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«Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi (Web Novel) - Chapter 570-6: Time Flows into Hot Water 6: Five and a Half Years

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Chapter 570-6: Time Flows into Hot Water 6: Five and a Half Years

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Translator: Nat

I jump into the bathtub with a huge splash, causing a wave that knocks Anastasia off balance.

「Father! Just when I was thinking how happy I am to see you back after half a year.」

Anastasia stands up and complains.

To lighten the mood, I jokingly retort back.

「Have your breasts gotten bigger? I see hair has yet to grow down there.」

「That was mean.」

Celia says in a displeased tone while Anastasia silently stares at me with eyes similar to Sekrit when she looks down on me.

She’s in the rebellious phase, how sad.

「Fuu. It feels like the mating festival of the beastmen happened yesterday.」

I put Anastasia, who tries to shoo me away with her hand, on my lap but she twists her body away, brushing water in my face as she calls me “stupid” and “vile”.


That’s when Nonna and the others timidly interrupted.

Her expression was not one that was simply watching over the harmony between father and daughter nor was it one that was criticizing a daughter for her vulgar words.

Rather, it was one of nervousness.

I guess it’s natural.

I picked a fight with a bit of an unreasonable opponent.

「Let me first say that I didn’t come back because I was defeated. It’s because the plan can’t progress until a supply base is constructed. And if I can’t go forward, I though I might as well come back and enjoy a bath.」

「I-is that true?」

I hug Nonna as her teeth chatter despite being in the warm water.

Her giant boobs hit Anastasia in the face.

「Waaph, I’m drowning. Damn……I’ll definitely get like that too.」

「Anastasia, watch your language.」

Anastasia stomps as hard as she can on my dick in the water where Nonna can’t see.

Then she swims over to the sniffling Barolome.

「Ana-chan, how was it? Was it erect? How did the veins feel?」

「Rose, be quiet! My heel hurts……father’s monster d――it’s so absurd.」

I speak as I hold Nonna in my arms, who is trembling like a tiny animal in contrast to her gigantic tits.

Six months ago, a messenger from the Federation requested a visit from me to White City and an invasion of the eastern part of the Empire.

The Federation said they would begin an invasion of their own some time tomorrow in the west part, commenting on how easy the win would be and how freely the territory can be taken.

I replied saying “I’m satisfied with just taking the Central Plains” and continued to dodge the question by acting leisurely and unmotivated, which eventually led the impatient messenger to press so hard that I had no other choice than to start assembling troops.

Urged by the messenger, I gathered a sizable army in a few months with assistance from various sources, at which point I killed the messenger, then used the soldiers I had accumulated to invade the Federation.

「The Federation will certainly not let this go. The land will be turned to ash and not a single citizen will remain.」

「Of course. If the same thing was done to me, I would yank out that guy’s intestines alive.」

Nonna shakes again. Oh sorry.

I glance behind me and go on.

「But no matter how much they can’t forgive me or how angry they get, soldiers won’t magically appear. They aren’t going to commit half-heartedly to dispatching soldiers to the Empire. So there won’t be a sufficient force to spare……」

I peek behind me again.

「It has already been several months since the Federation invaded the Empire, and they have penetrated quite far. They cannot quickly pull out their forces from the battlefield where fierce battles continue. If they do, they will be pushed back.」

The Federation is angry at me.

They are enraged enough to erupt like the Dard Mountain and are likely cursing me every night, but that still won’t give them an army.

I look behind me one more time before speaking to reassure Nonna.

(Something like a hex comes from the north once every three days. Neisha-san, the ghost, eats it up though.)

Casie states, drawing her head between her shoulders in fear.

Lots of people aren’t listening so I don’t have to put on airs right now.

「Look at this.」

I have in my hand a map made out of material that can get wet, the same material Rebecca’s tights are made of.

Er, what was next again? I check behind me and then resume the explanation.

「We advanced this far in two months. The resistance encountered was equivalent to kicking down a rotten door. All decent military forces are out of the east. We’ve had occasional run-ins with the local army but they don’t pose a problem.」

My finger traces an area of land more than twice the size of the Central Plains.

「However, the Federation is vast. You can’t keep going……」

Of course, that’s true.

