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«Number One Dungeon Supplier (Web Novel) - Chapter 1485 Shopping Street

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Chapter 1485 Shopping Street

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"So, User do not worry. Qiu Yue will handle things from here on although it is still advisable for you to return to your world as soon as possible." The System said as it mentioned how the dungeon instance Jin made for the Demonstration would be used for his shop.

"Lol… Enlightenment phase. I do get it." Jin sighed as he was tapped on the shoulders to learn that they had reached the War Maidens manufacturing store. Well, he was expecting a workshop per se but apparently, there was a line of shops that sells whatever Jin wants.

"You mean buying a War Maiden is something similar to window shopping?" Jin was stunned by the variety of stores and various manufacturers had their eyes looking at him. (Well, what can one expect when Jin and the others were carrying a huge duffel bag filled with gold bars?! Even though it was hidden within the duffel bag, the store assistants were experienced enough to identify a potential shopper.)

"Come and test out Rocketeer's products!"

"Petra Series has the best Shotgun users of all!

"You, hey you! I give you 30% for getting your products by Diamonds!"

"How many manufacturer shops there are around here?" Jin asked as he felt harassed by the eyes looking at him.

"Tens? I wenties? There are a lot who wished to have a piece of the pie since they are able to get gold bars from us." Click said and Jin asked which lines of the series they were from.

"Most of us are from Rocketeers while Diaz was from Petra Series," Tellie replied and Jin finally understood why Diaz's attitude was a little more eccentric compared to the rest of the team.

"Well, at least they were not wrong. Diaz was good with a shotgun." Jin commented which made Diaz sneer a little.

"If we are getting our medic back, I would suggest Diamonds. They are geared generally more towards Support type War Maidens." Diaz said but Jin said he wished to window shop a little longer despite the constant harassment. After all, in this cesspool of major manufacturers and shop sellers, there would be bound to have an odd one there, right?

That was what Jin thought to himself, perhaps that one store which had seen the lowest customer rate because of his self conceited attitude but was undoubtedly talented. He was hoping to find one as seen in every isekai novel where the storekeeper had no choice but to support the main protagonist and in turn help outgrow himself.

But Jin's hopes were slowly dashing away as he checked every single store along that shopping street to find nothing of such sort within this town. The War Maidens were unsure what Jin was looking for as well and merely made sure that his duffel bag of gold bars was guarded properly as he walked around to make his choices.

"And here I thought I could make a special connection to a store owner. Is there really nothing in this nameless town?" Jin muttered to himself as he walked nearly to the end of the shopping street.

"This isn't no nameless town, you take your words back scumbag." One of the pedestrians heard it and scolded Jin for it. The Grey Bear Squad immediately intervened and made sure their commander was protected.

"Heh. Hiding behind those pieces of junk metal. You surely won't be able to achieve far with those scraps of chum change." The pedestrian remarked and only then Jin could see that he was somewhat drunk.

One of the security on patrol who noticed the ruckus quickly walked towards them to control the situation. "Apologies, this drunk had always been here making a lot of empty threats."

"I am telling all of you! You… YOU! You guys have never seen a real War Maiden before!" The drunk said as the security begin to radio even more patrols to enter the scene. But to the rest of the shoppers and store owners around, it seemed like it was the usual thing.

But what surprised Jin was that the drunk was able to overpower not just the security patrols but the strong enough to resist the security war maidens as well. "You guys cannot handle me on a 1 to 1 fight, that's why you need your pesky walking metals. A real commander would be able to defeat me!"

The drunk was obviously shouting all over the place until Jin felt that this was an interesting development. Surely there was some truth to the drunk's words else he would not be here as sober as a sea cucumber. Even if what he was saying was rubbish, believed that a quick brawl would help him see whether his Grade 2 could match his strengths but what he really wanted was a 'secret' ending to emerge from all of this.

The naive Astral Cultivator thought about the trope of isekai worlds and since he already met an isekai-ed person in his own world and even helped him out, karma would do the same for him as well…? Nevertheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

"Hey, hey you! How about if I fight with you? Can you stop harassing the shopping streets and stay drunk in one corner?" Jin decided to provoke the drunk. "Then perhaps you can tell me about this super authentic real war maiden you were bragging about. If I lose, I buy you a month's worth of alcohol, all of what you drink will be under my tab."

All of the security guards see him and were perplexed as to why an ordinary citizen would want to mess around with this particular drunk. But some of the experienced security guards eventually internalised what was happening and could see that this particular commander would wish to flaunt himself.

If that was the case, perhaps the drunk could really put him in place since those guards had no love for snobbish commanders who keep coming here to buy stuff.

But most importantly, the drunk accepted the challenge.

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