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«Paragon of Sin (Web Novel) - Chapter 1398 CKC, The Hunt (2)

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Chapter 1398 CKC, The Hunt (2)

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Lin Kang's response was incomparably swift, conjuring a ward that resembled an overwhelming, destructive tempest of wind power, serving not simply to protect himself from any immediate harm but forcefully attempting to repel all threats with the tyrannical currents of wind! The bloody light in the air was violently stirred, dispersing further, and the Earthly Saint of the Exalted Republic's Lin Clan felt the feedback of something on his Mystic Ward.

That feedback touched upon the deepest part of his natural soul as his survival instincts kicked into overdrive, fueled by an unprecedented sensation of deadly crisis. Within the depths of his eyes, fear violently erupted. Alongside this fear was the urge to act, to resist-to survive.

With everything he could muster, Lin Kang hurriedly tried to back away, circulating a true Ascension Movement Art, tapping into the profound power of five Mystic Runes-Mana, Radiant, Spatial, Temporal, and Oceanic. With his Wind Power as its source of power, the Oceanic Rune invested the art with torrential floods of tempest and windstorms, conjuring a series of natural disasters within a mile's range. Twisters, hurricanes, and vortexes seemingly twisted into being, catching those who had their senses dulled immediately within.

Yi Yun was caught within. Within moments, he was pulled into the swirl of a hurricane as he spun uncontrollably within. He screamed as the wind power bit into his body. If not for his True World, Martial Way Method that refined his body to its limits with raw mana, he would've been torn to shreds. As the wind sliced into his skin, the ambient mana, both mortal and mystic-grade, seemed to instinctively come to his aid, acting to disperse portions of wind power.

Within a fraction of a moment, his body was littered with lacerations.

Unfortunately, those nearby weren't so lucky. A few Soul of Mysticism cultivators nearby were caught entirely unaware and unprepared. Due to the cascading and world-covering sanguine light, their senses of danger and crisis were incomparably dulled, no different than prey meant for the slaughter. The gusting winds tore into their bodies, some outright turned into fleshy splashes of crushed bones and colorful blood from initial contact.

Only the Demi-Mortal Lords who were nearby and had properly refined physical bodies had survived, with the worst being flung about and lacerated so badly they became both unconscious and covered in their own blood.

Lin Kang's party was devastated.

"I CAN'T!!" Yi Yun struggled with gritted teeth as the pain racked his body, slicing into his body endlessly. Within a fraction of a moment, he was turned into a man of blood as well, but his body held on. The images of a few figures emerged in his thoughts, especially a particularly beautiful smile that he would never see again…

"AHHH!" The hybrid Blessed howled in both pain and with unyielding resolve as he executed a new art he'd learned just recently, only possible due to his innately refined time energies Bestowed by the Temporal Eye Phase. The innate mana within his body, uniquely refined by his True World, Martial Way Method, integrated with the world's ambient mana.

For the briefest of moments, the hurricane that had taken him and several other Demi-Mortal Lords was forcefully slowed down as if affected by Present Time Energies. The brief period was enough to free Yi Yun and a few others. They all were experienced cultivators trained for the Chosen King Competition, so their reactions after being tossed and sliced into wasn't slow at all. They all executed profound Minor Ascension Movement Arts, tapping into their latent Runic Potential, flashing out of the hurricane into the sky at blitzing speeds.

Yi Yun was shockingly among them, but he hadn't been able to escape. A slender, feminine figure with two proud meaty mounds on her chest and covered in yellow-reddish blood had grabbed him by the ruff of his neck. She had an exceptional figure, her clothing sensual and exposed a fair amount of skin, but at the moment, she resembled a horror story as her eyes were filled with fear and her blood-covered countenance was incomparably solemn.

She conjured her Mystic Ward, forcefully entering the Demi-Mystic State!

She wasn't the only one.

The other Demi-Mortal Lords caught within that particular hurricane unleashed their Demi-Mystic State to escape from Lin Kang's torrential windy disasters. A few multitasking, sending attacks at other tornadoes and twisters, freeing the other Demi-Mystic Lords as well.

Yi Yun was huffing weakly as he was held. He had never felt so incomparably close to death before. The power of an Earthly Saint was truly terrifying! His thoughts led him to muster the strength to open his eyes, trying to locate Lin Kang.

What he saw…caused his heart to drop ten thousand miles deep.

Gurghl!" An incoherent sound echoed. Lin Kang was flying mid-air. A five-fingered clawed hand clasped itself around his face while another was placed firmly inside his center torso, the claws stabbing deeply within. Behind the Lin Clan's Chosen, a silver-haired apex predator pushed Lin Kang's head to the side, exposing a heft of flesh that they had used their fangs, digging directly in and piercing skin!

Blood gushed from Lin Kang's mouth, eyes, nose, and ears as Zuhei was violently biting into his neck.

Yi Yun could see the abject fear within Lin Kang's eyes.

Yi Yun could see the utter lack of light.

