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«Otherworldly Evil Monarch (Web Novel) - Chapter 1019 - Too Aggrieving…

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Chapter 1019: Too Aggrieving…

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Then, this mysterious expert continued to speak in pitying tone, as if he were guiding him patiently and teaching him. “As a Saint Venerable expert, did you not know that… If you don’t even have the guts to finish hearing what I have to say, then it is the same as losing the right to fight me face on! Then after today, no matter how the outcome of today’s battle is, your cultivation will never be able to improve!”

Jun Mo Xie’s hands remained behind his back. But after making this comment, he suddenly took a step forward. His right foot came stepping down on the ground at a high speed, heavy and forceful!

The entire ground quaked violently from this endless heaviness!

And the gentle look in Jun Mo Xie’s eyes earlier suddenly turned to one that was as sharp as a blade. “… and what I have yet to finish saying today will become the inner-demon that haunts you forever!”

The sudden shaking of the ground was like a clap of thunder on a clear day, striking the bottom of Zhan Xiao Xiao’s heart, which jolted from that gaze! Like a bolt of lightning that followed right after!

The last sentence, every word and pause, was repeated hammering that hammered down harshly in Zhan Xiao Xiao’s heart!

Zhan Xiao Xiao suddenly felt his mind being blown! He was startled!

Inner demon!

From today on! I will never be able to improve!

The words left unspoken today will become the inner demon that haunts me forever!

Zhan Xiao Xiao had a crazed look in his eye, but heavy beads of perspiration formed on his forehead, droplet by droplet…

He could still forcefully control the cold sweat earlier. No matter how alarmed he was feeling, he would not show it on his face!

But right now, he finally couldn’t control it!

The other party’s words were like the sharpest knife that stabbed into his heart repeatedly!

He could not not be bothered by it!

Zhan Xiao Xiao vigor instantly weakened again!

This was not because Zhan Xiao Xiao was no good. As a Saint Venerable, he had vast experiences and had seen all sorts of situations. But… the other party had a method that he had never thoroughly understood before—psychology!

Every single word, action, sigh, gaze of Jun Mo Xie had dealt significant impact on Zhan Xiao Xiao’s heart!

The moment Zhan Xiao Xiao had a moment of waver, the smallest doubt, Jun Mo Xie would immediately exploit it! There was not a single opportunity he let slip! Striking him from all directions! And every single minor action, every distracted gaze, were able to hit the weakness in Zhan Xiao Xiao’s mind!

If Zhan Xiao Xiao didn’t fall into this trap… it would only happen if he were also a transmigrator! Or not, he could also just taken the first move and attack, not giving Young Master Jun the opportunity to open his mouth!

Otherwise, he definitely would not be able to endure this sort of pressure!

It was a pity that Zhan Xiao Xiao was no transmigrator! He also didn’t have the guts to just begin attacking upon meeting!

Although Jun Mo Xie advanced in his cultivation at miraculous speed, his real strength was still merely that of a third level Saint Emperor! Compared to Zhan Xiao Xiao, who was a first level Saint Venerable, there was still a great disparity!

There was a difference of eleven whole levels between them! An exceedingly great disparity!

The difference in one level of Xuan Qi alone was enough to determine the outcome of the battle. There was no room for luck. What more eleven levels!

Even if he had the Yin Yang Escape, Hongjun Pagoda, and the Blood of Yellow Flame! The most powerful and invincible cheating tools in this world! But… these were only able to ensure that his life was not at threat!

It was impossible for him to kill Zhan Xiao Xiao in a face to face battle!

But Jun Mo Xie had to kill this person today, no matter what!

Every single battle with a level that was beyond him is accompanied by the opportunity to break through!

Jun Mo Xie noticed that he hadn’t broken through in a long time!

There was no other reason other than the fact that he had not started a battle against an opponent that was of a different level from himself for too long!

Only in a highly difficult battle, where life and death could happen at any moment! Then, he could feel that level of enlightenment that he usually didn’t feel! Then, he could obtain the opportunity to breakthrough!

And if Zhan Xiao Xiao didn’t die, the threat was too big!

Even to Jun Mo Xie himself—he developed an ill presentiment that he was in a precarious state. It was like walking on thin ice to be subjected to the random assassination from a Saint Venerable like this!

Jun Mo Xie definitely didn’t wish to suffer this pent-up frustration!

So Jun Mo Xie wanted to make use of all the methods that he could and could not use! Using all sorts of ways to impact Zhan Xiao Xiao’s confidence! He must weaken his battling abilities to a certain level before the fight actually begins!

Only that way did he stand a chance!

Young Master Jun with the Hongjun Pagoda supporting him was full of confidence. The battle had yet to begin and he had already completely forced Zhan Xiao Xiao into a state of dilemma that he could stop!

With the current situation, if Zhan Xiao Xiao stopped listening, even if he wouldn’t develop any inner-demons originally, because of what Jun Mo Xie had just said, he would end up giving himself an inner-demon that didn’t exist. What a tragedy…

If he really finished hearing it… then his confidence would be crushed by Young Master Jun… Then before the battle even unfolded, this Saint Venerable would have completely broken down…

If Zhan Xiao Xiao were truly clever and more confident, it was not that difficult to realize that if the opponent was really that powerful, when he was in such a state, he could’ve just struck! Why waste so much saliva?

