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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1894 Palace Master!

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Chapter 1894 Palace Master!

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Before he heard the call from the ancient era, the so-called future was just a blurry, nightmarish illusion in the depths of Meng Chao's mind.

Of course, he could clearly see the end of the nightmare, the apocalypse falling from the sky, and the ten thousand suns burning fiercely above Dragon City.

However, he could not see the entire process that led to the catastrophe, as well as the culprit.

Under such circumstances, changing the future could easily lead to the end of the world.

One could say that it was only an “incomplete” or “beta” prediction ability.

Meanwhile, in the glorious and mysterious ancient palace, the nightmare lingering in Meng Chao's mind became extremely clear. He could even split off into new nightmares. He could fast forward or retrace them, which allowed him to clearly see what kind of effect a certain thing would have. He could see if the ripples created by a butterfly flapping its wings would turn into a storm that could tear the world apart.

With this ability, Meng Chao had predicted that the nine mega corporations would not willingly give up their market share and power.

Even though he had been affected by the chaos of the Blood Alliance, he had no choice but to cooperate with small and medium-sized enterprises, humble superhumans, and ordinary citizens.

However, the ambitions of the superhumans of the wealthy families were like wildfire on the prairie that would never subside.

Therefore, in the next ten years, Meng Chao played hard to get and lured the snake out of its hole. He pretended to borrow the power of the nine great corporations to rule Dragon City with them.

He even pretended to be indifferent to fame and fortune, as though he did not know how to play politics. He seemed to become the second Battle God Lei Zongchao.

It was his way to numb the vigilance of the superhumans from wealthy families, expand their ambitions, and intensify their internal conflicts.

After that, he would fan the flames, sow discord, split his attacks, threaten, bribe, and destroy them one by one.

Finally, he would cleanly remove the nine mega corporations, the nine malignant tumors that had occupied Dragon City for nearly half a century. They would sink into the deepest whirlpool of the long river of history.

In the end, Dragon City, its civilization, and even the entire Other World would be left with only one giant enterprise, and that would be Superstar Company!

Superstar Company was destined to not make the same mistake as the nine mega corporations.

This was because Meng Chao was the person in charge of Superstar Company. He could predict the future, and he was always right!

Meng Chao, who had complete authority over Dragon City, did not go back on his promise or disappoint all the citizens.

Using his ability to predict the future, he could easily identify the loyal generals and traitors in the Holy Light faction. Among the barbarians, deviant spirits, and demons scattered at the edge of the Other World, who could become the Earthlings” closest ally? Who was more ambitious than intelligent and destined to be an untamable force? Also, which battle was sure to be a losing one, and which battle gave them a fleeting opportunity to miraculously turn the tables?

Meng Chao could make the most precise decisions on who should be roped in, who should be supported, who to guard against, who should be assassinated, and who was two-faced, as well as traitorous. He knew who he could invite to his museum-like bedroom, which was full of trophies, to have a long talk and a close friendship.

That was how the Dragon City civilization won over the past few decades and achieved its glory today.

Meng Chao exited his thoughts and heard the sound of orderly footsteps coming from the outside.

He closed his eyes and allowed the runic robot, which had magic-powered technology, to help him wash up and put on his clothes. Then, Meng Chao walked out of the room.

There were circular corridors that were hundreds of meters in diameter outside his room. In the middle, there was a courtyard that went straight from the third floor to the fiftieth floor.

Since the inner facade of every floor was designed with unique crystal embedding technology and magic optical design, the crystal dome at the top of the courtyard could still absorb the light beyond the atmosphere and transform it into a golden waterfall that poured down. It did not matter even if it was raining. This light illuminated the souls of the several hundred thousand employees working in the largest single building in the Other World.

Meng Chao patrolled Superstar Company every day, and he did not like to take the elevator or stairs. Instead, he was used to going straight down from the central courtyard. He would descend slowly under the golden waves as if he was a god that had descended to the mortal world. He would do this to boost his employees” morale and increase their work efficiency.

Today, however, he did not fly out of the corridor. He just narrowed his eyes, activated his sense of perception, and merged with the golden light. He inspected the working conditions of the employees in the several hundred floors underground.

Soon, at the end of the circular corridor, two rows of young men in nano battle suits and splendid robes walked up to him respectfully. Their eyes were shining with spirit energy, and they bowed to him in unison with admiration, awe, joy, and infinite trust.

“Palace Master!”

These young people were all wearing the emblem of Battle God Palace on their chests.

They were the most outstanding and loyal disciples of Battle God Palace.

Battle God Lei Zongchao had unfortunately fallen half a century ago.

However, Meng Chao inherited his will and became the new master of Battle God Palace.

Also, in the half century that followed, he adopted and sponsored war orphans like Battle God Lei Zongchao did. He spared no expense in teaching them the essence of his martial arts. He also helped them gain a firm foothold in all walks of life, open up new prospects, take root, and form a community of interests that was deeply rooted and united.

Many of Battle God Palace's disciples who had been adopted by Meng Chao were extremely grateful and loyal to him. In addition, they had become experts, authorities in various fields, and the backbones of their community.

Even so, they still listened to Meng Chao and remained loyal to him. Together with the outstanding members of the Broken Star Club, they became Meng Chao's right-hand men to oversee Superstar Company and even the Dragon City civilization.

“Shaoyu, is everything going well?”

Meng Chao walked out.

Two rows of young elites, who were comparable to dragons and phoenixes among men, immediately separated from the middle and followed him.

A young man with sharp eyebrows and starry eyes stepped forward and whispered clearly, “I would like to report that everything went smoothly, Palace Master. It was just as you expected. The lord of the Baroque Territory, the Duke of Raging Lions, appeared to be loyal to the Holy Light Temple on the surface. However, he's a fierce general who dares to fight and die alongside us. He's actually a shrewd man, and he would never let himself be buried with the Holy Light Temple. This time, we showed a little goodwill on the battlefield and directed our attack away from the Raging Lion Legion's defense line. The Duke of Raging Lions immediately understood, so he will secretly extend us an olive branch.

“You should know that in the past twenty to thirty years, the Raging Lion Legion has always been the Holy Light faction's main force. The Baroque Territory has also proven to be tough to conquer for a long time. The duke himself has even led the way and personally killed many experts from the Chaos faction.

“Palace Master, if it weren't for your divine foresight, who would have thought that the stubborn old man with a deep hatred for the Chaos faction would waver?”

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