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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 746: The Ancient Battlefield

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Chapter 746: The Ancient Battlefield

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“How is this possible?”

Long Feijun cried out involuntarily.

The hit rate of high-altitude bombing was always one of the most difficult problems to solve in a war.

No matter how fierce a volcanic eruption was, the size of the crater was quite limited.

If one observed the crater from the synchronous orbit outside the atmosphere, no matter how big the crater was, it would still be smaller than the tip of a needle.

The probability of accurately hitting an erupting crater by pushing a meteorite down from the synchronous orbit was not much higher than shooting a cotton thread from 100 meters away and piercing the eye of the needle.

Unless it was hit with 100% accuracy, there would not only be a crater on the ground but two overlapping gourd-shaped craters.

“It’s possible. It might not be a crater. It might be some kind of cannon launched from the ground out of the atmosphere and used to attack targets in synchronous orbits, just like the missile silos on Earth,” Meng Chao muttered.

He closed his eyes.

An image appeared in his mind.

A long time ago, before the carbon-based intelligent life on earth sprouted, a world-shaking war broke out in another world.

The raging flames on the ground erupted like a volcano, but they were a hundred times more violent. They gathered into huge crimson pillars of light that pierced through the sky and pierced straight into the stars.

Beneath the stars, countless meteorites fell down like super-large hailstones under the impetus of mysterious forces, destroying the ‘cannons’ that were sending out the light pillars.

The airwaves tore through space, melting the earth at high temperatures. The entire Otherworld was literally an inferno.

Within the Inferno, there were countless existences that were even more powerful than the gods and devils of the other world. They brandished their weapons that were shining brilliantly and had countless layers of spiritual magnetic fields stacked on top of each other, emitting battle howls that resounded through the clouds.

Similar scenes would occasionally appear in the depths of Meng Chao’s brain when he was cultivating in the primordial ruins.

However, these scenes were even more fragmented than the memories of his previous life.

It was like waking up in the morning and having a dream after peeing. With a cold shiver, all the details disappeared.

It was only at this moment that seeing the sinkhole made people feel like they had seen it before.

“It’s very likely that this is an ancient battlefield.”

Meng Chao said, “A meteorite wouldn’t appear in low Earth orbit for no reason. Someone must have captured it from outer space and used it as a weapon to smash it down. The attacker’s goal was to destroy this giant cannon that was similar to an active volcano, so they had to control the speed of the meteorite. Otherwise, if the entire continent was destroyed, even if they won, it would be meaningless.

“It just so happens that we found traces of a large number of wars in the ancient ruins. It is reasonable to infer that a super war that destroyed the ancient civilization broke out in another world a long time ago. The transmigration of the Earthlings had something to do with this war.

“Pushing a meteorite down from a synchronous orbit and accurately hitting the crater of a volcano or the muzzle of a giant cannon, no matter how difficult it is, is no more difficult than allowing a city on earth and all its citizens to transmigrate to another world billions of light-years away. The ancient civilization has the ability to do so.

“If the sinkhole and the ancient ruins in front of us both originated from the same war in the same era, everything makes sense.”

Long Feijun had followed Lei Zongchao, the Battle God, into the ancient ruins to cultivate.

Meng Chao’s words made his heart skip a beat. He said solemnly, “Are you saying that the sinkhole, like the ancient ruins, is likely to contain the secrets and… power of the ancient civilization

“That is obvious. Otherwise, where did the monster civilization come from?”

Meng Chao said, “It is impossible for the monsters that have absorbed spiritual energy and the enlightenment of the human civilization to develop such a powerful organization that can organize large-scale beast tides to attack human cities in just a few decades. It is even more impossible for them to nurture superbeasts that understand the weaknesses of human nature like the Vortex.

“Besides, the biochemical technology of the monster civilization is ten times better than that of the human civilization. Even the Apocalyptic Beasts that can destroy the world can not learn everything by themselves and create all the equipment needed for biochemical modulation, can they?

“The monster civilization must have been enlightened by the ancient civilization, just like the human civilization that has transmigrated to another world has received the help of the ancient civilization.

“The human civilization and the monster civilization are two fruits on a vine. That’s why we can use the materials of the monsters to cultivate, and the monsters can become stronger and stronger by devouring human experts.”

Long Feijun narrowed his eyes.

Meng Chao’s words were understandable.

In fact, there had long been a theory about the origin of the monster civilization. Now, they had only found more evidence.

If that was the case, the danger level of exploring the sinkhole would double.

This ultimate nest of the monster civilization that contained the ancient mystery would never be easily revealed by humans.

However, the higher the risk, the greater the benefits. As long as the people of Earth could completely conquer the sinkhole, they would be able to obtain even more ancient mysteries.

This included the incredible biochemical technology that could allow human powerhouses to possess the power of Apocalyptic Beasts.

“Continue searching for the traces left by the previous exploration teams, and collect and analyze more samples.”

