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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1160: A Game of Chess

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Chapter 1160: A Game of Chess

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Jiang Yi and the Tang Clan were on relatively good terms, but this was mainly because of Tang Sheng and Tang Ming. Tang Ming had discovered his identity previously, but Jiang Yi remained safe the entire journey. The North Thearch did not come looking for him. This meant that Tang Ming could be trusted. Otherwise, he would have sold Jiang Yi out a long time ago.

Tang Ming and Tang Sheng were both only peak-stage Heaven Monarchs. They were of no threat to him whatsoever. Jiang Yi quickly transported the two of them into the Mystic Thearch Pavilion. Yin Ruobing personally served the two of them tea.

“Few people must have had the honor of drinking tea made by Lady Yin herself. We’re really fortunate.” Tang Sheng and Tang Min exchanged a knowing look. Both of them were very privileged, and they felt heartened to see Jiang Yi treating them with so much warmth and respect.

Yin Ruobing smiled politely and sat behind Jiang Yi, who was in his true form at that moment. “My brothers, to what do I owe the honor of this visit? Tell me honestly if you need any help. I will surely do my best.”


Tang Sheng burst into laughter. “Brother, this sentence of yours will let both of us die with no regrets.”

Tang Ming nodded as well, his expression turning somber. It was time to talk about business. “Brother, this time, we came to understand more about what happened at the Stellarsky Continent. We know that a few of your elders had been captured. This time, our Clan Head asked us to come over and tell you this: stop causing so much trouble in the Beast Thearch City. This has nothing to do with the Nine Thearch Clans.”


Jiang Yi’s eyes brightened. In a low voice, he said, “Does the Tang Clan know something about this? Don’t worry, brothers, I am not trying to cause trouble in the Beast Thearch City. Look at this.”

Jiang Yi handed a letter over to the two of them. After reading the letter, Tang Ming said, “Brother, since you know that someone is sowing discord on purpose, we are more assured. The Tang Clan has been looking into this matter in secret, but we have not gathered much proof at the moment. There is one thing we are sure of, however; this has nothing to do with the Nine Thearch Clans and Ten Concealed Sects. It is likely either one of the Ten Ancient Clans or someone from the Endless Deep Sea at Sin Island.

“Sin Island, the Endless Deep Sea!”

Jiang Yi frowned. Sin Island sent many spies to East Imperial Continent. Much more could be said of the Endless Deep Sea. If the Shadow Emperor could control even someone like the Sonar Thearch, he could easily do anything else that he wanted to do.

Jiang Yi’s head was beginning to hurt. He was using the Shadow Emperor’s people now to rescue his elders. If Ao Lu was really behind all of this, then things were much more complicated. Still, Jiang Yi trusted Ao Lu with his gut. It was hard to believe that Ao Lu would be behind something like that. Yet, if the Endless Deep Sea would benefit from this, would Ao Lu go against his own conscience?

At that moment, Jiang Yi felt like everyone had suddenly become suspicious. Even the Tang Clan was suspicious. What if the Tang Clan was behind it, but neither Tang Ming nor Tang Sheng knew anything about it? What if they had been sent here to mislead Jiang Yi?

Fights were breaking out all around Stellarsky Domain right then. Jiang Yi had also been made use of to kill others twice. It was obvious what the mastermind’s motive was: someone wanted to cause trouble in the continent. They wanted to take revenge on the Nine Thearch Clans for bullying others. They wanted to take control of the entire continent.

If this analysis was right, then none of the Nine Thearch Clans would be suspicious.

The Tang Clan, Sin Island, and the Endless Deep Sea were the biggest suspects. Among the Ten Ancient Clans, the Tang Clan was the strongest. None of the other clans would have what it takes to control the entire continent. Sin Island and the Endless Deep Sea were also very suspicious. They could take the chance while the continent was in a mess to rise up, but Jiang Yi chose to trust the Sin Island and Ao Lu.

After pondering for a while, Jiang Yi’s head began to hurt. He cast these worries aside and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on outside?”

“It’s very messy, very messy!”

