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«Nightmare’s Call (Web Novel) - Chapter 504 - Divinity: Part 1

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Chapter 504 - Divinity: Part 1

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Lin Sheng put down the disc in his hand and looked up at the stage in the front. Something was weird about this stage; unlike what normally would happen, its highest position was not a throne but a semicircular white platform. There were blood stains scattered on it, as if something bad had happened here before.

As Lin Sheng strode toward the semi-circular platform, a strange moaning sound came from the wall on the right. The next second, a slender, long-haired woman emerged out of the wall as if she had just come out of the water. Her hair was made up of black ropes, her face just a large hole with two dark little nostrils with no eyes and ears. Her voice was quivering as she came out of the wall. Although she had no eyes, Lin Sheng still felt that she was staring at him.

“Can you speak?” He tried his luck, using the local language.

The strange woman suddenly bowed her head. Roaring in furious anger, she suddenly charged at Lin Sheng. As she went, her slender body started to swell in the air.

“Ward of the Stalwart Wall!”

Lin Sheng willed and a rock-solid force field popped up in front of him. The woman hit the wall of the force field and exploded like a bomb. The force of the explosion sent blood and body parts flying, dying the entire hall in red. Lin Sheng frowned.

“Ward of Tempest!”

As he pointed with his finger, a strong gust of air rushed out of his body and started to clean up any impurities in the surroundings. But before it was done, more women like the first one came out of the surrounding walls. These women lunged at Lin Sheng and exploded in midair like car bombs. More blood spattered and body parts strewn all over, some hitting on Lin Sheng’s defensive force field but doing no damage to him.

“Such a level of power is not even higher than suppressor-class.”

His face was calm as he reached both of his arms out, clutching at the walls on both sides.

“Ward of Distortion!”

A terrifying twisting force burst out from the Dark Wheel. The walls in the hall began to collapse, deformed and cracked with blood flowing out of them.

Lin Sheng stood in the center of the hall, watching as the walls continued to break apart under the terrifying force of Ward of Distortion, destroying all monsters in the walls. Despite not seeing more women coming out, the continuous black threads flying out from the walls told Lin Sheng that there were more strange women inside.

The killing, though unseen now, continued for over ten minutes before things started to subside. The monsters that came out of the walls became lesser and lesser. Lin Sheng ran a little calculation in his mind to see how much soul power he had absorbed.

“Not even reaching the level of Six Wing. It was a waste of time.”

He turned and walked toward the only exit of the hall. The exit, on his rear half left, was a dark hole in about the shape of a hexagon. Going into the hole, there was a flight of green spiral staircase bringing him upstairs. As he followed the stairs, he summoned a Ward of God’s Speed, enbling him leaping up several hundred meters in just a few paces into a second hall.

Unlike the first one, every inch of this hall was red, with cold weapons and white bones scattered everywhere. There was even the skeleton of a dragon, stretching about four-meter long. Lin Sheng took a closer look. The dragon skeleton looked no different from a giant lizard with wings. Just that when he got even closer, he saw something inside the rib cage. It was a golden ball of meaty texture, still throbbing like a heart.

“Dragon ball, or core?”

Lin Sheng tried to make out what it was. Holding out his hand miming a catch, an invisible force field caught the golden ball back into his hand. The second the ball came into contact with his skin, it dissolved into golden light dust before disappearing into his skin. Almost immediately, Lin Sheng felt the scorching heat homologous to the Rock Dragon blood travel up his arm and spread throughout his body. Although the energy was weak, just right about Two Wing-level, it was of high purity. It might not help elevate the strength of his dragon blood, but it helped increase his potential. When his potential increased, he might be able to achieve some breakthrough when the opportunity arose. Or when there were enough nutrients, he would have more absorption capacity.

After that, Lin Sheng moved forward, walking past rows of giant stone pillars, navigating through the white bones on the floor. The hall was rectangular and deep. After making out over thirty meters, he had still not found any living things. Just when he thought he could let down his guard somewhat, trying to search the floor for clues, the chandelier on the ceiling above suddenly gave way and dropped, smashing the bones on the floor into pieces.

Strangely, the chandelier started to wriggle like a living thing, with four arms stretching out on both sides, and a tail that looked like a python at the back. Green scales began to appear on the chandelier, in the middle of which popped up what might look like a black floor. Each petal of the flower was a steel blade, and they started to vibrate. Finally, the flower bloomed, and it spun at high speed like a fan.

“Those who don’t water me must die!” A voice mumbled inside the chandelier monster.

“What the heck is this?” Lin Sheng almost wanted to scratch his head. As the chandelier lunged up at him, he willed in his mind. “Ward of Distortion!”

The massive twisting force hit the dark-gray monster, ripping it apart in a violent explosion, sending chunks of black meat and body parts flying with most of them strewn on the floor.

“Damageability of around Five Wing. Not bad. But still it is too weak. Not to mention there is no soul power.”

Lin Sheng glanced at the core part of the monster which had been ripped apart. Inside lay a pot of prickly pear-like dark green plant, which had begun to wither.

He collected himself and continued to move forward. In just a few paces, he saw golden red patterns lit up on the floor up ahead. The pattern gathered themselves together and rose to form a golden red lava humanoid. Looking up, the humanoid faced Lin Sheng with his featureless face.

“Outsider! It has been years since the last outsider came!”

“Eh? You can speak?” Surprised, Lin Sheng held back his hand just in time before he ripped the person apart.

“Of course,” the golden red humanoid said in a calm voice. “I am the Divine Pillar. The Divine Pillar is me. Since the extinction of the Phantasieren race, I have been living alone for ten thousand years. I have seen many outsiders come here. Most of them were far more powerful than you are. But they all ended up the same: devoured by the Black Tide.”

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