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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 937: Mysterious Elder

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Chapter 937: Mysterious Elder

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang Yi didn’t die. Had he been cleaved into dust, he would have immediately shattered due to the Judgment Wind Blade and wouldn’t be sent flying.

That’s right!

He had been sent flying by the impact. The Astral Winds Divine Shield saved his life!

At the final moment, he released all the astral winds inside the ninth star sphere and condensed the Astral Winds Divine Shield like how he condensed the Thunder Fire Divine Shield. The astral winds formed an invisible shield outside his body, and although the astral winds drastically depleted when the Judgment Wind Blade cleaved onto the shield, it still forcefully withstood this ferocious blade. His body was then sent flying by the giant force from the spear.

He had vanished not because he used the instant shift or the Heaven Evasion.

In fact, he wasn’t sure about it himself. He could only feel a rope from the other side of the sky that wrapped around him suddenly. He was then tugged towards the north vigorously, and the speed was so fast that he couldn’t open his eyes and so fast that no one noticed.

The Astral Winds Divine Shield might have blocked the fatal strike, but the Judgment Wind Blade contained might and pressure so powerful. Some of his bones were broken, and his inner organs were injured from the aftershock. His injuries recently recovered, and yet he was severely injured once again.


When he felt his body landed, he quickly pushed off the ground while he choked up blood in his throat was violently vomited without any restraint. His eyes were unable to open as well, and so he looked around with his divine senses immediately.


The rope wrapped around his body had been untied, and Jiang Yi realized that it was actually a fishing line from a fishing rod. He was currently at the side of a small lake, and there was a small cottage nearby. In front of the cottage was an elder with an amiable face and white beard who was wearing a bamboo cone hat and woven raincoat. The fishing line had been re-casted into the lake.

“Is this fishing rod some cardinal treasure? It can actually be cast out for several thousand miles to pull me over? Where is this elder? Could he be the one that transmitted the message to me?”

Jiang Yi’s mind flashed with many questions, but the elder had rescued him, and he didn’t think so much anymore. He quickly crawled up, endured the intense pain in his chest, and bowed slightly to the elder. “Many thanks to Elder for saving my life!”

The elder with white brows turned over and smiled at Jiang Yi. He looked extremely benevolent and shook his hand. “This place is absolutely safe. You should recuperate your injuries first. Recover first before asking about other things.”

As expected!

This voice was exactly the same as that aged voice that was transmitted earlier. Jiang Yi sensed carefully and noticed that he couldn’t sense this elder’s cultivation realm. It was needless to say that he was a Demigod expert.

However, this person wasn’t wearing a monk robe and didn’t have a shaved head. It seemed like he was different from the Yi Clan’s people. It was said that because of the Buddha Thearch, the Yi Clan’s experts all cultivated in the zen, but they cultivated the heart of zen. They simply wore the monk robes and shaved their heads, but they still were able to get married and have a family. They still drank wine and ate meat. They simply need to have a heart towards the Buddha and did everything with formality. They were different from monks that cultivated the hardship of zen.

He’s not a Demigod expert from the Yi Clan?

Why would this person appear in the north of Buddha Mountain? How could the Yi Clan not know such an expert? Moreover, why did this elder know his identity? Why would he rescue him?


There were too many questions, and they were interrupted by the intense pain from his chest. Jiang Yi looked at and saw that the elder didn’t have any intention to continue speaking. He had no choice but to sit cross-legged, consume two recuperation elixirs, and concentrate on recovery first.

When Jiang Yi entered a meditative state, the elder turned around and looked at Jiang Yi with a smiling expression. He nodded slightly and muttered softly, “Jiang Yi? Bai Yi? Interesting, interesting!”

Swish. Swish. Swish.

Wu Ni’s guards, Tu, Jian, Yin, and Yi Clans’ experts were all flying and searching around the several hundred miles area in the east of the Buddha Mountain. Yi Chan even gave her orders and gotten the cities within the tens of thousands of miles radius to mobilize and search for Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi didn’t get cleave into dust but was sent flying. Earlier on, everyone’s vision was obstructed by the mountain peak’s dust, and when they extended their divine senses out just two blinks of the eyes later, Jiang Yi had vanished without a trace. There were only two explanations… Jiang Yi had escaped or been cleaved into dust.