But it’s a pity, he was too clever… viewing the opponent’s current act as a cat toying with a mouse! Toying with his opponent as much as he liked, completely certain of his victory!

Zhan Xiao Xiao was so frightened by his way of thinking that he did dare not strike…

“I want to hear how I am unworthy! Inner-demon, screw your inner-demon! Say it! I let you say all you want!” Zhan Xiao Xiao was about to vomit blood! Facing this mysterious expert over there was literally facing a devil! This goddamn scoundrel! He is a profound mystery! Gripping on my weak spot! Now I’m stuck. Leaving isn’t right, but not leaving isn’t right either.

If I fall into this agitated state mid battle, naturally, it is because the opponent is more skilled, and I’m not as good as him, so I have nothing to say about my own defeat. But right now, he has made me so pathetic with a mere exchange of words!

If I am defeated like this… then even if I manage to retreat wholly un-injured, it’ll be aggrieving to the max! Even if it’s not the inner-demon as that person said, there will definitely be a shadow!

“You are wrong. It is not that I want to let you hear it. But you urgently need to listen to me!” Jun Mo Xie looked at him haughtily. “So now, whether I say it or not, it is extremely important to you! Even if I don’t say it, you will still beg me to say it! Because if I do not say it, you will forever be in doubt! For your entire life!”

“What is it do you want? What tricks are you trying to play! Are you going to say it or not? Those two reasons that you have! How long are you going to keep it to yourself?!” Zhan Xiao Xiao could no longer endure it.

I didn’t want to hear it. Now I absolutely have to hear it. And it is not because I want to hear it, but I am forced to listen to it. But now, the other party is leaving me hanging… Zhan Xiao Xiao was practically about to vomit blood.

Zhan Xiao Xiao had completely not realized that along with the progression of the conversation, they had fallen into an unusual situation. The originally two opposing sides were now in an indescribable state of equilibrium!

Jun Mo Xie scoffed coldly and said, “I say it when I wish to. If I don’t wish to, I shall not say it! If I want you to hear it, you cannot refuse even if you don’t wish to hear it. If I don’t wish to tell you, it is useless even if you beg me! Now, you are so pressed for me to guide you, then all the more I shan’t say it! You tell me what sort of rights do you have to demand for me say it? You’re not my son…”

“You! Hand over your life!” Zhan Xiao Xiao was furious! He leapt and strike at full force!

Too infuriating! Too aggrieving! Too frustrating! Too… F*cking hell!

He had finally snapped back to his senses. The opponent was merely toying with him!

From start to end, the opponent was never sincere with him! Right now, he had clearly realized that he had been completely defeated in this battle of vigor! In other words, if he were to strike right now, his strength had already been weakened by forty percent! Or perhaps, even more!

But Zhan Xiao Xiao had no choice but to strike! He could not not strike!

Because he was already so furious and aggrieved that he was about to explode!

If this confrontation continued to drag out, Zhan Xiao Xiao only felt that he would completely lose all his reason from being angered by the enemy! If that happened, then this place today would be where he died, with no chance of turning things around.

I’ve already lost my vigor, if my sensibility is gone also… then…

Zhan Xiao Xiao didn’t dare to imagine the consequences. Just the mere thought of it was an unimaginable negative influence. So he gathered his remaining courage and struck!

But the moment Zhan Xiao Xiao had just risen, the black robed man opposite calmly flicked his wrists and said, “Go back!”

Boom! A giant ball of fire appeared!

The area of fifty zhang radius was instantly engulfed in flames!

The instant the fire began to rise, the highest had already reached almost ten zhang into the sky! Half of the sky had been lit up the color of red…

Zhan Xiao Xiao was shocked!

While delivering this attack, he had actually thought: this mysterious expert only had been using words to confuse me, but he never really attacked. And in the chase earlier, he had clearly determined that this person’s strength was only around the level of a fourth level Saint Emperor. He only had extremely great movement technique skills!

Under this judgment, Zhan Xiao Xiao decisively made the choice to take the gamble. Preventing himself from being further weakened, but also increasing the chances of victory. If it was just as he had judged, this mysterious expert was merely a paper tiger. Then, not only would he be able to win, he could completely get rid of his inner-demon! Killing two birds with one stone!

But the opponent’s response had caused Zhan Xiao Xiao’s heart to sink back down!

When one’s cultivation is of a certain level, he could control a certain amount of the Power of Heaven and Earth! As a Saint Venerable, he was clear of this. And he could be considered to be an expert in this area. But he had never heard of people being able to control fire out of thin air!

Fire was not easy to withstand! The opponent’s strength was a mystery—why would he use it to humiliate himself if they were just regular flames?

Zhan Xiao Xiao instantly changed his mind. He did a backflip and flew backwards!

But at the same time he retreated, there was a sudden shiny column of water that was rushing out from the flames! Charging towards him!

This column of water was about the thickness of a water jar. Its strength and force were like a great river!

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