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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 509: I Staked My Heart!

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Chapter 509: I Staked My Heart!

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Gurgling sounds came from the depths of Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang’s throat.

His face was turning paler by the second, and now, it was as if the shadow of death had settled on his face as well.

As for Meng Chao’s voice, it became even calmer. “Since I knew that you were hiding the third saber, it wasn’t difficult for me to guess the shape of the saber. To lower my guard, you intentionally ripped off your cloak and let your upper body remain bare. It was to show that there’s nothing on your body and that there’s absolutely no place for you to hide more weapons.

“And that would have been the case if we were talking about double-handed heavy sabers that are made of super alloys and weigh more than 10kg. No matter where you hid it, it’d be discovered.

“Besides, I analyzed your arms based on their diameter, muscle strength, and average power output. They are about the same. There’s no sign of your right arm being especially strong or your left arm being relatively weak.

“Since you’re a dual-wielder, this can only mean that the two sabers that you’re using are about the same in terms of weight and properties. So, the right side and left side of your body are balanced.

“I was originally a dual-wielder as well, but since the saber in my right hand was too heavy and the saber in my left hand was rather light, after training for a few months, I noticed that my right arm became a few millimeters thicker compared to my left arm.

“Based on all that, the third saber you were hiding had to be the same as the shadowless saber in your left hand. It would be as thin as a cicada’s wing and really light.

“And just as I expected…”

When Meng Chao said this, he pulled out the sharp, black blade from his heart.

It was not that much wider than a lancet knife.

To maximize its agility and bizarre nature, it did not even have a hilt.

Meng Chao clasped it between two fingers. It did not look like a weapon, but like a black mica sheet or the cartilage of an Apocalyptic Beast.

He groped around and soon found its secret.

Based on the strength of the spirit energy injected into it, the hardness and malleability of the sharp, black blade would change to a certain degree at the user’s will.

All of a sudden, it could become as tough as steel and easily cut through or tear apart even a main battle tank’s reactive armor.

Yet the next moment, it could become pliant and gain amazing stretchability. It could extend or shrink at will.

Meng Chao thought for a while before he wrapped the black blade around his wrist, and it instantly stuck to his skin.

As he changed the frequency of the fluctuations of the spirit energy magnetic wave on his arm, the material changed, but that was not all. The color of the blade turned from black to nearly see-through, then it perfectly imitated Meng Chao’s skin color.

The sharp blade was as thin as a cicada’s wing, so even if it wrapped itself around Meng Chao’s wrist a few times, not a single trace of it could be found.

When it matched Meng Chao’s skin tone, it seemed like he had gained a second layer of skin.

It was no wonder then why Meng Chao was not able to find where Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang had hid his third saber even though he had been certain that he had a third saber and had been looking with his eyes wide open for a long time.

The blade had optical camouflage technology, and it could change its appearance at will to blend with the environment. This was the Wilful Blade, and since Meng Chao was an assassin from Ghost Tribe, giving him such a blade was like adding wings to a tiger!

“Amazing. You must have done a lot to get this weapon.” Meng Chao gasped in amazement and put away the Wilful Blade. “Once I became certain that you had a third saber and decided on its general shape and material, the most probable method you would use to attack me came to light.

“A long time ago, I admired you a lot and researched your fighting style.

“You were originally a hunter. Even though you’re known as the Bloody Slaughter and seem to be peerlessly fierce and do whatever it is with brute strength, in truth, you have a bad habit while you fight, just like other hunters and harvesters. Compared to effortlessly cutting down your prey, you and I both love killing our prey with precise stabs.

“To ensure that your prey remains in perfect condition so that you can harvest the most valuable raw materials, the smaller the fatal wound is, the better.

“When you hunted with your comrades, this habit was harmless.

“But now that you’re alone and fighting against someone equal to you in a life and death battle, this habit is a fatal flaw.

“I knew that you would try to ambush me and stab me, so your choices became rather limited. Your target could only be my eyes, throat, heart, and Dantian region. So, I naturally prepared a few defense and counterattack measures for these vitals.

“Also, I hid my strength, and you knew very clearly that I did that.

“Yet I also knew that you know that I hid my strength. After all, you’re a rare, powerful enemy. In the place of your murderous offense, it’s impossible for me to hide the fact that I’m hiding my full strength.

“Once I realized this, I decided to give up on my initial plan and stopped trying to form any plans about hiding my strength as the main part.

“So, my true trap ended up being my heart.

“I practice a secret technique known as Walking Corpse. It helps me restrain my breathing and heartbeat to the bare minimum, which turns me into something like a living dead.

“With this secret technique, I intentionally controlled the activity of my heart and reduced my heartbeat to nearly zero. At the same time, I used my spirit energy to stimulate the muscles around my heart, causing them to spasm at a rhythmic pace to imitate the sound of heartbeats.

“And with the subtle changes in my vitality magnetic field, it allowed me to change the location of my heart. The ‘heart’ you located was half an inch away from my real heart.

