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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1953: Reverend Principled Sword!

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Chapter 1953: Reverend Principled Sword!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I broke through…”

In the secret chamber, a sharp glint flashed across Tiandu’s eyes.

However, he then heaved a long sigh.

Although he had broken through this time, he still had not completely comprehended the rule of space. He was still not an invincible entity. Moreover, so what if he had become an invincible entity?

There were still the Reverends above the invincible entities!

Without an eternal supreme treasure, it was impossible to become a Reverend.

Tiandu had a huge secret. As soon as he embarked on cultivation, he actually obtained a fortuitous encounter. It was a pearl, the intrinsic treasure of an invincible expert.

It was also by relying on this pearl that Tiandu could rise step by step against the tide and reach his current state.

Unfortunately, while he had already seen the path ahead, he understood that it would be very, very difficult for him to go down it.

In the entire great universe, every eternal supreme treasure had an owner. How difficult was it for him to obtain an eternal supreme treasure?


Suddenly, a figure appeared in Tiandu’s secret chamber.

“Who is it?”

Tiandu was shocked. He was indeed very surprised. How could a stranger suddenly appear in his secret chamber? Moreover, he had sensed it very clearly—the other party had appeared in front of him without even the slightest spatial fluctuation.


Seeing that Tiandu was on guard and was even about to attack immediately. Lin Feng waved his hand and confined Tiandu.

All the power in Tiandu’s body was confined. No matter how he tried to mobilize it, it was useless. He was even more shocked, even frightened.

Even invincible experts did not have such an ability. In fact, even a Reverend could not possibly imprison him silently like this, right?

Who exactly was this person?

Lin Feng smiled faintly, as if he did not care about the wary gaze from Tiandu. He said calmly, “You have great providence on you. In the future, you will definitely become a key figure in the entire great universe, and even influence the status of the seven holy lands! However, you are still very weak now. Moreover, you have not even comprehended the rule of space, let alone acquired an eternal supreme treasure. You cannot become a Reverend.

“However, you’ve met me. As long as you listen to my suggestion, your future will be limitless. In fact, even becoming the ruler of the entire great universe is not a problem.”

Tiandu’s eyes narrowed slightly.

“What do I need to do?” Tiandu asked in a low voice.

It was not that he did not believe Lin Feng, but he was the chosen one of the universe, and was born with extraordinary providence. He was not foolish. On the contrary, he knew very well what he had to pay to obtain something.

The other party had given him such a huge promise for no reason. How could he not have to give anything?

“If I say that you don’t have to pay anything, or if I ask you to help me find something after you unify the entire great universe, you definitely won’t believe me, right?” Lin Feng said with a smile.

Tiandu did not respond.

In reality, he did not believe that there was no need to pay anything. Was that possible?

Moreover, Lin Feng’s tone was very arrogant. He actually wanted to unify the entire great universe. How was this possible?

The seven holy lands were like seven majestic mountains that had existed since time immemorial. It was impossible to break the monopoly held over the universe by the seven holy lands.

“A greeting gift. You should understand then.”

Lin Feng waved his hand, and a golden light flew onto Tiandu’s body, even entering his body.

Tiandu was shocked. He hurriedly checked.

What he saw shocked him incomparably.

An eternal supreme treasure! This was actually an eternal supreme treasure, and it emitted a rich aura of eternity.

The reason why the Tiandu could improve so quickly was actually that he had obtained a broken eternal supreme treasure. This was his greatest secret.

Back then, that invincible entity had also died because of this broken eternal supreme treasure.

But now, what did the Tiandu see?

A truly undamaged eternal treasure appeared in his body just like that. It was far stronger than the broken eternal supreme treasure he had obtained.

“This is impossible… Who exactly are you?”

Even Tiandu’s voice began to tremble.

He could not believe it. What kind of person would casually take out an eternal supreme treasure? Even a Reverend could not casually take out an eternal supreme treasure.

If an unclaimed eternal supreme treasure appeared, even Reverends would probably disregard their dignity and go all out in a fight to snatch it.

But now, there was an eternal supreme treasure in Tiandu’s body, casually “given” by Lin Feng. What was Lin Feng’s identity? What was his goal?

“Who I am is not important. What’s important is that I can bring great benefits to you and the Principled Sword Sect! All right, take me to the Reverend of the Principled Sword Sect.”

“You want to meet the Reverend?”

Tiandu hesitated for a moment, but finally nodded.

No matter what Lin Feng’s goal was, or what his identity was, it was not up to Tiandu to make the decision. Only the Reverend could make the decision.

Hence, Tiandu left the secret chamber with Lin Feng and arrived at the forbidden place of the Principled Sword Sect.

This forbidden place was also the place where the two Reverends of the Principled Sword Sect cultivated in seclusion. Ordinary disciples or elders usually did not dare to disturb them at all, and could not enter this place.

Tiandu was only bestowed a token for outstanding talent, allowing him to enter and exit the forbidden place at will.

“Great Reverend, I, Tiandu, request an audience!”

Tiandu’s voice entered the forbidden place.


An illusory voice came from the forbidden place. Moreover, an iridescent passage appeared in front of Tiandu. The two of them walked into the passage, and their figures instantly disappeared.

“Eh? Spacetime power?”

The moment Lin Feng’s figure disappeared, he immediately sensed this spacetime power.

This was genuine spacetime power. Although it was far from the level of mastering the principle of spacetime and comprehending the principle of the future, it was indeed spacetime power.

According to Lin Feng’s previous classification, this was the spacetime power in the first stage.

However, this was also extremely remarkable.

Just like in the void, who could comprehend the principle of spacetime?

Even those Void Overlords could only comprehend the principle of spacetime after entering the special environment of the Origin Gate and using the spacetime crystals in the bodies of the Origin Beasts.

He could actually comprehend the principle of spacetime without spacetime crystals. This was already very formidable. Back then, Lin Feng had only slowly comprehended the principle of spacetime by chance and by relying on the spacetime imprint.

It was enough to show how difficult it was to comprehend the principle of spacetime. However, the Reverend of the Principled Sword Sect in front of him had actually comprehended the principle of spacetime. This surprised Lin Feng.


Lin Feng and Tiandu quickly appeared in a hall.

At the head of the hall sat a well-built man who emitted infinite authority.

“Greetings, Reverend Principled Sword!”

Tiandu hurriedly bowed to the Reverend.

This dignified man was the founder of the Principled Sword Sect, and also the first Reverend Principled Sword Sect, Reverend Principled Sword!

“Eh? Something’s wrong with the person you brought along, Tiandu. There’s the aura of spacetime force. A Reverend?”

Reverend Principled Sword’s sharp eyes immediately noticed Lin Feng.

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