Thinking of this, Long Feijun gave the order.

After a pause, he said, “Don’t rush down until you have a full understanding of the situation.”

The order was transmitted to the ten exploration teams through the tactical data link.

The weirdest thing was that the closer they got to the sinkhole, the weaker the spiritual magnetic interference was, and the better the signal was.

The ten exploration teams could even turn on real-time communication and transmit images and audio through the public channel.

Just like the mastermind of the monster civilization, it was not afraid of them communicating with each other at all.

They filmed the scene of the sinkhole from different angles.

They even captured a clear picture of the place near the bottom of the sinkhole.

However, most of the rock walls and the bottom of the sinkhole were covered by the Green Tide.

If there really was an entrance to the monster civilization’s ultimate lair, it would be hidden under the Green Tide. It would be impossible for humans to mark the coordinates of the long-range bombing directly.

Moreover, they did not see any human towns or any signs of human activities.

They really did not know under what circumstances did the man-eating pomfret team see the human towns.

After exploring for another half an hour, Meng Chao and Long Feijun’s exploration team discovered the camp that Lu Siya’s team had left behind.

It was also the place where Lu Siya’s team assembled the winch, built the temporary lifting platform, and set up the firing points.

Naturally, the place was empty. Not a single strand of human hair could be seen.

However, the strange thing was that there was not a single trace of battle in the surroundings.

In the firing points around the temporary camp, all the fully automated heavy machine guns and flame throwers did not fire a single bullet. Instead, they spat out a wisp of flame.

The mines and anti-monster grenades hidden outside the camp did not fire a single one.

The winch was all good. Pulling down the joystick, the lift platform slowly rose with a slight noise. Naturally, there was nothing on it.

Meng Chao walked around the camp and found two half-eaten servings of self-heating food on the ground.

Although the food was covered in a layer of colorful mold, the food was mostly intact. It had been put down gently by someone, not thrown away by an external force.

This was very important.

The members of Lu Siya’s team were all elites of the Abnormal Beast Research Department’s ninth search and rescue team.

Unless they confirmed that there was no danger within a few miles, they could not possibly sit down and eat to replenish their strength.

They had only eaten half of their meal. What exactly was going on that made them put down their lunch boxes gently and then disappear mysteriously?

If they were attacked by the enemy, they would have left a lot of marks on the ground, rocks, and equipment after struggling for a while, wouldn’t they?

Since they had the time to put down their lunch boxes gently, why didn’t they have the time to issue an alarm and leave clues?

Besides, there were several exploration teams besides Lu Siya’s team.

Just now, Ye Xiaoxing had gone to check on another team under Lu Siya’s command. They had set up a temporary camp at a high point a few kilometers away.

The situation was as if they had retreated.

All the equipment was intact. Not even half of the mines had been triggered, but the humans had disappeared without a trace.

“Senior Brother Long, do you think that we should go down?”

Looking at the platform that was dragged to the edge of the sinkhole by the winch and swaying in the wild wind like a disrepair swing, Meng Chao swallowed hard and asked in a low voice.

“Although our mission is to explore the truth of the sinkhole, I have to say…”

Long Feijun swallowed hard, too. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Before all the Bread Crabs and Peregrine Falcons are released, I will never send anyone down there to die

“It makes sense. We still have Bread Crabs and Peregrine Falcons. The spirit magnetic interference here is not very strong. Maybe…”

Meng Chao was only halfway through his sentence when…

The thirty-six thousand hairs on his back suddenly stood up like ice needles.

The muscles on his calves exploded, and he rolled to the right reflexively.


A vine covered in thorns and smeared with mucus brushed past his ear. It compressed the air and stimulated his eardrums, as if it were wailing.

His shoulder had been grazed by a thorn. Before he could condense his spiritual energy to resist it, the wound immediately became red and swollen, becoming numb and unbearable.

Before Meng Chao turned his head, he saw the geologist flying past him in high spirits and falling into the depths of the crater.

Meng Chao was quick-witted. The chain blade wrapped around the geologist’s ankle and pulled him back.

But more screams came from behind.

Meng Chao turned his head abruptly and saw a shocking scene.

Countless vines with thorns and mucus were like giant pythons that had crawled out of the ground. They wrapped around the exploration team members tightly, dragged them up into the air, and tossed them around.

The thorns and mucus seemed to be extremely corrosive and anesthetic. They could restrain the spiritual energy in a person’s body and numb their muscles and central nerves, making the experts above the heaven tier as powerless as fish on a chopping board.

The source of the vines, on the other hand, extended all the way to the depths of the forest, covering the Green Tide, towering into the clouds, and swaying on the body of the green giant.

“Ultra-high voltage transmission tower!”

Meng Chao’s pupils constricted into two needle tips, but the rest of his eyeballs were filled with green.

He could not believe it and cried out involuntarily.


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