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«My Youth Began With Him (Web Novel) - Chapter 2185 - Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (6)

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Chapter 2185: Doctor Huo’s Heart’s Feeling Bitter (6)

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Translator: Noodletown Translations  Editor: Noodletown Translations

Before Su Yu could respond, his phone rang and he picked it up.

“President Su, Miss Jian woke up,” someone from the hospital reported.

“I got it. I’ll come over now.”

Then, Su Yu put his empty whiskey glass on the table and went to get his jacket.

“I’m going to the hospital,” he said.

“Did Jian Tong wake up?” Wei Liao asked.

Su Yu nodded.

“What are you planning to do with her?” Wei Liao was rather curious about what Su Yu would do.

“Just like always…” Su Yu didn’t quite answer the question and left the Wei Corporation.

Su Yu parked his black Lamborghini by the side entrance of South Side and quietly walked into the hospital.

Jian Tong was a public figure so the details of her hospitalization were kept a secret.

Su Yu had locked the related news from all publication. He also forbade anyone from mentioning that it was Qin Chu that hit Jian Tong with his car.

Jian Tong’s family was very unhappy with this treatment. However, they were afraid of Su Yu, so they remained quiet.

- Inside the VIP room at South Side -

When Jian Tong’s manager saw Su Yu walking over, she immediately ran over to greet him, “President Su, it’s great to see you here. Tong woke up but she’s very emotionally unstable… She can’t stand her face like this… Can you go talk to her?”

Su Yu’s face was cold and he didn’t say anything. He directly walked past the manager and into the patient’s room.

“Tong-Tong, calm down. President Su is here. You guys can chat…” When Jian Tong’s mother saw Su Yu walked in, she thought that her savior had come. She knew that her daughter loved Su Yu, so she would listen to whatever Su Yu had to say.

She turned around and left the room so Su Yu and Jian Tong could talk in private.

Jian Tong was crying and screaming just a minute ago but she immediately stopped when she saw Su Yu.

“President Su…” Jian Tong said. She didn’t dare to say anything else when she realized how scary Su Yu looked.

The room was dead silent.

“So you put aphrodisiac in the soup. Not strange for a female actress as most of you would do anything to climb up, even using sex… However, how dare you stand by and watch as Little Bean drank it. Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Su Yu’s voice and eyes were cold as ice.

“President Su, I didn’t do it on purpose. I… I really didn’t know why I did that… I was probably possessed… You know that I don’t like Huo Mian or the twins… They always want to hurt me and say mean things about me… They won’t even allow me to be alone with you…”

“So you poisoned a three-year-old child?” Su Yu glared right into Jian Tong’s eyes.

Jian Tong was fully wrapped in gauze. All you could see were her eyes and mouth. She was definitely seriously wounded this time.

Apparently, glass cut her face and she was first-class disfigured. This was something devastating to Jian Tong, as she viewed her beauty above everything else.

However, the trouble didn’t end there for her.

“President Su, I really love you… I’m not young anymore… I just want us to be together. I knew you loved Huo Mian so I gave you my blessings. However, when Qin Chu came back, she ditched you and went running towards Qin Chu, leaving you all alone. She’s such a selfish woman who isn’t worthy to fill your heart… I hate her, so when this incident happened, for a split second I lost it and got stupid and did something wrong. I really didn’t mean to hurt Little Bean. Also, it’s just an aphrodisiac… her life wouldn’t have been in danger…”

“If her life was in danger, do you think you’d still be alive?” Su Yu glared.

“President Su, look at me… I’m already so hideous. Can you please forgive me. I know it’s my fault but Qin Chu crashed into me with his car and destroyed my career… I understand he did it to avenge his daughter so can you please let me live…”

Jian Tong was rather calm and sober right now. By the looks of Su Yu, she knew she was done for.

That was why she didn’t throw a tantrum but instead begged for mercy.

“There’s no way I would let you off the hook but if you can do this one thing, I can let your family go…” Su Yu said as he looked bleakly at her.

“What… is it?” Jian Tong was petrified.

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