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«Mystical Journey (Web Novel) - Chapter 1196 - Mystery 2

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Chapter 1196: Mystery 2

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They stood there looking at Garen’s silhouette.

“It was the Black Federation after all!” Li Hua furiously said. “Their target is Slann. If they manage to kill off either Slayer or Garen, it would be considered a strategic victory for them! Bastards!!”

With a loud bam, she angrily hit the railings out of frustration

“Let’s head back,” Nine-Tailed Fox calmly said as if she was completely unworried about Garen.

“What!? Are we supposed to just leave Garen here and not care about his well-being?!” Li Hua could not believe what she had just heard.

“Just listen to me,” without an explanation, Nine-Tailed Fox turned around and walked into the interior of the cruise ship, leaving behind a shocked Li Hua.


Yuria slowly opened her eyes.

He noticed that he was currently lying in a log cabin made of mangrove wood. His body was resting on a wooden bed at the center of the cabin. He was even covered with a thick white blanket that was emitting a nice fragrance.

Looking at the window at the side, there were a few rays of bright sunlight shining in from the outside. They seemed to be sunrays that passed through the gaps of the trees. They were small and scattered, moving occasionally.

The cabin seemed to even have a heater as it was quite warm. On the table at his side, there was an electric kettle that was boiling some water, sounding like it was almost done.

“You’re awake?”

A charming voice came from the door.

Yuria had a splitting headache, his entire body was off-balance. When attempting to push his body up, he noticed that he could not even muster up that little bit of strength.


He wanted to say something but discovered that he had no voice and could only hear the coarse sound of him exhaling air from his throat. Air was definitely flowing out of his throat, but there was not even a hint of audible vibrations or sound.

“Your body is under the effect of severe heavy metal poisoning,” the voice moved from the door to the front of the bed. Placing down a glass of water, a beautiful and youthful girl with a black ponytail appeared in front of Yuria.

“When I found you, your body was severely dehydrated to the point where your skin had started to dry up and wrinkle. You looked like a little old man. If it wasn’t for the medication I used on you, you would’ve probably died back there,” said the girl. She was not wearing anything fancy, the only accessory she wore was a white hair clip that gave her hair a side parting. She looked gentle and charming, giving off the vibe of a daughter from a humble family.

“Hah… Hehah…” Yuria tried to speak, but to his dismay, he found out that not only could he not move, he could not even speak. The only thing he could do was to occasionally shake his head slowly in disappointment.

“Looks like your injuries this time are quite serious…”

“Your spine had been broken into five pieces, it would take at least ten or more days for you to recover,” the girl dragged a chair over next to the bed, softly explaining. She seemed to be able to speak Slann’s language but occasionally dropped in a couple of terms from the Red Nation. Looks like she wasn’t local.

“In addition to all that, your spirit has been heavily damaged as well. Taking that and your physical injuries into account, you need to rest well. You’ll need at least one month to recover.”

Pulling off the blanket, she started closely examining the injuries on Yuria’s body.

Yuria noticed that the clothes he was wearing had been changed into a pair of brand new white pajamas. It was special pajamas with grey stripes, resembling the clothes worn by patients in hospitals.

What surprised him even more, was that this young girl was masterfully undoing the buttons on his pajamas. Her icy cold hands started applying pressure on his chest as if she was checking something.

“I know you have a lot of questions,” the girl softly said. “I know you aren’t a normal person. I also know there are a lot of people looking for you, searching for you, but what I have to tell you is that, out of all the people looking of you, some of them are trying to harm you.”

She reached out her arm and pulled down Yuria’s pants.

“The poison this time should be the work of those people on the inside. Otherwise, you wouldn’t lose your strength at the key moment.”

“Hehe… Hahahahaha!””Hey hey, what are you doing!? Where is your hand reaching!!??”

Yuria glared at the girl’s hand, refusing to even blink. He desperately wanted to stop her, but he was obviously completely helpless. At this point, his focus had completely shifted off what she was saying. He was more focused on protecting his virginity status that he had kept for more than ten years…


Yuria suddenly felt a cool breeze. His pants had been completely pulled off, Feeling his lower half completely in the nude, not even wearing any underwear, the complicated feelings he had were at volcanic levels, bursting out uncontrollably as he squealed out.

He started to feel a sense of sourness, sadness, and helplessness, all mixed in with a hint of excitement.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen this before. Why are you so shy?” The girl openly said as she started checking the injuries of his lower body. His thigh had a fracture and some internal bleeding. There were also a couple of places that obviously had chunks of his flesh missing, but everything had been patched up and bandaged nicely by her.

Luckily, his manhood seemed to have incurred no damages.

“I had already closely examined every inch of your body countless times when you were passed out for the past few days. What’s there to be shy about?” The girl calmly said.

After she finished her check-up, she pulled Yuria’s pants.

“Alright, looks like you’re recovering quite nicely.”

“Haheha… Heha…” Yuria opened his mouth trying to say something.