“Of course it’s really risky to use my heart as a gambling chip, but I believe that in the face of someone like you, who has incredibly great hunting experience, if I don’t let you truly stab the area where my heart is, you wouldn’t relax and lower your guard, so you’d never expose an opening that would allow me to end the fight.

“I also know that you and your master must have set up linked schemes and endless backups. If I didn’t kill you, then even if I found a way to escape from this place, it’d be difficult for me to escape being hunted down by you and your master.

“So, no matter how great the price I had to pay and even if I had to use my heart as a gambling chip, I had to kill you here while the signal is bad and you haven’t managed to send information about me!”

At the end of his speech, Meng Chao gritted his teeth, and his expression became fierce.

As for Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang, he looked so dejected that it was as if that emotion was about to take physical form on his face.

He opened his mouth, but he could not say a single word of praise or disgust.

He could only let out a sigh after he understood what happened and accept his defeat.

He extended a shivering hand.

Meng Chao did not know whether he was trying to give him a thumbs-up or launch a final, useless attack.

Before his fingers could touch Meng Chao, though, a thin and long red line appeared on his neck.

The red line spread out quickly, and soon, it surrounded his neck.


His huge head flew into the air, and blood gushed out. His headless body flailed around for a few seconds before this peerless criminal finally fell down by Meng Chao’s feet. At the end of his life, he finally showed submission.

Meng Chao stared at Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang’s corpse coldly.

He still remained at the highest state of wariness.

The memories from his previous life told him that there were plenty of strange and unfathomable techniques in the Other World that could make carbon-based life forms retain a certain degree of offensive abilities after their deaths.

Even though they could not come back to life, they could drag an enemy who has lowered their guard into hell with them.

This was why he had let his mouth run and revealed his entire strategy.

On the surface, he seemed like he was boasting about killing a powerful enemy whose cultivation realm was above his.

But if Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang really thought that he was over his head with victory and ambushed him so that they would die together, Meng Chao would have at least ten ways to launch the fiercest counterattack.

Fortunately, Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang was not one of the monsters who refused to die no matter what. Those were the ones they would encounter after they stepped out of Monster Mountain Range.

When Gao Yang’s headless body stopped twitching for a full three minutes and was even smashed to a bloody pulp by the reinforced concrete that kept falling down, Meng Chao released a long sigh. The old hunter was now deader than dead, even his head was smashed to bloody pieces after it rolled into a corner.

Meng Chao was finally able to relax his nerves and muscles after they had stayed so tense that they nearly snapped. The wound in his chest, which was only half an inch away from his heart, started hurting. The pain instantly flared to great heights.

It was just as he mentioned. He had staked everything and even used his heart as a gambling chip.

Even if he had managed to kill someone as fearsome as Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang, he paid a heavy price for it.

He was stabbed in the chest. Even though the balde did not hit his heart, spirit energy had still invaded his heart, ripping countless, nearly invisible tears on the muscles of his heart. This caused major damage.

And right from the beginning, to ensure that Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang would walk step by step into his trap, Meng Chao had exchanged hundreds of destructive blows with him, so his body was ripped to shreds and covered in wounds again, despite the fact that he had just used contribution points to heal himself.

Besides, during the fierce fight, he had sucked in a lot of exhaust and poisonous smoke, so he felt like there was acid invading his lungs right now.

Contribution points and the healing skill were not omnipotent.

If he repeatedly stimulated his cells to split, swell up, replicate, and regrow within a short span of time, there would definitely be all sorts of complications and consequences.

This was just like how people always warned about using miracle drugs. While the drugs could make a person appear amazing and powerful, it did not mean that they could enjoy life day and night and indulge in sexual pleasures however they wanted.

Meng Chao felt his world spin and saw stars. His fingers were as heavy as lead, and it fe;t like he had really overdosed on miracle drugs.

He knew that he could not activate the Healing Skill without restraint anymore. His cells and soul needed some room to breathe.

He gritted his teeth and used the last bit of his strength to reach Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang’s corpse.

With familiar ease, he searched the corpse, and soon, he found a tactical bag bound firmly to his right thigh.

He removed the tactical bag, opened it, and took a look. It was full of emergency medicine, some tools for simple suturing and dressing, a few gene medicine, and a high-calorie nutritional fluid. There were also a few high-purity crystals that could be used as hard currency, three nameless high-limit credit cards used in the lair, and a small communicator.

Bloody Slaughter Gao Yang had a lot of experience in running for his life. He knew that he had enemies and bounty hunters coming for him all the time and that he might not have the chance to pack all his belongings every time they showed up.

Hence, he packed all the necessities he needed to survive in a desperate situation in a small tactical bag. In the end of the day, it ended up benefitting Meng Chao.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The explosions above his head became louder.

This time, they seemed to have happened only two or three floors above him.

Waves of heat descended from above like a waterfall.

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