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«Overgod Ascension (Web Novel) - Chapter 41: Daoist

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Chapter 41: Daoist

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After the battle. the scene was a mess.

"Visit the battlefield, make the wounded receive the knife!"

According to Wu Ming's intention, this battle should leave no prisoners. The brave Township Militia patrolled and saw that there people who were gasping. Whenever they were from the Zhou family or the original local bandits, they were all killed.

Zhao Song took out the rope, pried open the iron box of the convoy, and opened a slight gap where his eyes moved.

"These goods are well-protected, until the young master commands, no one is allowed to move!"

This is especially directed at Wu Tiehu.

Seeing this, Wu Tiehu just muttered a few words, and honestly set the cart to drive the livestock.

"Young Master…"

Zhao Song stepped forward, seeing Wu Ming holding a head in his hand, he took a deep breath and whispered a few words in Wu Ming's ear.

"You did very well…"

Wu Ming looked at the driven carriage and said loudly: "All the goods are to be transported to the Mountain Stronghold, clean the battlefield, and be careful not to leave any flaws… In addition, the person who took Jie Tianfeng's head, go to the county to report the results!"

Both Feng Han and Zhao Song took a breath of cold air

This is a provocation.

Wu Ming insisted that his family had come out to suppress the bandits. As evidenced by the head, the Zhou caravan had been robbed by Jie Tianfeng and the other party could do nothing about that.

Of course, the Zhou family could also ask for the return of the original goods, but Wu Ming will certainly not admit it, and claim that it was seized! There were losses along the way and it was at most a few taels of silver. If he refused to admit it, he would not be afraid of lawsuits in the county.

More importantly, the Zhou family originally used suits to do business and this time, there was another layer of trouble.

"Young Master, I'm afraid that Zhou dogs will jump on the walls in a hurry, let's return to the Wu Fortress as soon as possible!"

Feng Han said: "As long as you go back, the county soldiers will come to attack, they are not afraid!"

"If I go back, why would they dare to come?"

Wu Ming laughed: "Just wait in the Mountian Stronghold to watch them come to die!"


At the same time, Peaceful Cloud County, within Dao Institute.

The Dao Institute is located in the eastern suburbs of Peaceful Cloud County. The terrain is surrounded by mountains and waters with fresh air. Although it is a cold winter, the courtyard is warm as spring, with colorful flowers blooming, pines and cypress, green grass like a white crane spreading its wings, and sprit apes offering fruits. It is truly a blessed immortal land.

One of the small courtyards is very simple in its arrangement, with only one pool and one pine. There is nothing else, a sense of desolation in its silence. If you had a Spiritual Eye, you would see runes densely packed forming a large array, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth. The green pool's water has dragon-like Sword Qi and was very dangerous.


Pine needles fell to the floor but no one came to clean it.

After an unknown period of time, the two doors finally opened, revealing Wu Qing's happy face.

"The one sitting at the gate took so long, I was fortunate to get a breakthrough. I wonder if my little brother is causing any trouble…"

A thin layer of fluorescence appeared on Wu Qing's face and disappeared suddenly. She looked at the courtyard, nodded in satisfaction, and walked out the gate.


The maid next to her fell to the ground and cried, obviously, she did not know how long she waited, and even fell asleep leaning on the door.

At this time, she ignored the pain and directly said: "Steward Wu came to see Miss once, saying that Young Master Ming had something urgent so you need to come back as soon as possible!"

"My younger brother…"

Wu Qing put a smile on the corner of her mouth and touched the maid's head: "Xue'er, wait a moment, let me see what trouble he caused me again…"

The maid covered her head, but she secretly rolled her eyes.

Who doesn't know, my lady, that your younger brother is most nervous, retaliating after breaking a little skin? This time, I don't know which one is extremely unlucky.

Wu Qing did not move. After thinking for a while, she took out a piece of talisman paper, folded it into a small paper crane, and blew it lightly.


The paper crane floated up in the air, as if it had its own life, and flapped its wings and flew away.

Not a while after, another pink paper crane flew back and whispered in Wu Qing's ear, causing her face to suddenly change.

"Okay! Very good! Unexpectedly, I've been in retreat for too long, there's actually an evildoer who dares to attack my brother?"

The pink crane turned into ashes and Wu Qing's eyebrows drooped; one-third gloomy and two-third murderous.

Suddenly, she turned around and walked somewhere.

"Senior Sister Wu Qing!"

"Congratulations to Senior Sister Wu Qing for coming our of seclusion!"


All the way to the disciples, seeing Wu Qing coming over, they all respectfully saluted. On the roadside, there was a cowardly whisper: "Remember… this is a true master sister, her achievements in Daoism is profound. The upper and lower Daoists of the Daoist Institute, except a few teachers, must be respectful to her!"

"I saw Senior Sister Wu Qing's phoenix eyes, I'm afraid that someone will be unlucky this time!"

Under the awe, envious, and even shocked eyes of the crowd, Wu Qing came to an abode.

"Senior Sister Wu Qing is polite, my home's Daoist Elder is not seeing guests at this time!"

A Taoist boy came out, but was pushed away by an invisible force: "It's none of your business, don't make mistakes!"

Wu Qing's voice was cold, and with a flick of her fingers, a strand of bright red Sword Qi instantly split the abode's gate in half.

"Daoist Mingqing, why did break my door for no reason?"

A middle-aged Daoist wearing a black daoist robe and a bun on his back, walked out. When he saw Wu Qing, his eyes twitched and shouted.

This Miaoqing was the Daoist name Wu Qing took when she entered the Dao Institute and accepted the opportunity.

