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«Paragon of Sin (Web Novel) - Chapter 1636: The Strangeness of No Name

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Chapter 1636: The Strangeness of No Name

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An inexplicable and shocking situation occurred as life-long enemies were now side-by-side, both serving as guides to Wei Wuyin while talking about various matters of the No-Name Galaxy. Initially, they tried to one-up each other with information, causing the situation to grow chaotic, clearly attempting to elevate their importance to Wei Wuyin and Yue Songli, but this discourse caused irritation to the ears and Wei Wuyin shut that down immediately.

It didn't take them long to discover that Grey Rose was a maidservant to Cao Cuifen. To see a Mystic Overlord act subservient was an eye-opener that they hadn't experienced before. Given their respective cultivation bases, they grew docile and obedient, listening and even working in tandem to explain various questions that Yue Songli posed.

Wei Wuyin didn't really engage as the extensive information from Sage Springfield and loosely known information from Teng Jiangwen was enough to gather a lot of information about the No-Name Galaxy, so most of what they explained was known. However, Yue Songli was basking in curiosity and wonder, her questions were answered readily as the two soon leaned closer to the young lady with a hyena cub in her bountiful bosom.

Firstly, she learned that the No-Name Galaxy was not referred to as such by the natives of the galaxy. There were many different names they had for the galaxy, often changing by region. It was extremely chaotic. When they began to list roughly thirty-four names, each spoken with a hint of disdain except their own, the Hidden Desert Galaxy, Yue Songli was surprised.

Shui Fengbao and Wei Si were all ears and fully attentive, finding such an odd situation of contested galactic names wondrous to an unnatural extreme. There was a freshness to it after experiencing the White Abyssal Galaxy and Sky Heart Galaxy. The former was ruled by the four strongest experts, divided equally, and accepting of their galactic name given out and established far before their births. Meanwhile, the Sky Heart Galaxy's beasts were relatively indifferent about the name of their galaxy, but not because they didn't care. They simply couldn't change it.

After all, by technicality, the true ruler of the galaxy was the Resonant Soul Realm expert that placed a galaxy-wide Prohibition of Heaven's Resonance and named it themselves. Until someone can overcome such a powerful restriction and dominate the galaxy, it was impossible to change it otherwise.

The No-Name Galaxy was certainly an outlier among the galaxies. Young Master Shang also chimed in with his knowledge with great zeal. He drank and talked, shocking the two women as well as discussing secrets that Teng Jiangwen had mentioned or he had read from historical records.

For example, how this entire galaxy had once been a battlefield for Resonant Soul Realm experts a long, long time ago. The battle left the galaxy forever changed, and even today, there existed extraordinarily blessed cultivation grounds that contained their profound auras.

The No-Name Galaxy also had Mystic Overlords and Sages. To be specific, there were a total of eight Sages, and they were incomparably strange to the outside world, while inside the galaxy, the natives treated them like divinities. Why exactly?

Young Master Shang explained,

"It's rumored that each of the Sages are related. There are even theories that say that each of these Sages is from the same womb, brothers and sisters-all fraternal. A total of four and four. Additionally, they had the same talent, and their cultivation base was linked. If one ascends, so do the others. If one dies, so does everyone else. But I can't verify that. There are further strange rumors as well. Teng Jiangwen specifically once told me that there's a heavy possibility that the eight Sages belonged to a single, incredibly fearsome Resonant Soul Realm expert that cultivated an extraordinary method and split themselves into eight to re-cultivate, and the various galaxies are maintaining an agreement. That's why no Resonant Soul Realm figure has descended and quelled this rather inconsistent and uncontrolled galaxy."

Yue Songli, Shui Fengbao, Wei Si, Cao Cuifen, Grey Rose, Qing Qiumu, and even Ming Shufeng's eyes lit with rays of astonishment and interest. The two native women were no exception. They seemed to have learned something new.

Of the two, the young woman with dark blue eyes and recently cleaned robes that had almost been chased until exhaustion was named Aziza Al-Masri, while the righteous-looking woman of greater beauty was called Yasmine El-Sabri. According to them, their unique naming style was used by seventy or eighty percent of natives with slight variations. While culture and traditions differed, there was often the most common denominator amongst societies. This was largely because of the eight Sages who used a similar naming sense.

"If they are of equal strength, it makes sense that no one can dominate the galaxy. But there has to be a reason why no other Resonant Soul Realm expert has made a move. The No-Name Galaxy is resource-rich, and it could support Sages in terms of societal growth and natural resources." As Young Master Shang pondered this, he pointed at a rather large star with four Mystic Radiant Belts.

Wei Wuyin was taken aback by the sight despite already knowing about it while the others were amazed. The belts heavily resembled Little Defiant's outer belts! In fact, down to their rotation and movements, there was a strong similarity.

