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«My Fury Will Burn The Heavens (Web Novel) - Chapter 1337: Slowly, My Foot!

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Chapter 1337: Slowly, My Foot!

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang Yi hardly changed his mind once he decided on something.

He allowed Gu Mu to lead him to sneak around the underground lava lake, so that he could try and find more Golden Geocentric Flames. He only had nine more balls of Merged Flames left. This was a powerful weapon—even God Kings could be killed. If he could obtain a few more balls of flames, he would have better chances of surviving despite meeting God Kings along the way.

It was a pity.

The two of them looked all around the lake of lava but did not find anything. It was possible that there were more in the underground lake in the volcano, but too much time had already passed. The God Kings of the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan were probably on a powerful Divine Boat somewhere, approaching the Fire Lake. If they did not leave soon, they would not get another chance.


Uncharacteristically authoritative, he gave Gu Mu orders. Gu Mu grabbed him with one hand and flew upward at once. From the surface, it looked like Gu Mu had captured Jiang Yi. This was what Jiang Yi wanted. That was the only way for them to keep their relationship a secret.

Roar! Roar!

The more than ten Primitive-Grade Chaos Beasts were indeed in the Fire Lake. On seeing the two of them fly out, however, they dared not give chase. They were especially fearful of Jiang Yi. The flames he had were too frightening; they could not help but fear him.

“Get lost!”

The Merged Flames appeared in Jiang Yi’s hands. Even before they formed, the temperature of the surroundings rocketed. Even Gu Mu could not take it. The ten or so Chaos Beasts instinctively turned around and ran away.


Gu Mu sent a pained voice transmission, and Jiang Yi immediately retracted his flames. Gu Mu gritted his teeth and kept flying forward, using his divine senses to keep an eye on the surroundings. Still, he did not find anyone around.

“God Generals from Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan were here.”

The moment they emerged from the lake, Gu Mu announced confidently. Jiang Yi looked around and nodded. Luo Ting and company’s corpses were gone. Gu Mu sighed slightly indignantly. “It was my fault for rushing. Luo Ting’s ring must have contained many treasures and divine roots…”

“Let’s not think too much. We have to go. Be careful, don’t let anyone find us.”

Jiang Yi whispered. Gu Mu immediately charged towards the north. He was fast, but he was not flying. He ran like a fire fox through the desert, his divine senses still scanning a three-hundred-kilometer radius.

“Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan’s people are nearby!”

The next moment, Gu Mu realized that there were two God Generals up ahead. He guessed that there were many other people around the Fire Lake. Eyes widening, he said, “Young Lord, refine my interspatial ring. There is a spatial divine item inside which can contain you. You cannot hide your aura. It will be hard for us to leave this place without alerting them.”

“I’ll return your ring to you!”

Jiang Yi threw Gu Mu’s interspatial ring back to him, causing the latter to be slightly astonished. He thought that Jiang Yi would keep the interspatial ring for himself, along with all the valuables and treasures inside. He did not expect Jiang Yi to return it to him.

However, he soon understood why Jiang Yi did this. Gu Mu was Jiang Yi’s soul slave now. Even his life belonged to Jiang Yi. Naturally, all his possessions were Jiang Yi’s as well. No matter who held onto them, the situation did not change. Jiang Yi did not refine his interspatial ring. On catching the ring, Gu Mu retrieved a yellow pearl. In a flash, the pearl absorbed Jiang Yi.

“This spatial divine item is so small.”

Jiang Yi scanned the surroundings once he entered the pearl and found that the entire place had a radius of just three meters. There was nothing inside. The Mystic Divine Palace aside, this was nothing compared to even the Universal Palace.

“Master, don’t belittle this spatial divine item, the Chaos Essence Pearl. I can easily sell this thing for ten thousand divine roots. The space in the Earth Domain is so stable; ordinary spatial divine item cannot work here. They would easily be destroyed by the air pressure here. I only got this Chaos Essence Pearl when I killed a God King back then.”

Gu Mu sent a voice transmission to Jiang Yi, causing the latter to become slightly shocked. It looked like he was right to leave the Mystic Divine Palace to Yi Chan and the others. The Mystic Divine Palace would probably be useless to him in the Higher Domain, wouldn’t it? Otherwise, this spatial divine item would not be so valuable in the Earth Emanations Domain.

