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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3728 - Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 18

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Chapter 3728 Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 18

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“You’re a man, stop being such a gossip, you’re embarrassing me!”

“How am I embarrassing you? I’m just trying to collect intel, okay? Wait, Ning, I have an idea…” Tang Chuan suddenly had an idea.

“What idea?”

“You won’t have a job after we get married, right?”

“What, you want me to go job hunting? You can’t afford me?” Qin Ning rolled her eyes.

“Of course I can, even if you live until you’re a thousand years old.”

“Am I a sea turtle? A thousand years? You’re kidding me, right?” Qin Ning pouted on purpose.

“My little princess, your highness, can you not play with me like that? Let me finish first, alright?”

“Fine, shoot.”

“Your amazing future husband had a great idea just now… we should start a tabloid magazine. Then I’ll have information on all the top celebrities in China… infidelity, divorce, you name it! We’ll have dibs on everything!”

“Screw you, what’s going on in that head of yours? Can’t you be a normal person like everyone else?” Qin Ning wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry; what kind of man was she marrying? He was crazy…

“I’m being serious here… given the current state of society, we’ll make so much money out of gossip! I heard a popular celebrity who’s known to the public as a good father and husband was caught hitting on women at a nightclub and going to a hotel with a young woman. In the end, to keep himself out of the spotlight, that celebrity paid different tabloids 10 million yuan just so they would destroy the photos… see? It’s the way of survival! Plus, with your skills, you can dig up everyone’s family history, and soon enough, we’ll become the number 1 intel center in the country!”

“F*ck off, I would never do that. Celebrities are humans too, and they deserve privacy.” Qin Ning grew up in the States, so she was very serious when it came to privacy.

“It’s okay, we can start with the celebrities at Imperial Star… we can gather information on his people first.” Tang Chuan then leaned back and laughed aloud.

“Yu will kill you…” Only then did Qin Ning realize that Tang Chuan was just pulling her leg this entire time… why did she take everything so seriously? Gosh…

There was no way Tang Chuan would tell Wei Liao about Wei Ying and Shen Mingxi. After all, everyone knew that the pair still had feelings for each other, and Tang Chuan wasn’t about to be the devil who pulled apart two lovers.

- Third Floor of the Cruise -

Huo Mian was enjoying the fireworks with her friends out on the deck.

“Birthday girl, you should give us some birthday benefits,” Jiang Xiaowei started.

“Sure, I’ll send some red pockets on WeChat.” Huo Mian smiled.

“We’re not interested in money…” Zhu Lingling purposely turned her head in dismay.

“What do you guys want then?” Huo Mian had a feeling that things were not going to go her way… after all, when these two women plotted something, more often than not, she was screwed.

“I want you to sing a song for us,” Zhu Lingling pointed at Huo Mian and smiled evilly.

“You want me to sing? Please no, I’m tone deaf,” Huo Mian immediately begged.

“It’s okay, we enjoy listening to people who are tone death sing,” Su Yu said.

“Su Yu, way to watch me burn, I’m going to tell on you to your mother!”

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