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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 3286 - Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 6

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Chapter 3286 Simple and Rough is Lu Yan“s Style 6

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“Big Brother…” Wei Ying looked back and saw Wei Liao and Jiang Xiaowei walking out.

“Go home with us.”

“Oh… Okay.”

Wei Ying nodded and turned to give Shen Mingxi an apologetic glance.

“Mingxi, you don’t have to drive me home. I’ll go home with my brother’s car.”

“Okay. Take care.”

“I will. You too.”

As Wei Ying left, Shen Mingxi felt a bit blue.

Previously, when Wei Ying chased after him, he hadn’t wanted to look at her.

Now Wei Ying was no longer the silly girl in the past; she talked and behaved with great maturity, gaining a good reputation among the rich girls.

It was hard for him to get to see her.

After Wei Ying got into the car, Wei Liao said coldly, “I told you many times not to have anything to do with that guy.”

“Big Brother, we just exchanged a few words. Calm down.”

“How can I calm down? I still remember how you humiliated yourself…”

“Okay! Ying-Ying is back now. Would you stop nagging her…” Feeling her husband was too harsh with his younger sister, Jiang Xiaowei spoke for her.

“Dad, please don’t scold Auntie. She’s very good now.” Wei Yunchu also spoke for her.

“You’re indeed my good nephew…” Wei Ying smiled and touched Wei Yunchu’s head.

“Of course. My auntie is totally a new person now. Today, Pudding said to me that the relationship between my aunt and Uncle Shen can be described with a popular web sentence: You used to ignore me, but now you can’t get me.”

“Haha… Did Pudding tell you that?” Wei Ying chuckled.

“Yeah. Pudding is awesome; she knows everything and has made lots of money through stock speculation. Mom, I think I must work harder or I’ll be left behind by her. If I can’t reach her level and don’t have common topics with her, we’ll end up in different circles.”

“Hahaha! Wei Liao, listen to your son…” Jiang Xiaowei laughed.

“Isn’t our son taught by you and didn’t you also book our daughter-in-law.” Wei Liao laughed, too.

“Yeah. Pudding is a great kid, so we must raise our son into an excellent man… I’d be satisfied if he’s only as excellent as his father-in-law Qin Chu.”

“Ahem… Sister-in-law, you called it ‘only’? You’re so ambitious. Don’t you think it’s a goal too big for my nephew?” Wei Ying asked.

“No. He likes Pudding. No matter what Pudding does, he’s interested in it and is fully motivated.” Jiang Xiaowei looked at her son with pride.

In a well-known five-star hotel in Brazil.

Lu Yan opened the door to her suite and saw Amy was pushing something into Qiao Fei’s hand.

“What are you guys doing?” Lu Yan’s face fell.

“Boss… Didn’t… you go out on a mission?” Amy withdrew her hand in panic, but the thing was left in Qiao Fei’s hand.

“Well, it seems I came back at the wrong moment.” Lu Yan sneered.

“No… I… didn’t mean that.” Amy tried to explain.

Qiao Fei was silent, still holding the thing that Amy had pushed into his hand. He didn’t even see what the thing was.

Lu Yan strode over and grabbed the thing from his hand.

“Well! Well! A scented bag? Nice… You two are very romantic.” Lu Yan smirked in disdain.

It was a hand-made scented bag in the antique style; on one side of the red bag was embroidered the characters “Safe and Peace” while on the other side was Qiao Fei’s name.

It was a token of attachment that girls gave to their lovers…

“Qiao Fei, you are really good,” Lu Yan turned to look at Qiao Fei and said in disappointment.

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