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«One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2083: She is the only one he cannot lose.

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Chapter 2083: She is the only one he cannot lose.

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Mu Yazhe’s voice suddenly deepened. “I could be the head of the Mus because I am a direct descendant and I had my second uncle’s support. This afternoon, he came down to the office to talk to me, or perhaps it would be more appropriate to call it a showdown.”

“A showdown?”

“He said that if I wanted to persist in ‘going the wrong way’, he would have to support another junior in being the family head. He is very unhappy with our marriage.”

Earlier in the afternoon, Mu Linfeng went down to the Mu Group’s headquarters to seek him for a serious talk.

His first request was for his nephew to divorce the troublesome woman, Yun Shishi, immediately. If he did, Mu Linfeng would hand over ten percent of his shares and arrange his marriage affairs for him. He would marry the princess of Morokko, which would not only raise their family’s status but also provide him with great benefits.

If it had been a few years ago, he may have been moved and would have complied to his wishes without much consideration.

After all, it was not important to him who his marriage partner was.

It was enough as long as she brought him benefits.

Now, he no longer thought that way.

He could lose everything else, but she was the only one he could not lose.

Mu Yazhe rejected his second uncle’s condition without much thought.

The latter was utterly disappointed.

The man knew that his second uncle was already very disappointed in him. It could be considered that he had paid his dues for getting this far. What the other needed was an obedient chess pawn that could be under anyone’s control and not an outstanding family head.

It was extremely regretful that he was no such thing.

Therefore, Mu Linfeng had to change his plans, now wanting to support Mu Yancheng as the family’s head, instead.

Although he was not explicit about it, his nephew knew the truth just by simply guessing.

Everyone in their family, especially his second uncle’s generation, had second thoughts about him. Ever since he became the family head, his actions had been too drastic to the point that his uncle developed a great deal of enmity toward him.

To be honest, Mu Yazhe originally wanted to leave the family and find another world of his, but there had not been an optimal time for that to happen at the present.

Shengyu Financial Group, which was under his name, may be large, but it was still deficient in a good deal of resources; thus, it was somewhat reliant on the Mu family still. On this note, he could not let go of his leadership role yet.

He had initially planned extremely well, and everything had been going according to it. However, Yun Shishi’s appearance had not been within his expectations.

Because of her, he had enraged many people. In their eyes, they could no longer keep him, wholeheartedly hoping to root him out and kick him out of the Mu family.

Youyou had already considered this problem and talked to him about it. The boy expressed that his power could be shared with him if he ever needed it.

Alas, with the man’s arrogant personality, how could he depend on his son, especially when it came to business? Therefore, he rejected it without a second thought.

He appreciated his son’s kind intentions, but he was not at a point where he needed to rely on him to expand his territory.

In any case, victory was still within his grasp on this point.

If Mu Linfeng was determined to discard him and disregard the bigger picture, neither side would win in the end.

Also, the Mu Group’s vitality would be wounded heavily. Without him, it would be in ruins.

However, there were probably more things he needed to be concerned about, so he harbored the attitude that he would destroy them both indiscriminately. He would never let his second uncle off easily regardless of how much he might lose.

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