I actually speculate that soldiers will be cobbled together soon and they will come from the center.

That’s why I stopped with a quarter of the distance left to the first objective to build the supply base.

「I apologize if I’m being pretentious. But please let me ask one thing.」


I smile, fondling Nonna’s breasts as I lift them.

「Are you aiming for my town?」


I pick up a toy soldier floating in the water that someone dropped and place it on Nonna’s breast island.

「Why don’t we stop this now?」

「Well, that’s ridiculous.」

Are you saying that we tell the Federation to pretend nothing ever happened at this point?

I do wonder what kind of reaction they would make.

「Right now……right now I’m happy……and most importantly……」

Nonna holds the toy soldier in her cleavage.

I respond to her with a gentle smile.

「I can’t, I’m going to see this through to the end. I won’t say it’s for your sake anymore. It’s just my desire to keep the promise that I made to you.」

Nonna grits her teeth and squeezes her boobs together, crushing the soldier.

「Well, don’t worry about it. Worst case, I’ll let everyone escape. As for the citizens……well, that’s also part of the changing of times.」

「Uwah, what a tyrant.」

「Tyrant~ Lecherous king~」

When Carla and Anastasia vilify me, I clutch my chest pretending to be in pain and sink to the bottom of the bathtub.

The atmosphere lightens a little.

Let’s change the mood a bit more by talking about silly things.

「Man, Schwartz was such a grump when I rode him the other day. After running a short distance, he started to be out of breath.」

「He’s already in his teens. For a warhorse, it’s about time he retires……though Schwartz can still go on for a while longer. It’s Aegir-sama who was being mean, meaninglessly making him run 50 km.」

I was thinking of making fun of him when he becomes exhausted, but that perverted horse was stubbornly persevering no matter how far I went. By the time I realized how much we traveled, we were in the middle of enemy territory.

「If you’re going to retire him, give him to me. He can still be ridden on hunts and daily travel, right?」

Carla suggests.

I’m sure he would also welcome belonging to Carla.

「Are you into horses?」

「I’m not Catherine.」

Nonna’s snarky remark bounces from Carla to Catherine.

「I wouldn’t do it with a horse! I only stare at Schwartz because he’s incredibly big. Aegir-sama would also stare if a woman was tall and had a huge bust, right?」

I’d do more than that, I’d probably follow her and seduce her in front of her husband.

It’s something I can’t help doing.

「Speaking of Schwartz, that mare gave birth.」

「Oh, that?」

I piggyback on the topic Celia brings up.

Schwartz has a female he is fond of in Rafen and that female horse has gotten pregnant.

Both are wonderful horses with splendid bodies, but that’s not what we’re talking about at the moment.

「Who would have thought such a giant mare existed in the Federation.」

「Yes. Apparently, the horse is only three years old, yet she is two levels taller than Schwartz. Further, she has muscles bulging all over her body from an unknown. I wonder how she was raised.」

Soldiers found the mare in some town as they were seizing land.

The gigantic mare neighed instantly on sight of Schwartz and cuddled up to him demanding to mate.

「That perverted horse was so open about being interested.」

Still, he began to mate as if his pride wouldn’t allow him to refuse a request from a mare.

「……she wasn’t just big, she was also tough. The mating lasted for three days, and by the time it was finished, Schwartz was wobbling.」

In human terms, it would be like if a 2-meter tall muscular girl wrung out the seed of a 40 year old man for three days and nights.

I can’t tell how beautiful a horse is, but I can’t say I’m envious.

「I wonder what kind of horse will be born.」

「Maybe one with wings attached.」

Everyone chuckled.

「Speaking of children……」

When Nonna shifts her attention over, Sulama takes the hand of a baby, who is in a personal tub, and waves it.

「What an unfriendly child.」

The child has light brown skin and eyes that seem to stare off in the distance.

Although no fuss is made when other kids interact with him, he also doesn’t cry very loudly.

「This situation makes it seem like he’s my child, but he’s actually Sekrit’s! I didn’t give birth!」

The baby’s name is Hasafa, Sekrit’s son.

「She never takes care of him, you know! Sometimes she comes to breastfeed him, but I do everything else!」

This is the part where I imagine a scene of the baby crying, but Hasafa simply turns away with an annoyed look.