If he was alive, they wanted to see him in person. If he was dead, they wanted to see his corpse!

Unless there was proof that Jiang Yi had truly perished, Wu Ni, Tu Long, and the others wouldn’t be at ease as Jiang Yi had an ancient artifact on him.

Yi Chan and Yin Ruobing didn’t give up either. They didn’t fall in love with Jiang Yi, but he was very special and outstanding while the two of them loved talents. They originally wanted to recruit him into their clans, but now that he went missing all of a sudden, how could they give up like this?


After searching for an entire day… by the time it was sunset, the countless experts had combed the radius of ten thousand miles several times. The armies in the nearby cities had also reported that there weren’t any incidents. The strange thing was… the lake that Jiang Yi was at was just a few thousand miles away from the north, but the experts didn’t notice it.

Since Jiang Yi had vanished without a trace, the Wu, Tu, and Jian Clans had confirmed that Jiang Yi had already perished. It was impossible for him to escape or vanished under the supervision of so many experts.

“Time to return. There is no need to search anymore.”

Yin Ruobing shook her head and flew straight towards the Buddha Mountain. Her white dress was fluttering, and her bare feet were glittering. She still had that aura as though she was a fairy that walked out from the forest, but from her graceful rearview, one could clearly see a trace of solitude and grief.

“Time to return.”

Yi Chan had also beckoned her hand and silently flew back towards the Buddha Mountain. They had already searched everywhere that could be searched but didn’t find anything. There weren’t any trace of clues either, and that only meant one thing… Bai Yi was dead. A generational prodigy had been cleaved to death by Wu Ni.

“That’s right, in the north…”

After flying for a moment, Yi Chan looked thoughtfully to the north and immediately shook her head. She let out a soft sigh and silently flew towards Buddha Mountain.


With a wave of the spear, Wu Ni led his men to fly back to Buddha Mountain in a dictatorial manner. Today’s battle had destined for Wu Ni’s name to be renowned, and he was most definitely going to become the no.1 young master of the continent. The people present today were sufficient for his fame to be spread out far and wide.

“En? Tingyu, what’s wrong?”

He flew over asked curiously when he saw that Ji Tingyu stood there motionless. Ji Tingyu frowned and looked into the distance before she transmitted a message. “I have a feeling that Bai Yi isn’t dead!”

Wu Ni had a flash of cold light in his eyes, and he immediately shook his head and replied with a transmitted message. “How is that possible? Even Ru Lao would be injured by the Judgment Wind Blade, let alone him who is just at the third stage of Heaven Monarch Realm. Furthermore… if he isn’t dead, where could he run to? We have already searched the entire place unless he could soar into the sky and dive into the ground? Even if he could, he wouldn’t be able to escape the detection of Ru Lao and the others, right?”

“What you said is reasonable.”

Ji Tingyu nodded but still had this concerned expression. “However, I still feel that he isn’t dead yet. If he isn’t dead after all this, he will definitely become a powerful enemy in the future.”


Wu Ni scoffed and said, “Even if he isn’t dead, he isn’t considered anything. The Nine Thearchs Clans would never be shaken by a single person. Bai Yi will not be able to do it. Even if he isn’t dead and broke through to the Demigod Realm, he still wouldn’t be able to do it. Tingyu, if I can become the Clan Head, you will also understand the prowess of a Nine Thearchs Clan.”

“En, Young Master is right.”

Ji Tingyu let out a bright smile. This time, Wu Ni’s reputation was going to be resonated in the world, and it didn’t matter if Bai Yi was dead or not. As long as Wu NI could become the Wu Clan’s Young Clan Head, Clan Head, and Patriarch—let alone a single Bai Yi, not even a hundred Bai Yi would be able to do anything.

“Tingyu, is the present for the Buddha Thearch prepared?”

As they flew, Wu Ni transmitted a message and when he saw Ji Tingyu nodding, he revealed a resplendent smile and replied with a heroic and forthright message. “This time, if I can enter the Yi Clan’s mystic realm, my strength will definitely improve further. By then, I will become a true Five-Star expert, and the position of the Young Clan Head will be set in stone. Tingyu, the day I become the Young Clan head will be the day I marry you.”

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