All that fear, terror, emotions, all of it was frozen on the last expression on the face of a corpse.

A predator, an Apex Predator, had claimed its prey, taking its life, soul, essence, and energy.

Predation Intent! Necros Intent!

Sirius Bloodline Power!!


All of Lin Kang's cultivation and lifetime of efforts were being siphoned, absorbed, and refined by Zuhei, bolstering his vigorous aura and strengthening his fleshy body!

Zuhei ripped away his mouth, taking a heavy pound of flesh with it, his mouth and cheeks were drenched in blood, overflowing as it slowly dripped from his chin. His head lifted to the sky as the Silver Wolf within his heart…


Yi Yun saw it all; Zuhei's howl seemed to call forth some unfathomable power from the heavens, trying to lay rightful claim to Lin Kang's entire existence, and he violently pulled his claws from Lin Kang's corpse, turning his Earthly Saint body into blood, scattered bones, and messy flesh!

However, as he did, the sky rumbled as the sanguine light intensely quivered, seemingly about to collapse atop Zuhei!

Far away, Wei Wuyin's eyes exuded a violently brilliant glow as they reflected Zuhei's image. The Minor Authority of six laws flowed from his body, exuding a peerless tyrannical aura as he unleashed a low roar. With the Minor Imperial Law at the lead, Wei Wuyin lifted his palm into the sky. If not for the cubical container, it would resemble him holding up the entire sky!

An incomparably large silvery hand stretching for tens of thousands of miles resembling Wei Wuyin's briefly manifested above Zuhei before vanishing. The Silver Wolf's eyes which were filled with the will to prey upon all of creation regained a sense of calmness and clarity. Instantly, Zuhei closed his bloody maw as he landed heavily on the barren region's hardened ground. A heavy thud resounded as he formed a large, chasm-like crater.

This occurred within the fraction of a fraction of a second. The tempest winds and unnatural windy disasters were still ongoing during this.

Yi Yun's eyes bled as the blood vessels within them burst from the overuse of his uniquely refined temporal-infused mana. He was blinded, albeit temporarily. However, the last thing he saw was the hand! THAT INCOMPARABLY TERRIFYING HAND THAT GRASPED THE HEAVENS THEMSELVES!

Zuhei finally calmed down. "I'm sor-" His words barely escaped his lips, guilt flowed inside his eyes before he was interrupted by a mental transmission.

"-I'll hold up the sky for you. You can act freely." Those words were said with a majesty that couldn't be doubted by the lowest of peasants or the loftiest of gods. It was as if the sky could no longer fall!

Zuhei's heart shook; he fully understood that he had tried to claim an Ascended being as a mere mortal, that was something that the Mystic Dao simply wouldn't easily allow. If Zuhei had a supreme treasure like the Nexus War Flag, it was entirely possible for him to do so, but for a mere mortal to breach their domain trying to use their own power was absolutely not allowed! He had been warned by Wei Wuyin before to not encroach on certain domains of the Mortal and Mystic Dao, but his instincts had completely overwhelmed him as raw, unfettered desire for feasting carnage overtook his mind, and the urge to hunt was simply irresistible.

It was literally within his blood.

When Lin Kang's power was unleashed, he had to respond, and it invoked his newest yet greatest instinct-to prey upon his prey!

A warmth gripped his heart as he felt Wei Wuyin's presence. He no longer hesitated; the power of carnage that invigorated his blood began to surge freely!



Yi Yun could feel a wave of incredible power, the scent was overwhelming, and he clutched at his savior's arm with as much strength as he could. With a voice so hoarse it seemed as if it was dry for ten thousand years, strained with hatred and fear, he said:



In the cubical container, Wei Wuyin's hand was held into his sky, his body exuded a soft light infused with three auras, faintly releasing the power of eternal strength. His left arm was bulging violently with veins, yet he stood firm without the slightest sign of tension or pain in his expression. One of his Stellar-Paragon Physique's abilities could be said to be fully utilized at this moment!

There were special treasures that could be used to resist tribulations or backlashes from the Mortal Dao and Mystic Dao, typically due to powerful cultivators interfering to save their descendants, lovers, or breaching an oath. There were also natural treasures born from each respective Dao that could allow certain degrees of interference, such as the Mystic Origin Liquid.

Wei Wuyin had discovered in his pursuit of its profound secrets that the Stellar-Paragon Physique could attract the backlash of the Mystic and Mortal Dao! Fortunately, his foundation had been blessed by them, so the backlash he faced was roughly a tenth of its normal strength.

With the power of six minor laws acting as layers of barriers, he had diminished that power significantly, allowing him to resist it. He called this physique's ability: Parasol of the Paragon.

"What a troublesome Law," Wei Wuyin smiled with amusement, chuckling to himself. But if he had to choose a power for his claws and fangs, the Law of Carnage was the only suitable choice. If he had to hold up the heavens as it feasted upon its prey, then he'd hold it up!



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