"Solar Stars like this exist throughout the galaxy. It's remarkably difficult to establish Multi-Belt Mystic Stars. Even one is incredibly costly, but the worth is astonishingly high. There are said to be eight five-belt Mystic Stars, each corresponding to the eight Sages. Furthermore, it's said that each Solar Star is the Sage's World-Bound Star Domain cultivated after their ascensions." Young Master Shang was spewing out information at a rapid rate and without care. He loved this sensation of having everyone hanging on his words, especially beauties.

He took a drink.

Grey Rose glanced at the two women,

"Shouldn't they be telling us this? Are you Lady Songli's guide or are you?"

Her words were sharp and cold, stating their uselessness, and causing both women to panic. Grey Rose has been looking at Yasmine with thinly veiled killing intent for a while now. It seemed she was unable to accept her earlier attack against Cao Cuifen, even if it was unintended.

They both simultaneously gulped with tense hearts. Before long, they began to speak about obscure stories and rumors, even explaining things like set traditions, their origins, and why they exist, including those established personally by their Sage, a powerful and supreme beauty by the name of Sage Imentet.

Supposedly, the galaxy was divided into thirty-four different regions, but of those thirty-four, twelve were major while twenty-two were minor regions. The Sages ruled over eight of the twelve major regions. While the other regions were either chaotic personified, ruled by multiple grounds constantly clashing for territory and power, or relatively peaceful and dominated by an iron set of rules.

Due to the Sages having complex relationships, regardless of their rumored past or origins, the galaxy remained in incessant conflict. Yet it was hard to refuse that it was extremely thriving. Fueled by the constant competition, the endless accumulation of deaths and wars, small and major, weeded out the weak and unfortunate and elevated the blessed and talented.

This was only exacerbated by the rich resources.

Wei Wuyin knew that many regions had the same issue the Grand Cyclic Stellar Region and the Everlore Starfield had-too many resources. With power scaling being lopsided, and organizations or forces maintaining treasuries that went untouched and unneeded for centuries, millennia, or even longer, they simply couldn't refine it all. Meanwhile, the Dao of Alchemy and Dao of Forging couldn't outpace the rapidly produced high-level resources brought about by the rich environment.

Even Wei Wuyin was shaken by this discovery when he first went through Sage Springfield's memories. This place was genuinely a treasure land! According to Sage Springfield, the Utmost Purity Galaxy's top forces had heavy dealings with this galaxy. Moreover, it was said many of the top-tier organizations there existed because of the imported materials.

When Yue Songli asked why places like the Treasured Vale Galaxy and Utmost Purity Galaxy hadn't been involved after he was bragged by their Resonant Soul Realm experts, giving the two beautiful women a heavy shock, the Young Master found himself unable to answer. He defaulted to the potential rumor of an agreement. When there was disbelief in quite a few eyes, he also added a different possibility:

"Even if the galaxy itself can't starve off the greedy individuals, can you imagine what would happen if the various galaxies' top forces fought for these resources? The devastation would be on an astronomical level that would ravage all the good fortune here." His reasoning only placated them by half, feeling as if there was more.

But how could he know? He wasn't given such secrets! Sure there was a reason, obviously! He could only guess.

Wei Wuyin, however, knew a considerable amount of the truth from Sage Springfield's memories. As an Enlightened Sage, he had considerable influence and had done dealings with the galaxy before, including meeting a few true Resonant Soul Realm experts.

Young Master Shang's theories about an agreement were right. Moreover, it was mostly correct. And it was extraordinarily odd and equally as unexplained! There was an actively living and breathing yet unknown Resonant Soul Realm expert who was maintaining order. This Resonant Soul Realm expert was fiercely protective, and there had been another Resonant Soul Realm expert that tried to seize control of the galaxy and was almost killed and his force that took hundreds of thousands of years to grow was obliterated within fourteen days. To this day, they haven't resurfaced.

It was an event that was swiftly sealed and few knew of the incident. Those powerful forces vanished among the flow of history and it was forbidden to even divine about it. To even learn of it had to be by word of mouth, and that was only by other Resonant Soul Realm experts. Yet the remnants of their battle still left incredible blessing lands everywhere.

Wei Wuyin discarded any fanciful ideas of turning this galaxy into his vassal or organizing the chaos by using his Alchemic Dao. Instead, he was here for one reason: TREASURE!!!

All sorts of remarkably rare and difficult-to-acquire resources and materials, including specialized items unique to certain regions and potential concoction methods by the natives. He was going to ascend and expand his wealth and potential concoction possibilities up by a few levels!

This was a true sightseeing and shopping experience!

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