Tang Ming sighed and continued. “Chaos is breaking out in different parts of the continent. Recently, ten or so cities waged fights against one another. The Evil Thearch, the Battle Thearch, the North Thearch, the Beast Thearch, and the Sword Thearch have not appeared. The Buddha Thearch, the Xuan Thearch, and the Night Empress have also mysteriously disappeared. There was another Beast Tide in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea. The Tang Clan has linked up with other clans to suppress the sea demons in the Blood Night Fearsome Sea, but we’re still awaiting updates on that at the moment…”

“Huh? Grandfather and the others have gone missing?”

Yin Ruobing’s expression changed at once. Jiang Yi looked astonished as well. He had thought that the Buddha Thearch and the others would stay out of trouble at least for now. He did not think that even they would have gone missing. He immediately asked, “How can the Buddha Thearch and Yin Thearch go missing when they’re so powerful? Who has the ability to capture and kill them?”

“They did not kill them. They should still be alive. We think they’ve just been locked up.”

Tang Ming explained, “Some time back, the Umbra Continent got into a huge battle with the Pegasus Continent. The Buddha Thearch and the others went down to investigate the fight, but for some reason, they went to the black sea in the northern region after that. It was there that they disappeared. We did not get any more news from then on. The Buddha Emperor and Yin Emperor have both gone to rescue them.”

Jiang Yi’s expression hardened. His throat was constricted as he said, “At a time like this, why would the Battle Thearch, the North Thearch, and the others remain hidden? Are they waiting for everybody in the continent to perish before they show their faces? Don’t they always say that they are the successors of the Mystic Thearch? Aren’t they supposed to protect the human race?”

“It’s all because of you…”

Tang Shen rolled his eyes and continued, “If they leave their clans, what would happen if you decide to attack them? With no one guarding their own homes if they leave, their clans would surely get into a lot of trouble…”


Jiang Yi was speechless. He did not realize that he had become the biggest criminal on the continent.

Both his eyes brightened. Very quickly, he figured everything out. It looked like the appearance of the Mystic Thearch Palace and his actions in the Mystic Thearch City had set the perfect stage for the mastermind to carry out his plan. This time, with the Buddha Thearch and the others missing, the Battle Thearch and the North Thearch would be left to clean up their own mess. Of course, this made it all the more convenient for the mastermind to act.

Jiang Yi finally understood what was happening at that moment. He finally understood why the mastermind wanted him to go to the Evil Thearch City and why he was now being led to the Beast Thearch City. Not only was the mastermind trying to use Jiang Yi to kill others, but he also wanted Jiang Yi to be so much of a threat to the Battle Thearch, the Sword Thearch, the North Thearch, and the others to the point that they would not even dare to leave their own homes. This would ensure that nobody would be taking care of the entire East Imperial Continent. Then, the mastermind would be able to stir up huge battles and cause a major reshuffling in the continent!

“This is such a huge plan, and so evil at that. It must be so complicated to carry out! There must be someone orchestrating this entire thing. Who has such a pervertic gift in planning?”

A beautiful face surfaced in Jiang Yi’s mind at that exact moment. This plan and style looked too much like the one that Jiang Yi witnessed back in Stellarsky Continent. Killing without form and playing all the heroes of the world in the palm of her hand. Most people would not even be able to guess the plan even if they tried. All they would be able to do was unknowingly follow the plan every step of the way!

The most important thing was that this person knew Jiang Yi’s character inside and out! She also knew the Stellarsky Continent inside out. The people she had kidnapped were all extremely close to him. They were all people that he would never bear to get rid of!

“That’s impossible…”

Jiang Yi began to shake his head and mutter to himself. “She’s already dead. I personally killed her. I blasted her body to pieces. She cannot still be alive. This cannot be her!”

Ji Tingyu was already dead. She was very dead, in fact. A dead person could not be revived. This could not be Ji Tingyu. This plan was just very similar to hers.

What’s more, this plan seemed much bigger than the ones Ji Tingyu carried out. The goal was much bigger as well. There were many more powers and authorities involved. The mastermind had turned this entire Stellarsky Domain into a chessboard. Everybody was his pawn. Everybody had to walk according to his plan.

“No matter who you are, I will kill you once I find you!”

Jiang Yi mumbled to himself in a cool, hard voice. It was not just that billions of people who had died in the Stellarsky Continent. This problem also concerned the people of the East Imperial Continent. He had promised the Mystic Thearch that he would protect the human race!

Even if this person turned out to be Situ Ao, Lei Banxian, or Ao Lu—once Jiang Yi figured out who it was, he would kill that person without a second’s hesitation!

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