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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 519 - The Moment: Part 1

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Chapter 519 - The Moment: Part 1

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Lin Sheng slowly approached, wanting to hear the answer given by the tree demon relief, but the answer was so short that it was over before he could do anything.

From his angle, all he could see was Ancellia’s fair, graceful neck.

“Thank you for your answer,” Ancellia answered with a clear voice. She then turned and strode away.

Suddenly, a mass of emerald ripples appeared out of thin air in the middle of the hall. A soft, gentle female voice came through the ripple.

“For my friend’s sake, Ancellia, I must warn you. The god you seek may be very different from the god we define in our hearts.”

Ancellia stopped and turned, her face obscured by a dazzling white light.

“It’s better than nothing. Maybe your god can give me some advice and help.”

“I hope you won’t be disappointed,” the gentle female voice said.

“I am nearing the end of my life. Now I am still able to keep up my health. Once I reach the end of my life, I will grow old so fast that I may not be able to find even a trace of hope,” said Ancellia solemnly. “So I have to move while I can…”

“You’ve gone as far as you can. Why don’t you try our way?”

“You don’t understand, Cassius.” Ancellia did not explain further but wore a peaceful smile.

“Well, you decide,” said Cassius. “If you wish to go to the Infinite City, there is a wish portal hidden in the Divine Pillar, and there is now enough energy accumulated to make your wish come true. You can use it yourself.”

“Thank you.” Ancellia nodded with a smile. “It’s time for me to go.”

“Take care.”

With the end of the conversation, everything in front of Lin Sheng suddenly dissipated.

He was back on the black lake.

It was dark all around, except for the vast, rippling water beneath.

“I’m back.” Lin Sheng stood on the lake, thinking about the scene he had just witnessed.

“It must be the memory that Ancellia left behind. She had been in the Secluded Sacrificial Hall, and that was why, as I absorbed the powers of the soul, I drew this part of the memory with me.”

With that in mind, he quickly gathered the holy power to cleanse all the newly absorbed soul forces in his body.

The domineer nature of the holy power allowed all impurities in the soul force to be eliminated completely, leaving only the pure soul forces that best fit the holy power.

It’s wasteful, but it’s better than leaving a hidden danger in his body.

After completely purifying all the soul forces once again, Lin Sheng began to observe the lake.

“I want to find the pure nature of the soul here…” He thought and looked around him.

“There’s nothing on the surface of the lake. It seems the bottom of the lake is the key.”

The lake was not a real lake, but a reflection of the power of the soul, so Lin Sheng did not worry and plunged into the water.

Lin Sheng clearly felt more relaxed this time in the lake.

A great deal of water was running across his face, helping him sink.

Not long after, he saw a great number of splintered, crystalline spikes at the bottom of the lake.

The entire bottom of the lake was covered with these coral-like spikes.

“So this is the bottom of the lake. Then, what is the nature of my soul?”

Lin Sheng found a clearing and sat cross-legged at the bottom of the lake, thinking quietly.

He stretched out his hand, and a faint blue soul force slowly emerged between his fingers.

“The nature of my soul must be reflected in every trace of soul force. So… I can probably make out some traces of it simply via the soul forces.”

He looked closely at this trace of soul force and then compared it with the other living soul force in his memory.

With tens of thousands of fragments of soul memory, he has a high level of attainments on a pure research level. He soon discovered the difference in his soul force.

“My soul force, compared to others, has very viscous properties.”

He gently pulled out a bit of the soul force he just absorbed, tore it in a straight line, and then let it scattered at the bottom of the lake.

The colorless soul force was still the same after being torn apart, floating in the lake motionless.

Lin Sheng then pulled out a trace of his soul force, tore it in a straight line, and then threw it.

This time, it’s different.

The faint blue soul forces wriggled and gathered themselves in the lake. Even if they were torn into more than ten pieces, they still stubbornly stick together.

“It seems that this is the embodiment of the nature of my soul. Digging deep and analyzing from here should be the right direction.”

Although there was a big gap between the faint blue high-concentrated soul force and the general-concentrated soul force, it also magnified the characteristics of his soul force.

After determining the direction, Lin Sheng began to control the soul forces, constantly testing, analyzing, and comparing them.

The speed of time in the lake was different from anywhere else.

Lin Sheng quietly analyzed the nature of his own soul. In a twinkling of an eye, months had passed.

He was in the depth of his soul. Here, a few months were only a few hours outside. The time flow rate was constantly changing with the improvement of one’s strength.

Lin Sheng’s physique and body at this time, together with the healing of holy power, could withstand this degree of full-load operation.

Finally, after another period of time, Lin Sheng combined all the characteristics of the conclusions and finally came to a complete conclusion.

“So, this is the nature of my soul? No wonder…”

Lin Sheng gazed at the small mass of soul force condensed in his hand with a lot of emotions in his heart.

Now that the nature of his soul had been determined. He didn’t want to be here much longer.

Lin Sheng immediately moved upward and rushes out of the lake. Then the landscape changed, and in a twinkling of an eye, he left the lake and returned to the Secluded Sacrificial Hall of the Divine Pillar.

Lin Sheng took a long breath. Being able to immerse himself in research for several months, he was now gradually moving away from the realm of ordinary people.

He reached into his pocket, took out the golden-red bead, and then threw it out. Instantly, the Ward was lifted.

The golden-red light was projected from the bead and condensed into a faint Golden Red Humanoid.

“You did it?” asked the fellow eagerly.

“Yes. I already know what my soul nature is. Then, what do I do next?” Lin Sheng asked.

“Promise me you won’t lock me up again!”

“Okay, I promise.” Lin Sheng nodded briskly.

Seeing him say yes so quickly, the Golden Red Humanoid felt a little uneasy, but at this moment, it could only rely on this guy.

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