He is very clearly Sekrit’s kid.

「Comparatively, you have these cuties.」

Nonna looks in the opposite direction.




The moment they sense someone’s gaze, a bunch of puppies and kittens playfully cling to Nonna.

「Aah, stop it! Hey, don’t suck on my boobs, they’re going to leak nonstop!」

Nonna is telling them to let go but her face is relaxed.


「Hey~ Don’t grab me!」

Needless to say, these children belong to the beastmen.

The children of beastmen are similar to animals and can run at one month old, however they only start talking at about five years old.

And there are many of them.

Even though there are only 40 parents, there are over 50 kids.

「It was an abundant birth, eh?」

「To be more precise, the number of eggs produced was decided due to the pain after mating. I bore three children」

Tamami rests one of the babies, who mewls adorably, on my head.

Next to her is a woman who is tired from playing with her eight children.

「I never thought I’d get eight eggs from having my ass gouged…… isn’t this a new record in the whole village……」

Wow, eight is tremendous.

「I’m actually more curious about this.」

Melissa points to Marron, Tamami’s daughter.

Marron grins as she breastfeeds her lone child.

「How old are you?」

Marron tilts her head, then shows her age with both hands, which leads to Melissa acknowledging the number and then strangling my neck with both hands.

「You animal, brute.」

「I was irrational at the time.」

Marron smiles, advising against using human years to judge beastmen, as I compare her breasts and ass to that of my own children.

……I can’t escape being yelled at for being a pervert, huh.

「Good good, I have enough hope.」

Rose is pumped up for some reason.

「This might not be time to talk about matters of the inner palace, but-」

Rita chimes in reservedly.

「The beastmen will be the sixth faction.」

Apparently, the girls have divided themselves into factions while I was away.

One of the six factions is the senior faction consisting of Nonna and the others.

The group includes legal wives, concubines and closely connected children, and is the core of the inner palace.

They have the most power and the temptation to bribe them is relentless.

Another faction is the lovers faction.

Girls I saved, girls I picked up after growing fond of them in towns……in short, the faction is a group of my lovers.

They receive an allowance and are looked after as long as they are by my side, but if they fall in love with other people, they declare it boldly and are permitted to leave.

Because the members are replaced frequently, they don’t have much authority, but since they don’t need the resolve to stay with me their entire lives, many girls like playing with fire, often indulging in luxuries and wearing pretty dresses.

Another faction is the new wives faction.

The group mainly consists of the orphans rescued from underground and girls who were saved from various circumstances within the nation.

They are enamored with me and willing to offer me everything, but many are untouched as they are way too young.

They are fundamentally humble and don’t stir up trouble, but their self-proclaimed name and slogan of “time is on our side” irritates a portion of the senior faction.

Then there is the ghost faction.

The faction is a group consisting of literal ghosts who are prideful, have unstable personalities and are the incarnations of landmines that can materialize into vengeful spirits from the slightest stimulation.

I warned them that I would seriously get upset if they laid hands on another girl, so they actually haven’t harmed anyone yet.

The leader is Neisha, a former queen, though she is invisible to the people who can’t see her, and thus spends much time sitting alone and crying in Flantica’s body during social gatherings.

Next is the monster faction.

Their numbers have increased lately.

This is the group in which the beastmen and their children are added.

Since they have a high reproductive ability, they may eventually be a powerful force.

「Aren’t the ones in the back a bit weird!?」

I also have a wide taste.

By the way, although Casie is a ghost, she is associated with the senior faction.

Considering it a form of betrayal, Neisha poisoned……or rather dyed her, turning Casie purple for the entirety of last month.

「Factions and conflicts sound disturbing to me, but it should be fine as long as everyone is peaceful. The important thing is for the war to remain on the outside and for the house to be calm.」

「Eeeh……it’s better if the outside is peaceful too.」

A concerned Maria pushes a floating tub containing a wine glass to me.

Myla frowns as she goes back to a previous topic.

「Even so, you did something bad to that messenger.」

「He would have been in trouble whether I killed him or whether he rushed back. I figured I might as well guide him to heaven myself.」

To mourn him, I think back to the start of battle.

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