“I guess you’re trying to ask who I am,” the girl laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to harm you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have saved you back then,” she paused briefly. “As for my name, there’s no meaning in revealing it, so I’ll just leave it at that.”

After she finished speaking, she turned around and left the log cabin. After closing the door, her footsteps slowly faded away as she walked through what seemed like a thick layer of dry leaves.

“Hahah…What the heck!” Yuria could not suppress the memory of the scene that just happened. He was uncontrollably replaying the scene of the girl pulling off his pants and touching him in different parts of his lower body.

Then, rather embarrassingly, he became hard…

No, but rather, he was never flaccid from the start…

“Hahe…” Yuria suddenly thought of Xiaojie. “Xiaojie, I hope you’re fine…”

At the time, various questions popped up in his head. Who poisoned him? Why did they poison him? How did he fall for the explosive trap? Seems like there was definitely a planted sensor, otherwise the enemy would not have known about his movements so accurately. Furthermore, where did Xiaojie go? This young girl who saved him seemed to have a lot of knowledge about what was going on behind the scenes, what is her actual identity?

A series of different questions and thoughts started jumbling up inside his mind, giving him a migraine. His originally weak body suddenly felt a surge in fatigue as a natural defense mechanism. After a while, he fell asleep again.



On a deserted island in the Slann Sea.

There were a few seals on the beach lazily resting under the sun. Suddenly, they were startled by a loud splash from the water. They looked towards the direction of the splash where a black head suddenly emerged from the water, followed by an entire human body as it slowly walked up to the shore. Standing up straight, the figure walked onto the beach, leaving behind wet footprints on the golden sand.

Garen looked up at the hot sun above him, then at the seals that were once again lazily enjoying the sun. These greyish-black furred fellows were obviously enjoying their time under the sun.

“What the heck?” Garen mumbled. Why would a seal that could originally be found in the colder sea regions be in this sort of tropical region enjoying the sun? Were they not afraid of being burned to death by the heat?

Looking at these seals who treated him like a harmless creature, Garen decided to ignore them. He walked straight up the beach, surveying his surroundings.

This was not a big island. There was a luscious forest that comprised of coconut trees and various large-leafed trees. In the middle of it all was an extremely simple-looking golden beach.

Garen saw that the warship had stopped at this island when he was a distance away, following it all the way to this island. However, now that he looked at it, this was most likely not a deserted island. Due to how the seals reacted, he knew that they were already used to the presence of humans as they had completely lost their natural alertness against humans.

“How interesting…” He glanced over at into the depths of the island.

Shaking off the water on his body, the water immediately turned into a white mist, clearly visible under the sunlight.


“All units on guard! All units on guard!! The enemy has entered the border of the base! All battle units ready yourselves at your stations! Alert level, Red!”

Inside an underground base in the island, a husky male voice rang out,

The entire huge base functioned like a huge beehive. Countless white-shirted combatants were running out from different departments. They were armed with a large number of guns and equipment and a lot of them even had cyborg bodies.

At the center of the base, within a red three-meter tall artificial crystal tube, Kong Xinxue had her eyes closed shut, floating at the center of the tube. Her white blouse was completely undamaged.

The naked girl in the hands of the huge three-meter tall robot, though visibly similar to Kong Xinxue in their appearance had some minor differences in their detailed features. If one were to look closely, they would easily notice that the two were not the same people.

“Let’s move… We must finish off the strongest Sword Master of Slann!! We cannot let Slann develop the second!!” The robot’s icy cold voice continuously echoed throughout the huge hall.


Two large and sharp crescent blades popped out from the robots two arms.

“I felt a force… A very strong force…” The naked girl closed her eyes, her face turned towards a direction outside of the base.

“Yes… I could feel it too…” The robot turned around, now facing the same direction as her.

On the beach, Garen’s entire body was surging with Soul Energy, almost as if his entire body was engulfed in countless white flames.

The strong Soul Energy Force started burning even more intensely, slowly forming the illusion of a gigantic abstract peacock behind him.

At this point, there was no longer a reason to hold back. This was because he had already felt it, another existence with Soul Energy Force…

Countless autocannons slowly rose up from in between the forests of the island. Large amounts of combatants in white military uniforms also slowly appeared out of the forest.

There were also chariots, helicopters and infantry scooters.

Garen tilted his head, slyly grinning.

He raised up his right palm.

“How unfortunate… I don’t have my sabers…”


He disappeared into thin air in an instant.


Countless cannons started firing simultaneously. Large amounts of explosive rounds, armor-piercing rounds, and radiation rounds hit the area Garen was standing on just now, causing the beach to explode, whipping the sand and dust into the air. Flames, acid, and metal shreds were flying about in the air.

Amongst all the cannon’s fire, a shadow flew straight into the crowd in the forest. Large amounts of people were knocked off their feet like a bunch of wheat being cut by a sickle. The autocannons started to break and the chariots had a clear fist mark. Some of the equipment started to fall apart from the hits, some even straight up exploded

No one could stop Garen’s advance, this could not even be considered a battle, it was a massacre!

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