Gu Mu kept Jiang Yi back into his ring and carried him around easily. The aura around his body became weaker until at last, it was completely gone. What’s more, any sign of life where he stood disappeared as well. Still, he did not slow down. Like a fire fox, he continued across the desert, traveling at the speed of light.

There were two God Generals in front of him, tens of kilometers away. Both of them were using their divine senses to scan the surroundings. However, to Gu Mu, their divine senses felt extremely weak. Each time their divine senses swept over him, Gu Mu’s body would glow and turn into a rock, emitting no sign of life. These ordinary God Generals had no way of seeing through his disguise.

While Jiang Yi was in hiding, Gu Mu had actually been nearby the entire time. The God Generals kept searching as well, but they did not find him thanks to his superb disguising techniques. Gu Mu was also the one who lured Uncle Lu away with the bloodstains while Jiang Yi was in hiding.

In just two or three minutes, Gu Mu made it past the barrier that the God Generals set up. After obtaining Jiang Yi’s consent, he kept Jiang Yi inside the pearl and continued advancing alone.

Following Jiang Yi’s instructions, he sent out a message to the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan to tell them that the plan proceeded perfectly. Everyone was allowed to go back to Divine Eagle City according to plan while keeping this entire matter a secret. He himself did not board a Divine Boat. That would make himself too big a target. Instead, he followed Luo Qingyan’s plan and headed back to the city alone, just like everyone else. They had to be careful not to come face to face with the Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan.

Gu Mu’s speed was way too fast. Compared to ordinary Divine Boats, he was considered much faster. His injuries were already seventy or eighty percent recovered. He guessed that he would be completely recovered in another fourteen to sixteen hours.

Instead of heading back toward Divine Eagle City in the north-west directly, Gu Mu headed north first. He knew full well that back-up from Battle God Pavilion Luo Clan was on their way. If he went back to the city in one straight line, there was a high chance that he would meet the back-up halfway.

Since he was making such a big detour, he guessed that he would need around six Lower-Domain days. While Gu Mu worked hard, Jiang Yi sat cross-legged in the pearl, cultivating in a relaxed fashion.

Becoming someone else’s soul slave was embarrassing enough. What made this worse was that Jiang Yi’s soul was as weak as a little ant. Now, Gu Mu even had to go back to Divine Eagle Tribe in this state. If other people discovered what had happened—not only would he die, but his reputation would also be completely destroyed.

A soul slave could never defy its master’s orders. Thus, he could not die even if he wanted to. This was one reason why this experience was so painful. On the other hand, he also wanted to stop Jiang Yi from acting so rashly. He was not from the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan, but he had already been loyal to them for more than ten years. This was ten Higher-Domain years, at that. He felt genuine love for the Earth Emanations Pavilion Luo Clan. He also watched Luo Qingyan grow up. Now, he had to help Jiang Yi take her hostage!

Jiang Yi already said that if he could not think of another solution by the time they arrived at Divine Eagle City, they would carry out his plan. If they took Luo Qingyan hostage, they would not be able to turn back. According to Gu Mu’s understanding of City Lord Luo, the two of them would end up dead for sure.

Thus, he kept thinking hard. No matter how depressed he felt, he had to think of a way to help Jiang Yi solve this problem. This was not only for Jiang Yi’s sake but also for his own.


It was not that easy to find solutions. The two great family clans were way too powerful. Even after five days, Gu Mu could not find another way to escape. The Divine Eagle Tribe was right in front of him now. Jiang Yi, this madman, would immediately carry out his plan the moment they arrived.

He sent a voice transmission into his Chaos Essence Pearl. He harbored a final shred of hope when he pleaded, “Master, I cannot think of another way, but I still think… we should not take this risk. Let’s look for another place to hide while we slowly plan for the future.”

“Slowly, my foot!”

From inside the Chaos Essence Pearl, Jiang Yi shouted confidently. “I’ve already thought of a plan. I’ve already decided. Stop talking nonsense. We will go according to what I planned. Luo Qingyan has played me for too long. Now, it’s my turn!”

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