Perfected Lord Incendium?”

Lin Feng’s pupils constricted slightly. He acutely sensed some information hidden within.

However, this miscellaneous record only made a casual mention. Afterward, it recorded some of the local customs and customs of the continent. There were no more records on Perfected Lord Incendium.

Lin Feng kept flipping through various books. Finally, in another ancient text, there appeared to be records of many powerful factions and some experts in them.

Among them, there were mentions of Perfected Lord Incendium.

“Perfected Lord Incendium established the Incendium Continent for hundreds of millions of years, but he wandered the Chaos and disappeared. Some said that the Perfected Lord was dead, while others said that the Perfected Lord was still in the depths of the Chaos. Only the Incendium clans left behind by the Perfected Lord Incendium knew if the Perfected Lord was alive or dead. A Perfected Lord was above Chaotic lifeforms. As the saying goes, Chaos is eternal, and the perfected spirit is undying. That is the significance of a Perfected Lord!”

When Lin Feng saw the mention of Perfected Lord Incendium in this ancient text, his heart also burned with passion.

A Perfected Lord was actually above Chaotic lifeforms!

After Lin Feng transcended, he metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform. He had never been able to find a cultivation technique, so he naturally did not know where the path of cultivation lay, and could not even find the direction.

But now, he knew that what came above Chaotic lifeforms was the Perfected Lord!

Chaos was eternal, and the perfected spirit was undying! What kind of majestic entity was that?

“Cultivation technique. I need the cultivation technique for Chaotic lifeforms!”

Lin Feng knew what he lacked now, and that was cultivation techniques, the cultivation techniques of true Chaotic lifeforms.

Hence, he began to browse through the ancient texts in the library. The Qi family did collect many cultivation techniques, but they were all cultivation techniques below Chaotic lifeforms. They all taught people how to metamorphose into Chaotic lifeforms.

As for the cultivation techniques of Chaotic lifeforms, Lin Feng did not find a single one.

Although he had not found a cultivation technique for Chaotic lifeforms, Lin Feng had inadvertently learned about the classification of realms among Chaotic lifeforms. Be it natural Chaotic lifeforms or acquired Chaotic lifeforms, they were divided into ordinary Chaotic lifeforms, advanced Chaotic lifeforms, and peak Chaotic lifeforms!

Now that Lin Feng had just metamorphosed into a Chaotic lifeform, he was already considered an ordinary Chaotic lifeform. He would also be known as a Perfected Person or a Revered Person. The titles differed, but without a doubt, Chaotic lifeforms were already peak entities in the entire Incendium Continent. Every one of them was a hegemon of a region, and it was common for them to have respectable titles or be ancestors.

“Why are there no records of Transcendents?”

Lin Feng flipped through all the ancient books, but the word “Transcendent” never even appeared.

Lin Feng’s expression gradually fell. It had to be known that he was not only a Chaotic lifeform, but also a Transcendent. His foundation was the universe in his body.

The cultivation technique he wanted the most was undoubtedly the cultivation technique of a Transcendent!

Unfortunately, there were no records of Transcendents in the Qi family’s library, nor were there any cultivation techniques for Chaotic lifeforms.

“I didn’t find the cultivation technique for Chaotic lifeforms. Then, I hope the three forms of Heaven Turning Seal won’t disappoint me!”

Lin Feng retrieved an ancient book from the bookshelf. On it was written “Three Forms of the Heaven Turning Seal”. It was the strongest martial art of the Qi family!

Lin Feng vaguely sensed that the three forms of the Heaven Turning Seal did not seem to be just a simple martial art. There appeared to be a special concept behind it.

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