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«Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! (Web Novel) - Chapter 1783 The Incomprehensible Black Hand

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Chapter 1783 The Incomprehensible Black Hand

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"An interesting idea."

The gray-haired office worker smiled. "In that case, what do you think the Blood Alliance's real goal is?"

"It's very simple. We just need to see who can reap the greatest benefits from the Blood Alliance's crimes," Meng Chao said.

"Once the North Advancement Plan is passed, the nine mega corporations will all benefit, which means that everyone will be suspicious…

"No, it's not accurate to say that. I should say that eight of the mega corporations will benefit, with Universe Corporation being the exception. Internal conflicts will break out with the unexpected assassination of its founder, Shen Yuanbao. Its lifeline will be greatly damaged, and it will tear apart or even collapse, completely withdrawing from the stage of history.

"Here's the problem. Who would benefit the most from Universe Corporation's collapse or destruction?

"That's right. It's obviously its only competitor in Dragon City, Sky Pillar Corporation, which is also a giant in the mining and smelting industry!

"Universe Corporation and Sky Pillar have been at loggerheads for decades. They've been rivals for a long time. Both of them have mastered a lot of core technologies, and they firmly control the market shares for their sub-categories. They're like two enormous beasts with tough defenses. Under normal circumstances, neither of them could eat the other up.

"However, Sky Pillar Corporation has rising stars in its ranks. In comparison, Universe Corporation's biggest weakness is that its founder, Shen Yuanbao, was born in the wilderness. When he was young, he only focused on working hard and neglected to educate his descendants. Hence, he didn't manage to cultivate a qualified and convincing successor.

"Many of his sons are neither worthy of the title and outstanding, nor capable of taking on great responsibilities.

"As such, if Shen Yuanbao really dies, Universe Corporation's collapse will definitely leave a huge void in the field of excavation and smelting.

"Of course, the nine mega corporations and even Superstar Company, as well as other small and medium-sized enterprises, are all eyeing the strategic resources around Dragon City. Once Universe Corporation collapses, the major enterprises will certainly do everything they can to seize the market shares, technical talents, and crystal mines that it leaves.

"But who can compete with Dragon City's number one mining and smelting giant, Sky Pillar Corporation?

"When those in Sky Pillar take most of what Universe Corporation leaves behind and dominate the world, they'll take advantage of the attack on Picturesque Orchid Lake to seize the underground resources. The already huge corporation will surely expand again, and it'll completely shake off its other seven competitors and become a unique giant!

"If you think about it that way, the Blood Alliance is truly kind and helpful. It's willing to raise trouble in Dragon City at the cost of tremendous manpower and resources, trampling on the law and even on humanity, just to help bring Sky Pillar Corporation to a higher level.

"Unless the Blood Alliance and Sky Pillar Corporation are two sides of the same coin, I really can't think of a reason for the Blood Alliance to do this.

"If the two are one, everything that happened in the past month can be reasonably explained. Even the North Advancement Plan was just a cover. The real goal was to assassinate Shen Yuanbao and collapse Universe Corporation!

The gray-haired office worker kept quiet for a moment before he slowly nodded. "That makes sense. Sky Pillar Corporation is undoubtedly suspicious."

"Actually, I should have suspected Sky Pillar Corporation from the start, but there were three reasons that interfered with my judgment.

Meng Chao held out three fingers and said, "First, the explosion of the Red Creek Project's crystal warehouse might have happened in Universe Corporation's mine, but Sky Pillar Corporation's mines were also nearby. They share an entire mine vein, so they're bound together for good or bad.

"After the explosion, Universe Corporation's share prices plummeted, and so did Sky Pillar Corporation's. It was an undeserved disaster.

"I didn't expect you to be so ambitious. You wanted to take over the entire Universe Corporation in one go. To achieve your goal, you were willing to accept a pyrrhic victory.

"The second is Lu Siya.

"Lu Siya was destined to be sacrificed in the Blood Alliance's plan.

"Also, the Blood Alliance wasn't only going to take her life but also destroy her reputation. They were going to nail her to the pillar of shame in history as a 'monster in human skin.'

"I never would've thought that a certain Lu family member was directing everything behind the scenes.

"Although Lu Siya claims to have betrayed the Lu family and cut ties with her family, many people think that the Lu family is betting on both sides. After all, she's the most outstanding genius of the Lu family's third generation, and she's doing well in Superstar Company and the Azure Alliance. How can the Lu family truly abandon her?

"If Lu Siya is confirmed as a 'monster in human skin,' the Lu family's reputation will be affected, and some people will even suspect that there are more 'monsters in human skin' within the Lu family. It looks like the Lu family is also a victim of this incident, so there's no suspicion at all.

"Plus, Lu Siya has told me many times that her grandfather was a very warm and kind person.

"At that time, her father was busy competing with the other family members, and he rarely allowed her to enjoy the warmth of an ordinary family.

"Her grandfather should have been busier than her father, yet he always found time to spend with her with a smile.

"Her love for crystals came from her grandfather.

"It was her grandfather's guidance that helped her to become an explorer.

"How could such a blood relative do such a despicable and cruel thing to her?

"The third is the identity of this 'grandfather' of hers.

"I should note that he isn't just Lu Siya's grandfather but also Sky Pillar Corporation's founder. He's also one of the pioneers in mankind's exploration of spirit energy. He helped Dragon City explore hundreds of crystal mines at the risk of deadly dangers such as radiation, collapses, underground creatures, ancient bacteria, and so on. He's the best crystal specialist in Dragon City, Lu Zhongqi!

"In sharp contrast to his competitor Shen Yuanbao, Lu Zhongqi isn't as rude, domineering, and brutal.

"Most of the time, he's a gentle expert, scholar, and engineer who digs deep underground, and an old senior who's willing to devote himself to Dragon City's civilization. Not only is he recognized as a 'model Deity Realm warrior' by all the citizens of Dragon City, but even the Battle God, Lei Zongchao, has a very high opinion of him.

"Therefore, before I analyzed the super crystal bomb, I didn't guess his, or rather, your identity at all.

"Even now, I still can't imagine or understand why.

"Why, Lu Zhongqi, Senior Lu, are you the founder of the New Blood Alliance, the instigator of all the crimes, and the one who framed your granddaughter, Lu Siya?"

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