"Old Daoist Ji Yun, if you colluded with the Zhou family and replaced my little brother's quota, receive this disaster!"

Wu Qing sneered and in a flash, several red rays of light emerged, forming a whirlpool with amazing spiritual power.

"Senior Sister Miaoqing and Senior Brother Ji Yun are fighting!"

In the distance, several Daoists looked from far away and when they saw this scene, they took a few steps back, a little excited: "A competition between True Daoists is truly rare!"

"Although both Senior Sister Miaoqing and Senior Brother Ji Yun have both received the opportunity and their understanding of Daoism is very deep, Senior Brother Ji Yun has cultivated himself for a long time. Although Senior Sister Maioqing is talented, I'm afraid…"

A Daoist with pale expression and peach-blossom eyes had not finished speaking until his mouth opened.

The red light flashed and Daoist Ji Yun, who everyone had high hopes for, fell to the ground and spat blood. He said miserably: "You… You actually…"

"Priestess Miaoqing, you are too much!"

Seeing the scene, a furious Daoist rushed to the site: "Such a crime, even if the Institute Supervisor is optimistic, I will take you down and tell the Institute Master!"

With a wave of his hand, five black Qi entangled to form a poisonous snake. With a smirk, lots of shadows appeared in the middle.

"Uncle Zhi Fa is settling it!"

Another disciple excitedly said: "Uncle Zhi Fa's cultivation is deep, he has actually reached the level of Law Master!"

In this world, not to mention Daoists in the Great Realm, it beings from Unranked, Daoist Priest, Refined Master, Law Master, and so on.

Generally speaking, after learning two small magical techniques, one who walked out of Jianghu would only be called a Jianghu Warlock, not Daoist.

A real Daoist must, first of all, must be clear-minded, worship the Dao Institute, read scriptures every day, and meditate to refine Qi. Chores were only given to uninitiated Daoists and handymen.

Going forward, after being proficient in scriptures and adept in the use of various instruments, they are assessed. After the assessment passed, there would be Law Masters who will act as teachers and they will become a Daoist Priest.

At that time, the Daoist can truly be called a Daoist Priest. In the outside world, they can preach on behalf of the gods, pray for blessing and eliminate calamities, banish ghosts, and preside Daoist ceremonies for the pilgrims.

After Daoist Priest, the Daoist will receive Dharmic inner refinement, bitterly practicing mana, tempering the five internal organs, and build the Hundred Days Foundation Building to become a Refined Master!

Before Refined Master, the Daoist Priest's mana was shallow and his flesh is mediocre; just like mortals. However, after refining the inside and finished building the Foundation, he could bear divine power, and even fighting for three days and tearing tigers are not difficult.

After Refined Master is Law Master!

(Law Master can also be translated as Mage (法师), the individual characters meaning Law Master while the whole means Mage. The problem is, I didn't think that Mage was in accordance with the settings so I've decided to stick with Law Master but now, I'm really reconsidering…)

At the Law Master stage, there is no need for foreign objects such as Magical Artifacts, Talismans, etc. You can directly get to the process. More importantly, you can start to create Magical Artifacts, talismans, and other items, whether it is for personal use or sale. It's a steady stream of gold!

True Daoist is beyond reach for most Daoists so becoming a Law Master is a lifelong dream!

How can they not get excited when they see a Law Master take action now?

"Hey! I didn't know that you and Ji Yun were in the same snakes and rats nest, colluding… I could bear all sorts of little things before but you shouldn't provoke my little brother! Look at my sword!"

Daoist Zhi Fa is known for 'Five Ghosts Capturing', refining five Murderous Ghosts in hand, shooting and capturing them. It had no disadvantage and was accompanied by fierce Yin Qi, its power is amazing.

But in the midst of the flying sand and the rocks, with Wu Qing's scent, a scarlet sword light suddenly appeared.

"By the oath of Heaven and Earth, listen to my orders, cut!"


The crimson sword light emerged like a flood dragon, dispelling the whirlwind. The five Murderous Ghosts were instantly annihilated.


Daoist Zhi Fa took two steps back and spat a mouthful of blood, staining his robes red. He looked at Wu Qing, his eyes full of shock: "You… your seclusion this time, you have already refined yourself to great accomplishment, completing the Hundred Days Foundation Building, and advanced into Law Master. You've also refined the Scarlet Virtue magic sword?!"

"How? Is it better?"

Wu Qing remained silent, a fiery hot jade sword in front of her with crystal light floating as it breathed Scarlet Qi.

When Daoist Ji Yun, who fell on the ground, saw this, a ray of despair appeared on his eyes.

Since he started, he toiled hard day and night; harvesting the dew in the morning, absorbing moonlight at night. For decades, he did not dare to neglect his cultivation but now, he was trembling, being at the inner refinement stage, which is of Refined Master.

But now, a woman who just entered the Dao Institute for a few years completely surpassed him.

"Don't be too arrogant, bullying people of the same side, the Institute Master will not…"

Daoist Zhi Fa was struggling and said something. He then heard a clap of thunder and a voice coming from the depth of the Dao Institute: "Daoist Mingqiao!"

"I've seen Institute Master!"

In the face of the master of the Peaceful Cloud's Dao Institute, whether it is Wu Qing, Daoist Zhi Fa, or the spectating disciples, they all saluted.

"Now that Priestess Miaoqing, who had had been diligent, entered the world of Law Masters, I am relieved and shall pull out special merit! Lead the disciples of this school to participate in the Dragon's Gate Meet!"

"I respect the decree!"

Wu Qing saluted but Daoist Zhi Fa couldn't bear it anymore and fainted in a heart attack.

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