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«Permanent Martial Arts (Web Novel) - Chapter 1740: You’re a Six cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign?

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Chapter 1740: You’re a Six cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign?

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Once he survived the seventh Epochal Cataclysm, he would become a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign, an absolute overlord even in the medium chiliocosm. Being Seven-cataclysm or below were two completely different situations.

However, Lin Feng also knew that it was not that simple to survive the seventh Epochal Cataclysm. Under normal circumstances, the small chiliocosm origin required for the seventh Epochal Cataclysm was at least ten times that of the sixth Epochal Cataclysm!

Ten times was the minimum!

As for Lin Feng? He had spent a total of 2,100 portions of small chiliocosm origin in the sixth Epochal Cataclysm. In other words, if he wanted to survive the seventh Epochal Cataclysm, he would need at least 21,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin.

However, that was the minimum. What if it was more than ten times?

There was no such thing as being too prepared for the seventh Epochal Cataclysm.

Moreover, Lin Feng knew even better that the seventh Epochal Cataclysm was actually also a metamorphosis. It was a metamorphosis that was even more complete than the fourth Epochal Cataclysm.

It was equivalent to another life transition.

The fourth Epochal Cataclysm had given Lin Feng the spacetime physique. Then, what about the seventh Epochal Cataclysm? It was probably related to the River of Spacetime. Once there was another huge metamorphosis, even Lin Fengs 23,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin would probably be far from enough.

Hence, Lin Feng had to make more sufficient preparations. Having 23,000 portions of small chiliocosm origin was not safe.

“Then I’ll leave first.’

Lin Feng did not want to keep staying in the Troll Forbidden Zone either. It was not even that convenient to communicate with the Troll, out of worry that the Medium Chiliocosm Sovereigns were spying.

Hence, Lin Feng directly used the River of Spacetime and left the Troll Forbidden Zone.


As Lin Feng stepped forward, he returned to the Chaos Dojo.

The current Chaos Dojo could be considered to have a reputation that extended far and wide. It was very influential, second only to those overlord-level dojos.

When Lin Feng appeared in the Chaos Dojo, he sensed a familiar aura immediately.

“Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart?”

Lin Feng sensed Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart. However, the current Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart was no longer in that decrepit state of being plagued by cataclysmic power. Instead, he was already spirited, and his entire body emitted a powerful aura.

Five-cataclysm. This was the aura of a Five-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign. Relying on the hundreds of portions of small chiliocosm origin Lin Feng had given him, Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart successfully survived the fifth Epochal Cataclysm, and became a Five-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign!

“Congratulations, Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart. You have fulfilled your wish and become a Five-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign.”

A smile also appeared on Lin Fengs face.

“Haha, it’s all thanks to the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign’s help. Otherwise, how could I have survived the fifth Epochal Cataclysm?”

Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart was also very excited. He had finally survived the fifth Epochal Cataclysm. Although he was not confident that he could survive the sixth Epochal Cataclysm, there was still an epoch left, right? Who could say for certain that he would not be able to obtain enough small chiliocosm origin in an epoch?

This was the case for ordinary Chiliocosm Sovereigns. It would basically be a blessing if they could survive one Epochal Cataclysm. They were unlike Lin Feng, who was already confident that he could survive the sixth Epochal Cataclysm when he had yet to pass the fifth Epochal Cataclysm.

Even though he had survived the sixth Epochal Cataclysm, in reality, he was also somewhat confident in the seventh Epochal Cataclysm.

Just now, Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart was still immersed in the joy of becoming a Five-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign, and had yet to observe Lin

Feng carefully. But now, he had already returned to his senses. Sensing Lin

Feng carefully, he actually had a feeling that even made his heart palpitate.

“This… This is the aura of the Six-cataclysm. Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, you’ve survived the sixth Epochal Cataclysm?”

With Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart’s insight, it was naturally not difficult for him to tell that Lin Feng was already a Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign!

How long had it been? Back when he saw Lin Feng in the Troll Forbidden

Zone, Lin Feng was only a Five-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign. Now, after 10,000 years, he had become a Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign. This speed was simply terrifying.

Didn’t even Chiliocosm Sovereigns need an epoch to survive the Epochal Cataclysm?

Only Lin Feng was the exception!

Lin Feng smiled and said, “It’s all thanks to that Troll Key of yours that I gained something in the Troll Forbidden Zone. Hence, I was lucky enough to survive the sixth Epochal Cataclysm.”

“The Troll Key?”

Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart nodded. Actually, deep down, he was also happy for Lin Feng. Even though he had the Troll Key first, he knew very well that even if he opened the Troll Gate and entered, there was a high chance that he would die. It was impossible for him to gain anything much.

The reason Lin Feng had gained so much was that he was powerful, and had the support of the principle of spacetime.

One had to recognize the reality. Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart was already satisfied with exchanging a Troll Key for a Five-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign.

However, he still persuaded Lin Feng, “Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign, don’t try to survive the seventh Epochal Cataclysm in advance. The seventh Epochal Cataclysm is very different from the first six. In the medium chiliocosm, there are many Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns. Even though it’s very difficult to become a Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign, many Chiliocosm Sovereigns have still managed to become Six-cataclysm Sovereigns.

“However, there are very few Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns. It is very difficult for even one out of ten Six-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereigns to survive the seventh Epochal Cataclysm and become a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign. The seventh Epochal Cataclysm is even more difficult than imagined.”

Lin Feng nodded and said, “I know my limits. I won’t undergo the seventh Epochal Cataclysm rashly.”

“By the way, why did Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart come to the Chaos Dojo?” Lin Feng asked Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart.

At this moment, the Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch hurriedly said, “Your Majesty, it’s all thanks to Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart. He specially came to the Chaos Dojo to guard it. You’ve been gone for 10,000 years. Some restless Chiliocosm Sovereigns retreated one after another when they saw Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart guarding it. They didn’t dare to have any ulterior thoughts.”

“Oh? Thank you for your trouble, Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart!’

Lin Feng thanked Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart sincerely.

“Haha, it was nothing. Since the Chaos Chiliocosm Sovereign has returned, I’ll take my leave,”

Hence, Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart quickly turned around and left, returning to the Sky Heart Dojo.

“Restless? Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch, tell me, which Chiliocosm Sovereigns were restless?”

Seeing Chiliocosm Sovereign Sky Heart leave, Lin Feng’s expression gradually darkened. He had only disappeared for 10,000 years, and there were already people getting restless. No matter how one looked at it, this was a little abnormal.

Wasn’t it very normal for a Chiliocosm Sovereign to disappear for 10,000 years? Even disappearing for a million years, ten million years, or even billions of years was nothing. With his previous vicious reputation, who would dare to covet the Chaos Dojo?

Chiliocosm Sovereign Epoch smiled weakly and said, “Your Majesty, you have to know that there are always some Chiliocosm Sovereigns who are already at the end of their rope. If they don’t obtain enough small chiliocosm origin, it’s almost impossible for them to survive the next Epochal Cataclysm. Our Chaos Dojo doesn’t have much else, but we definitely have enough small chiliocosms and small chiliocosm origin. Hence, it’s not surprising that some Chiliocosm Sovereigns would want to take the risk.”

Lin Feng pondered for a moment. This was indeed very normal. After all, which Chiliocosm Sovereign could maintain their restraint when they knew they were about to die?

However, with Lin Fengs current strength, as long as it was not a

Seven-cataclysm overlord fighting here, he had nothing to fear. In fact, even if a Seven-cataclysm Chiliocosm Sovereign attacked, they could only be certain of the outcome after actually fighting…

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