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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 521 - The Moment: Part 3

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Chapter 521 - The Moment: Part 3

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Taking out the key to open the door, Hanyu also entered his home and put on the slippers.

The moment he entered the living room, he made a decision.

In the original plan, they did not take too much care of the Night Matriarch’s brother. Since he was a very good person, however, Hanyu decided to make a careful arrangement to try to prevent Lin Sheng from coming back on that fateful day.

“The Night Matriarch fell because she killed her parents. We are going to find ways to make sure her parents won’t be in the house on that fateful night. Adding one more person in the plan won’t hurt.”

Thinking of that, Hanyu continued to examine their plan carefully again to make sure that not a single detail would go wrong.

The preparation of Hanyu and Nisse. Lin Xiao had no idea what was going on behind the scene. And the Night Patriarch who grew stronger and stronger. All this had nothing to do with Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng first inspected Shermanton to clear up some defensive problems, and then he went to Henricqal, where he dealt with various matters that had piled up.

Having settled everything, he entered the Holy Spirit Palace, where he was provided with a large number of dark spirit beads.

He absorbed all the dark spirit beads in one breath. It turned out to be quite different from what he had expected.

If he only relied on this little soul force here, he would have to accumulate and absorb dozens of times before he could have a chance to condense the divinity.

After returning to Shermanton, Lin Sheng planned to go to the headquarters of the Holy Sanctum to ask the experts who protected Lin Xiao to see if there was any trouble happened.

Just as he stepped out of the teleportation portal, his cell phone beeped.

Someone texted him.

He took out the phone, unlocked it, and gave it a quick glance.

It was a piece of news of unknown origin predicting trouble somewhere.

“SMS broadcast?” Lin Sheng thought. He ignored it and clicked delete.

But soon, after a few steps, another text message arrived.

It was the same kind of text message. Lin Sheng just ignored it and deleted it.

In a twinkling of an eye, time passed.

Lin Sheng did not immediately begin to retreat and condense divinity but waited to see what might happen in the two Holy Sanctums. He also ordered all his commanders to keep a close eye on the Blacktide.

No one could predict the Blacktide. If it erupted suddenly at the moment when he was concentrating on his divinity, it would be too late to save it.

Days passed in a twinkling of an eye.

Hanyu and Nisse were preparing for that fateful night. In order to cope with the power of darkness that the Night Matriarch was about to explode, they had done the best they could.

On the other side, the two men in white shirts also noticed the change of time and gradually shifted their attention from the Night Matriarch to Lin Xiao.

In any case, the power of Night Matriarch exploded and killed her own family, such a turning point of fate, if they could step in and help the Night Matriarch, the benefits they could get in the future would be unimaginable.

Both groups were making preparations for the night.

However, Lin Xiao was not aware of anything at all. She went to school or hung out at Lange’s café as usual.

In her eyes, life was calm and peaceful.

Even though they heard that there were monsters attacking people everywhere, it was too far away from the Lin Family in the safe zone.

There were two more days before the power of darkness erupted.

Inside the bedroom.

Lin Xiao was lying on her left side on the bed, sleeping deeply.

For an unknown reason, she was tired these days and kept sleeping, and she did not have enough energy to focus on anything else.

Lin Xiao seemed to have a bad dream. She turned over and went on sleeping, but the reflection in the mirror facing her bed was still lying on her left side.

The one in the mirror stared at herself outside the mirror, lying still.


A tiny crack crept up the bottom of the mirror.

“Xiaoxiao! Xiaoxiao!” Her mother’s voice suddenly came from downstairs. “The meal is ready. We’re having new meat floss bread today. I bought some more and they taste as good as they did last time!”

The Lin Xiao in the mirror disappeared suddenly as the reflection became distorted and was restored to the normal one.

Lin Xiao opened her eyes in a daze, feeling a little confused.

Sitting up in bed, she took a sip from the glass of water, and then slowly went downstairs.

Her mother had set the table while her father was still reading the newspaper on the sofa.

“Come and sit down!” her mom urged.

“Got it! Can you stop nagging?” Her father put down his newspaper impatiently and got up to take his seat.

Lin Xiao also took a seat, but as soon as she sat down, her head felt so dizzy that she could not help but cover her forehead.

“What’s wrong?” Her mother’s voice seemed to come slowly from a distant place.

An impulse suddenly gushed out from the bottom of Lin Xiao’s heart. A wild impatience, a desire to tear everything to pieces!

She struggled to contain herself, holding one hand to the edge of the table, closing her eyes and breathing deeply.

She did not know why she had been having such violent impulses lately, but the impulses were dangerous.

She knew that because there were times when she wanted to strangle her parents to death. It gave her a vague sense of fear.

“It’s okay, maybe a little hypoglycemia,” Lin Xiao replied. “I just need to eat something.”

“Eat more. I had to go through several bakeries to find this new bread.”

Her mother cut a big piece of bread and gave it to Lin Xiao along with a cup of hot milk.

Lin Xiao took a big sip of milk and felt the hot milk flowed down her throat and into her stomach. Then she felt slightly better.

“She could hardly contain herself.” In the next door, Hanyu and Nisse were carefully monitoring the movement inside Lin Xiao’s home.

They had installed listening devices in Lin Xiao’s home. And now they noticed that Lin Xiao sounded a little unnatural.

“Don’t worry, the power of darkness doesn’t do much damage when it awakens at the beginning. We still have Sober Gemstone in our hands. As long as we are careful, we can finish the task. As long as the good side wakes up, the bad side will retreat,” Hanyu explained in a low voice.

“We also have to take cover, in case someone in the Astral Mere finds out…” Nisse reminded.

“Don’t worry… I have confidence in my own skills. The powerful combination of science and technology is far beyond what this backward era can understand,” Hanyu mentioned this with a hint of arrogance.

“Two more days.” For some unknown reasons, Nisse felt a little worried.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be all right. This is the turning point of our destiny,” Hanyu consoled.

“Right!” Nisse nodded hard.

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