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«My Vampire System (Web Novel) - Chapter 2472 Connecting With The Old Quinn (Part 1)

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Chapter 2472 Connecting With The Old Quinn (Part 1)

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The mist was starting to form into another appearance and Quinn was now a little worried about who he was going to see next. He still didn't understand how it all worked. Why was Paul the first person he saw out of everyone?

Was it because he still bore somewhat of a grudge and was able to get the answers he was looking for. For Quinn it almost felt like he was talking to the ghosts of his past, and satisfying them was allowing them to move on.

If this was the case, he didn't know everyone's true feelings that had passed, if they cursed him in their final moments. Worst of all, would he have to get rid of them the same way, going through what they had been through.

Eventually the smoke formed a small figure. This time with short black hair, female in her body shape, she looked young as well, almost a teenager.

"Quinn…" the voice softly said as the mist was still figuring out some final facial features. "Quinn!" The voice shouted again, the girl was grabbing both sides of her head as she started to sob.

"What did you do to me, what did you do to me!" Opening her mouth, a loud scream escaped, vibrating through the air. It was a powerful wave that had hit Quinn and lifted him off his feet.

His insides were shaking like a metal pole that had just been whacked, and when the scream ended, he could finally get up.

"You… because of you, I'm not like this!"

"Cia…" Quinn said in a soft voice. He had lost the words of what to say to this one, as he remembered who she was.

When at the military academy, she was one of Layla's roommates. The two had somewhat become friends, but it was later found out that she was working for Pure as a spy. With Layla's wish of not getting rid of her, Quinn had done something considered a taboo, even among that of the vampires.

He had erased her memories.

With no memories, Cia felt like she was broken. She didn't remember her name, who her family was or anything. Yet she had been alive for so many years. It was a frightening thought that had eaten at her for so long.

Eventually, Quinn had turned her using the blood ritual, and she had become known as what was a Banshee.

'I'm surprised she still has some of her powers, and that attack on its own really hurt.' Quinn thought.

In the current space, Quinn felt like he was just a husk of himself. Fighting would almost be impossible.

"You were the one who got rid of my memories!" Cia shouted. "Do you know how scared I was! And I thought you were all my friends, yet you were the one who had done that to me. It was you!"

Cia opened her mouth again and screamed, letting out the large sonar attack. Quinn, still being able to at least move, rolled out of the way avoiding it. He was starting to remember a bit more of what happened now as well.

Cindy Cha, one of the vampire leaders, and eventually the vampire Queen, had used her powers to reverse the procedure that had been done on her, giving her back her memories. But CIndy Cha was not a good vampire, and she had been using her as a pawn.

"You took everything from me!" Cia shouted again.

Quinn continued to run around practically in circles as he avoided the attack.

"Cia, we had no choice!" Quinn shouted. "You know what would have happened to Layla, and the rest of us! You should have seen that yourself!

"Didn't you learn to truly care about Layla!"

Cia's eye brows furrowed more as she started to open her mouth in short bursts instead of a single long one, shooting multiple shots at Quinn. He jumped from side to side avoiding them all.

'I might not have my full powers, but I still have all the experience I've had from each of my fights this whole time!' Quinn thought, as he got closer and closer.

Eventually he had managed to reach Cia, and he knelt down, sweeping his leg kicking her to the ground, her body fell over hitting the ground but in the instant the two had made a physical connection, Quinn felt a searing pain in his head, and a deep cut on his chest.

'ARGhhh sh*t, so if I touch them and fight back, I'll feel their last moments!'

"Cia!" Quinn shouted, touching his head, his eyes were welling up in the last moments. "You… you did a good job. You protected Layla, she's still alive… She's doing well, and we have a kid together."

Laying there on the ground, her eyes started to well up and Cia started to sniffle away.

"I'm… I'm so happy for the two of you, it's just that, I wish I could have been there, I wish I could have been by your side to experience it all."

With her face covered in tears, Cia lifted her hand up covering her eyes as she continued to cry away. Hearing her say those words was a great stake in Quinn's heart.

Could he have done better, was doing what they had done to Cia the only way at the time, she had lost everything.

'Immortui, what you are making me go through, is heartbreaking.' Quinn said, as he walked over and looked at Cia again.

"I'm sorry Cia, I'm really sorry, but I need your help again, I need to get through this, so I can save not just Layla, but everybody as well. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to save you." Quinn said.

As if she understood what was about to happen, Cia wiped her tears away, and then with her hand she held it out for Quinn to hold onto.

Taking her hand, immediately the sensation, the strong emotions were going right through Quinn. He closed his eyes, then he opened them, all to try to lessen the feeling of death, the things going through his mind, but nothing worked.

'I'm guilty.' Quinn thought as he went through her feelings. 'I'm the one that is guilty of all of this.'

Eventually it subsided and just like with Paul, Cia's body started to disappear into the mist as well.

'That's only been two people, and it's already been that tough. How many more do I have to go through, and how much tougher can this get for me. Bringing up all of these things, it's what made me who I am today.

'But all the doubts that I had about my decisions, they are surfacing.'

The mist was forming, and no matter who came on the other side, whether it was an old friend or enemy, Quinn wasn't looking forward to it.

The mist had finished forming, and a bald headed upstanding figure stood there.

"How did it come to this, where I am the one standing on this side, and you are the one standing on that side." Bryce said.

Bryce Cain, leader of the 1st vampire family and the 6th Vampire king.

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