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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 4272 - Illusionary Happiness (2)

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Chapter 4272: Illusionary Happiness (2)

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Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

With a sigh, Su Yu took a few photos of them. After taking a quick look at them, Han Yueyao turned to Nie Lingxuan. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to photoshop you.”

“Thank you.” Nie Lingxuan smiled gently.

“You’re welcome, you’re super welcome. It’s so great to meet you, oh, right, can I upload our photo to WeChat and Weibo?”


“Thank you so much! You’re the best!” Then, Han Yueyao ran away, completely ignoring Su Yu’s presence.

“She’s a cute girl,” Nie Lingxuan muttered as she watched Han Yueyao run off.

“Ha, she’s always so chirpy. The company seems noisier ever since she started,” Su Yu responded. Han Yueyao was indeed someone who could bring happiness to others.

“She seems like a nice girl, I saw you guys on TV…”

“That’s fake news,” Su Yu cut Nie Lingxuan off before she could finish her sentence.

Nie Lingxuan smiled and changed the subject.

Nie Lingxuan’s return was very sudden, but Su Yu immediately notified the executives so they could draft a re-debut proposal for her.

The year was coming to an end, and Imperial Star always hosted a year-end awards ceremony. It was the perfect opportunity to announce Nie Lingxuan’s return to the entertainment industry.

After the emergency meeting, Su Yu went off to dinner with some directors. Bored at the dinner table, he scrolled through his WeChat friend circle to see Han Yueyao’s photo with Nie Lingxuan.

He commented, “Comparison always comes with hurt. Look at her and look at yourself; you look like a comedian.”

Han Yueyao immediately replied, “What’s it to you? Also, are you going clubbing tonight again?”

Su Yu responded, “There’s a lot of clubs in the city, can you find me?”

Han Yueyao, “Only if you and An walk there. Leave the car at home, I dare you.”

Su Yu: “…”

After their brief interaction, Su Yu continued to scroll down his friend circle to see Little Bean’s post. Unlike Pudding, Little Bean often shared updates on this app.

She had uploaded a photo of herself boarding a plane, with the caption, “Mr. Qin gave us a lot of money so we could enjoy our lives, so we’re going on vacation. Don’t miss us too much!”

Su Yu commented, “Little Bean, remember to send me videos of you guys!”

Little Bean responded, “Only if you buy me some data.”

Su Yu: “Are you blackmailing me?”

Little Bean: “Blackmail? That’s not my style, I’m straight up threatening you.”

Su Yu: “You win, Little Bean. Enjoy your vacation!”

Little Bean: “I’ll miss you, Handsome Su, XOXO”

Su Yu always enjoyed interacting with the kids; although he was disappointed that he couldn’t go to Tokyo, he didn’t blame Qin Chu. After all, the latter always made informed decisions.

Even if Qin Chu allowed Huo Mian to go with them, Su Yu wouldn’t go. How could he take another man’s wife on vacation? Although nothing was going on between Huo Mian and himself, there still had to be a limit as to how close a man and woman should get.

A person must respect himself to receive respect from others.

Therefore, Su Yu wasn’t mad at all.

As the night wore on, Su Yu received a message from Huo Mian. “Su Yu, Qin Chu didn’t let me go to Japan.”

“I know, he told me,” Su Yu responded.

“How could he be so petty? I’m really disappointed… and sad… can you come over?” Huo Mian asked.

“Right now?” Su Yu was confused; what was going on with Huo Mian? Why was she being so flirty with him?

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