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«My Werewolf System (Web Novel) - Chapter 857 Big Bad Wolf

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Chapter 857 Big Bad Wolf

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The fight continued with all three of them continuing to fight against the Altereds coming their way. Although most of them were relatively easy to deal with, there were a few tough ones.

Those that knew how to fight either waited for the right time to strike and got a good hit in or were harder than just a single hit or two to take out. When this was the case, Gary would use one of his skills.

He would use his Lethal Pounce, Claw Drain, and even once in a while, he even used his Claw Strike to attack them from surprise. When this was used, it seemed like next to no one could stop it.

Blackjack had been keeping an eye on things that were happening around him, and when this happened, he would focus on just avoiding blows that he was able to do with ease.

‘Is he conserving his strength?’ Blackjack thought. ‘That’s surprising. I don’t see many Werewolves fight like that. Is it because he’s worried about when he has to go up against the Warden? No, that can’t be it.’

With a keener eye, Blackjack then noticed something as Gary went to attack one individual; his hand could have easily sliced at an attacker’s throat, but instead, it had slashed across his chest.

The Altered was down for the count, but then something else was happening. The bodies on the floor, they were being dragged away by another Altered. As they were being dragged, that was when Calvin was healing them back up, making them join back in the fight.

“Ice, just go a little harder for a moment on this side!” Blackjack said, jumping in the air. He threw out five cards that hit several of the prisoners in different spots. Some hitting their legs, some in their heads, taking them out instantly.

Finally, Blackjack was by the side of where Gary was fighting.

“What are you doing!” Blackjack said as he avoided a punch and then hit one of the attackers by the head from his chin. He then flipped the person onto the ground and with his foot stomped on the back of his neck.

“You need to finish them off, not just injure them, and you of all people shouldn’t worry about conserving your strength!” Blackjack stated.

Blackjack knew what Gary was, and knowing that, he knew Werewolves were able to have an unlimited source of stamina. They did this by consuming what they killed. They could digest food at an incredibly fast rate, and it would be added as raw energy.

As long as there were enemies around, a Werewolf could continue to fight on forever; it was perfect in the type of situation they were in. But if Gary wasn’t willing to kill, then they would keep getting healed up, and his energy as well as everyone else’s would continue to drop.

“Are you listening to me!” Blackjack said. “You are a fool. We are in a prison with the worst right now. Not everyone is like you; you should be able to tell, all of these guys are attacking you with the intention of killing you right now.

“Not everyone will be like Ice either; you just happened to meet a nice one, but trust me, for what you are doing right now, if you don’t finish them and these people get out, they will harm everyone you care about!”

Hearing these words, it was there and then that Gary, frustrated, his mouth grew. He opened wide and took a big bite out of an attacker's shoulder, ripping it to shreds. Blood covered his mouth for a moment, and he soon swallowed down the piece of flesh.

In almost an instant, he could feel his energy coming back to him, but the look in his eyes, it was of pure focus.

‘He’s right… how many people must be dying right now, and here I am caring about a bunch of criminals!’ Gary thought. ‘I need to do what I can do to get stronger.’

With each person Gary killed, he would get the option to consume the Altered body, allowing him to grow. He couldn’t do it in the middle of a fight, but eating parts of their flesh would restore parts of his stamina.

‘Now, he’s fighting a bit more like the Werewolves I know, but there are still other problems at hand as well.’ Blackjack thought, as he went and punched an Altered in the face who he had hurt before for the second time.

It was hard to finish people off in a single hit when another person would attack him right after, so if he wanted to ease up the situation they were in, then there was a certain person he would have to go for.

“Alright, I think we’ve caused enough attention to get the Warden to come down here; they are probably just waiting for the situation to quiet down!” Blackjack said. “Now, you go after the South Gang Leader Carter!”

Although they were still fighting in the center, with Gary’s claws, he could easily climb on the side of the walls, or above. If he got to Carter and finished him off, then it would cause a lot of the attackers to stop, unsure what to do.

This was part of Blackjack’s plan.

“As for me, I’ll go after their little support character, healing everyone!” Blackjack announced as he was going to take out Carter from the south side.

Ice, pounded his feet on the ground several times and Ice grew out attaching to those that were attempting to run away.

“As for you Ice, that means you have the most important job, carry on in the center and cause chaos, attack so much that they have to pay attention to you because if they don’t, they’ll regret it! Let’s go!”


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