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«Myth Beyond Heaven (Web Novel) - Chapter 1893 The Gate of Laws (1)

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Chapter 1893 The Gate of Laws (1)

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"As far as I know, the five emperors are true gods. Shouldn't they have been familiar with the laws? How could they fail in the end?" Yun Lintian asked in doubt.

"Perhaps there are multiple levels." Xiao Shou replied. "The Southern Emperor has never mentioned it to me."

Yun Lintian felt strange, but he couldn't pinpoint it.

At this moment, Yun Lintian noticed several figures standing in front of the massive doors. Without a doubt, they were ghost kings from various regions.

"You can go." Yun Lintian said. He wasn't going to take the risk of entering a den of ghost kings.

Xiao Shou could understand Yun Lintian's concern. "Among them, you must be careful of Gao Kang, the Black Eager Ghost King, and Sheng Qianyu, the Soulless Ghost Queen. Both of those are not good things. Especially Sheng Qianyu."

He waved his hand and created a small barrier to shield Yun Lintian. "You can stay here and wait until everyone has left. They won't be able to find you."

"Many thanks." Yun Lintian cupped his fists and spoke sincerely.

"Good luck." Xiao Shou smiled and walked toward the massive doors.

Yun Lintian stood quietly behind the shield and watched Xiao Shou walk away.

"You are late, Brother Xiao."

As soon as Xiao Shou appeared in everyone's perception, Gao Kang greeted him with a smile.

Xiao Shou smiled and said. "It cannot be helped. I'm not lucky this time."

He glanced briefly at everyone and asked. "Where is Sister Hua?"

Ying She sneered. "Heh. Where else could she be? She probably left a long time ago."

Xiao Shou frowned slightly and gazed at Gao Kang.

Gao Kang chuckled. "Don't look at me like that, Brother Xiao. We did indeed fight, but the Path of Hell appeared first. Like Brother Ying said, she should have left long ago."

Xiao Shou remained silent for a while and then spoke expressionlessly. "I hope so."

His voice was calm, but Gao Kang felt a chill run down his spine upon hearing this.

Among the four ghost kings of the Southern Region, Xiao Shou was the most mysterious one. No one had ever witnessed his true strength. That was the reason why Gao Kang had never openly challenged him.

"Did you come alone?" Sheng Qianyu suddenly spoke as she looked at Xiao Shou.

Her question immediately startled everyone.

Xiao Shou opened his arms. "Do you see another person here?"

Sheng Qianyu stared at Xiao Shou for a while and said. "Let's start."

Everyone turned to look at the two enormous doors, but no one was willing to take the first step.

"Since no one wants to go first, let me do it." Gao Kang laughed. He looked at the gate on the left and said. "I'll choose the Path of Heaven this time."

After that, he pushed the door open and walked in.

Ying She didn't say anything and walked into the Path of Human.

The other ghost kings began to move too. Everyone vanished through the doors, leaving only Sheng Qianyu and Xiao Shou behind.

Sheng Qianyu looked at Xiao Shou and said. "Did your master know?"

"Know what?" Xiao Shou responded with a smile.

Sheng Qianyu stared at him for a while and said. "You should give up. No one can defy the will of Lord Death God."

The smile faded from Xiao Shou's face. His eyes turned cold as he spoke. "You are beyond hopeless, Sheng Qianyu."

Sheng Qianyu flashed a charming smile. "I like it when you look at me like this, my dear husband."

Xiao Shou stared coldly at Sheng Qianyu. "If it weren't for Yanyan's final words, I wouldn't…"

"You wouldn't spare me back then." Sheng Qianyu interrupted. "Hehe. You have said it many times, my dear husband. You should choose new words next time."

Xiao Shou clenched his fists in anger. The tragic scene from the past was still vivid in his mind.

He took a deep breath to calm down and said expressionlessly. "There won't be a next time."

As he spoke, he moved forward and stepped onto the Path of Heaven.

Sheng Qianyu's smile faded. Her eyes turned incomparably icy as she watched Xiao Shou disappear through the door.

A moment later, she swept her spiritual sense around the area but didn't find anything. She shook her head and walked into the Path of Heaven.

In the far distance, Yun Lintian noticed that all the ghost kings had already gone in. He waited for a few minutes before stepping out of the shield.

"It's you."

A female voice suddenly resounded from behind, causing Yun Lintian to shudder.

Yun Lintian instinctively activated Shadow Step and retreated. He didn't forget to take a look at the owner of the voice. This person was none other than Hua Rong, the Flower Ghost Queen.

Hua Rong looked at Yun Lintian and said. "If I had wanted to attack you, you wouldn't have survived until now."

Yun Lintian landed on the ground several hundred meters away from Hua Rong and looked at her with a frown. He couldn't understand how she managed to conceal herself from everyone. It was obvious that he and Xiao Shou were the last group to emerge from the Path of Hell.

"No wonder you could move freely. Your disguise technique can even deceive a ghost king." Hua Rong gazed at Yun Lintian's striking appearance and realized that he could alter his looks and aura at will. She wouldn't have recognized him if she didn't see Gui Xuan.

Hua Rong didn't say anything else and walked toward the doors under Yun Lintian's cautious gaze.

Seeing that Hua Rong had no intention of attacking him, Yun Lintian took a deep breath and walked to the doors. However, he still kept a certain distance from her.

As Yun Lintian drew closer to the doors, he immediately noticed waves of profound runes emanating from them. They were incredibly vast and mysterious. The runes were clearly different from the ancient symbols he knew.

The door of the Path of Heaven constantly emitted a golden light, while the other door exuded a gentle green light.

"They didn't exist during the Primordial Era. Someone clearly created it." Hua Rong suddenly spoke.

She turned to Yun Lintian and asked. "You are not a native here. I suppose your purpose is the secret behind these doors."

Yun Lintian remained silent as he carefully observed the doors.

"When you go out, you should leave this place immediately. Good luck." Hua Rong said gently and walked onto the Path of Heaven.

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