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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1835 People Have To Rely On Themselves

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Chapter 1835 People Have To Rely On Themselves

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Meng Chao raised his hand in slight frustration.

However, just like Song Jinbo, he did not know how to respond to the Ordinary People's Committee, which had appeared out of nowhere but had definitely been operating in secret for a long time.

They were right.

Even Meng Chao, who could see the future, could not completely change the rules of the game in Dragon City overnight. They had been operating on these rules for half a century. He did not have the ability to change them at lightning speed.

Just take the gymnastics exercises as an example.

At most, he could only capture the grandmaster of the Overkill Style on the Azure Alliance and general public's behalf, then make him pay with his life.

However, what could he do to the entire Youth Gymnastics Editorial Review Committee, the other martial arts experts in the entire profit chain, the experts involved in the development of cultivation cabins, the senior spirit energy users, and educators?

Could he arrest everyone in this chain, send them to trial, and throw them into prison?

No, he was even more cautious than others.

It was because he was linked to another spirit martial arts style, which was second only to the Overkill Style. He was one of the founders and representatives of the Ultimate Style.

The Overkill Style and Ultimate Style had originally been in fierce competition and a mutually incompatible relationship.

If he were to step forward and accuse, arrest, judge, and punish the Overkill Style's grandmaster, it would easily turn into a factional dispute between the Overkill Style and Ultimate Style.

When it came to faction disputes, there was no right or wrong, no black or white, no principles, only the factions that they each belonged to.

In the past, all the superhuman martial artists who practiced the Overkill Style in Dragon City would gather and stick to Plan A. That martial artist grandmaster was not guilty, and the so-called murder of the war journalist was definitely a despicable and shameless act of framing him.

They could only continue to tear each other apart without any room for compromise back then.

'That's right.' Meng Chao thought back to a few years ago when he was still a hot-blooded high school student who had just obtained his memories of the apocalypse.

At that time, he was in his prime and fearless. Even the word "compromise" would make him feel disdain and even disgust.

Now, however, after working his way through society for so many years and experiencing countless life-like apocalyptic nightmares, Meng Chao had become more mature and realized the importance of compromise.

If one wanted to change the future and stop the apocalypse, one needed not only fighting and killing but also the ways of the world.

For a moment, Meng Chao could not help but feel vexed. He had been too hasty, and he did not have enough manpower. He could only let the members of the Azure Alliance, who had not undergone strict training, take on the heavy responsibility of watching over the Blood Alliance members. As a result, such an intense storm had arisen.

He even wanted to question the Azure Alliance member who had leaked the interrogation records, "Do you know what you've done?"

On second thought, his idea of "compromising for the sake of the big picture" just showed that the Azure Alliance member and the Ordinary People's Committee were right.

From another point of view, if they did not use extreme measures to spread the truth like a virus, those guilty would be able to escape.

The tens of millions of ordinary citizens, who made up the majority of Dragon city's civilization, would never be able to know the entire truth. They would also never be able to obtain absolute justice.

"As it turns out, I'm not as natural and 100% on the ordinary people's side as I thought. I'm not breathing and sharing the same fate as the ordinary people no matter the consequences, and I can't fully understand and support their demands!"

Meng Chao had mixed feelings.

For the first time, he realized that in the ordinary people's eyes, he might still not be one of them.

It was true that he had been born into a poor family.

However, on the road to a miraculous rise, he had received the support of many rich and powerful families.

The first pot of gold that Superstar Company earned was the investment that Lu Siya pulled from Sky Pillar Corporation.

After that, many important orders and long-term collaborations also came from the nine mega corporations through Lu Siya.

His relationship with Lu Siya was a well-known secret.

In addition, not long ago, he had publicly announced that Superstar Company and Universe Corporation had reached a strategic partnership.

To many ordinary people, he could possibly become the spokesperson of the nine families at any time.

He was not the only one.

There were also the other superhumans from the lower class who had formed and controlled the Azure Alliance.

Although there was fierce competition between the Survival Committee and the nine mega corporations and they had different interpretations of various policies, if one were to peel back the layers of equity and mentorship, one would realize that they were inextricably linked.

Certain small and medium-sized enterprises were strongly supported by a vast number of ordinary consumers under the brand of "being ran by humble superhuman entrepreneurs." However, it was likely that they had long accepted investment from a certain mega corporation or signed a gambling agreement.

It was likely that a young man from a poor family, who had just started his career, would not forget his original intention to defend the interests of ordinary people and speak up for his neighbors. But with the gradual growth of his career, he might unknowingly learn to look at problems and solve them from the mega corporations and capitalism's perspective.

At the end of the day, the poor and rich superhumans were all superhumans, and their similarities were far greater than their differences. If they could make money in peace, who would be willing to drive the other party into a corner and choose to fight them to the death?

This had already happened countless times, and it would continue to happen many times in the future.

Perhaps the Ordinary People's Committee was right…

Superhumans were unreliable.

In the end, the people had to rely on themselves.

"How are the nine great families reacting to the 'ultimatum' of the Ordinary People's Committee?" Meng Chao rubbed his nose and asked tiredly.

"The nine mega corporations are in the wrong, and are holding back from taking any action for the time being. But they're also asking the Azure Alliance to control the Ordinary People's Committee as soon as possible through private channels. The longer this is delayed, the more likely unpredictable variables will appear."

Song Jinbo said, "You need to know that Yun Feidian and Lu Zhongqi believed 'Dragon City belonged to the superhumans, and only the superhumans could lead our civilization to a rebirth from the fire.' Although it's an extreme view, it may not necessarily have no market among the superhumans.

"I'm very worried that if the Ordinary People's Committee is allowed to go on like this, such radical remarks will have more and more market, and the number of sympathizers and supporters of the Blood Alliance will grow.

"The problem is, the Ordinary People's Committee isn't related to the Azure Alliance at all. At least millions of ordinary citizens support the 'public trial' proposal.

"The Azure Alliance is now faced with an overwhelming crowd whose emotions have completely erupted, and no one knows whether the Azure Alliance can convince them or not. Even if the alliance tries to, it's highly likely that the ordinary citizens will think it's 'betraying them and preparing to make peace with the nine mega corporations!'"

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