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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3725 - Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 15

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Chapter 3725 Su Yu, I Have Feelings For You 15

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Huo Mian took her daughter’s hands and walked to the top deck with Qin Chu.

One minute later, the first firework shot up into the midnight sky…

The shape of the sunflower was big and pretty; staying in the sky for a long moment, it changed into many colors.

“Wow… So beautiful,” Little Bean exclaimed.

“So pretty…” Pudding acted quickly and took out her cellphone to record this beautiful moment.

Huo Mian leaned her head on Qin Chu’s shoulder and enjoyed the beauty of this moment.

Hearing the sounds of fireworks, the guests all came out from the great hall to the decks on different levels, enjoying the romantic show of fireworks.

Qin Chu had prepared the fireworks for Huo Mian because she liked watching them. In the past few years, to avoid pollution, the city had restricted the fireworks to a certain time of the year, so few people could enjoy them nowadays.

This time, Qin Chu had spent one million yuan on the fireworks which lasted two hours.

The story about how Qin Chu burned money for his beloved wife on her birthday party would soon spread all over the city.

Su Yu and Han Yueyao stood in the far corner of the second floor; since they came out late, their position wasn’t very good.

Han Yueyao watched the fireworks quietly with clear eyes…

“Why don’t you record the show with your cell phone?” Su Yu was curious. After all, almost everyone was recording it and then posting pictures or clips on their Moments.

But the young girl didn’t do it. Su Yu thought she was too excited and forgot about it.

“No. I must use my eyes to record the true beauty of this moment in my mind… instead of in the photos and videos,” Han Yueyao said quietly.

Su Yu was a bit touched and thought she was right.

“I’ll take a picture for you so you can keep it.” Su Yu offered suddenly.

“Don’t. People say when men take pictures for women, the effects are horrible…”

“Why?” Su Yu looked puzzled.

“Uncle, we have a generation gap between us.”

Su Yu: “…”

“Come on, let’s do a selfie.”

Han Yueyao took out her cell phone and turned on a retouching app; then she placed herself and Su Yu in the frame, saying, “Smile at the screen. When I count to three, you say…”

Before she could finish, Su Yu said, “I got it. I’ll say cheese.”

“Get out of here… Were you born in the 60s? You’re so low. Who’d say cheese nowadays?” Han Yueyao laughed.

Su Yu: “…”

“What do we say?” Su Yu couldn’t remember when he did a selfie the last time. He knew he was handsome, but he didn’t like taking pictures.

“Come on. Look at the camera. At the count of three, we yell—Money.”

Su Yu: “…”

“You’re indeed a slave to money.” Su Yu was exasperated.

“Do you want to take it or not?” Han Yueyao glared at him.

“I do… I do…”

On a whim, Su Yu wanted to take a picture to record this beautiful night.

When Han Yueyao counted to three, they yelled together—Money.

Due to the sound of the word Money, their lips curved up slightly in the picture.

They looked happy and gorgeous with fireworks spreading out in the night sky behind them.

This was their only picture together; many years later, it was Han Yueyao’s most treasured photo.

“Hey! Hey! What are you doing here…?” Tang Chuan appeared before them suddenly, startling Su Yu and Han Yueyao.

Han Yueyao almost dropped her cellphone into the sea…

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