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«My Doomsday Territory (Web Novel) - Chapter 420

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Chapter 420

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When the words came out of Tang Yu’s mouth, everyone was silent.

People looked at him like a fool.

Tang Yu touched the tip of his nose; he was sure that his suggestion was doable, but people didn’t seem to realize that the man who suggested it was a first-class transcendent.

After all, General Dai and the others didn’t know his strength.

“Although the threat of the two ‘hives’ is great, if there are no alien transcendents, the ‘hives’ with its large size would make an obvious targets and should not be difficult to destroy.”

Sending out Zulong’s top squad or sending out fighter planes was fine, using missiles to remotely bombard the ‘hives’ was even simpler - Tang Yu believed that all of the above means had been tried by the Northern Court - but the missiles were so slow that even if they were nuclear bombs, it would be almost impossible to hit them without them knowing that missiles were coming their way.

The practicality was far less than the super-concentration cannon, the fortress cannon, which cost a lot of money to build.

“On the contrary, the alien transcendents are the real threat.” Tang Yu gazed at the extremely distant high altitude.

Several kilometres away, he could still make out the appearance of those two black dots. -Red pupils, grayscales, two pairs of thin bone wings on their backs. But not magical beasts.

From General Dai’s mouth, Tang Yu learned that this was an alien race called the Evil Dragon Race.

It was also the first time he saw it, a non-humanoid alien.

“There are two transcendents that have been exposed, while secretly, there are still hidden transcendents, I just don’t know how many.”

Dai Mubai looked at Meng Jingran.

Meng Jingran stared for a moment, then nodded heavily, “It’s as Mr. Tang who has a keen perception says, in the dark… there are indeed more threats.”

Dai Mubai turned his head to look at Tang Yu again, his mouth opened, did not speak.

‘He’s a young man but already reached the perception level of Northern Court Guardian God, Meng Jingran?’

Tang Yu smiled and did not say anything. Although his perception ability was far stronger than the Awakening Stage Great Perfection, compared to the Transcendent Mortal, it is equivalent to zero…cannot be compared.

“There is only one fortress gun. If the alien transcendent is willing to sacrifice, this fortress should have been taken long ago.

We can’t pin our hopes on the enemy’s cowardice, even if the enemy retreats this time. What about the next time, the next time? The demonic beasts are endless, and as long as the alien transcendents do not die, such an offensive can be launched at any time.

Most importantly, without knowing how many Transcendents are in the shadows, not to mention Meng Lao and me, even if we add one or two more Transcendents, we may not be able to destroy the “Hive”.”

The others were silent, unable to find a reason to refute.

“By the way, the other transcendents in your Northern Court, they can’t spare their hands?” Tang Yu raised an eyebrow.

Meng Jingran answered the question, “Old Yao and the others, they need to sit on the other defenses, they can’t spare their hands for the time being, as for ……” he looked at Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai helplessly said, “we’ve sent people to urgently summon the others with two offerings, but they do not know when they can come.”

The Northern Court has three guardian gods, as well as the consecrated three transcendent powerhouses who broke through after the fourth era of recovery.

“Let’s talk about my plan first.”

He turned his body sideways. Silently standing behind him and did not speak were Yi Lian and Nancy, admiring the look of Yao Jun and even Meng Lao and other people who were in the middle of the meeting.

“…… now our side, a total of four transcendent, not necessarily less than the other side, if we take the lead in the attack, we got the advantage of surprise attack, on the contrary, if we wait for the enemy to take the initiative to attack, then it is completely reversed.

With a surprise attack, it’s not difficult to seize the opportunity and slaughter one or two of the alien Transcendents.”

“But now the Evil Dragon Race’s transcendent mortals, who have no intention of taking the initiative to attack, they can crush us by relying on the endless tide of demons,” Yao Jun said.

Tang Yu shook his head, “You guys forget that what makes the evil dragon race transcendent mortals to not attack us head-on is the fortress cannon of the Longpan Fortress, as long as we pretend that we can’t support it and have to hit a cannon to clear a large number of demonized beasts, and the fortress cannon enters the energy storage cooling time, do you think that the evil dragon race super mortals will continue to wait.”

“Even if they are cautious, that does not matter, when the fortress cannon energy charge time is over, continue to fire the cannon …… to extinguish most of the demon tide, the pressure on the Longpan Fortress’s army would surely decreased.”

The fortress cannon has the power to seriously injure and even directly kill transcendent mortals, which was the most deadly threat to the alien race.

The human transcendent was the second most powerful. Still, with the same level of combat, the possibility of death was very small.

Dai Mubai’s face changed, and he pondered for a moment, looked at Meng Jingran. His gaze swept from Tang Yu to a few people, gritted his teeth, and nodded, “Okay, let’s go with Mr. Tang’s plan!”


Dai Mubai looks like a rough man but acts quite delicate and decisive. No wonder he can sit at the fortress and become the top general.

One by one, orders were methodically conveyed down.

There was no need to be too deliberate, as the Longpan fortress was already in danger.

In addition to the “hive”, there are five disaster-level demonic beasts that were attacking indiscriminately. The outer guard tower, a small fortress nailed like a nail in the distant mountains, was easily destroyed by the disaster-level demonic beasts, and it was almost impossible for the defenders inside to survive.

After many engagements, the alien race had become familiar with the human routine and ordered the catastrophe-level beasts to stay at a certain distance - out of range of the ordinary concentrator cannons.

Other demonic beasts pounded the tall walls of the Longpan Fortress regardless of the cost.

A constant stream of warriors was seriously wounded and sent to the rear to be rescued.

Before the reinforcements arrived, the pressure on the frontline was increasing.

“It’s almost time ……” General Dai murmured, his gaze fixed on the battlefield with dead eyes.

Tang Yu was also ready to open the Krypton crystal mode at any time.

At this time

Suddenly from the rear, an aura so strong that it came from far away was felt by everyone. Within a moment, it arrived over the Longpan Fortress.

The visitor was wearing silver armour, strong and powerful, with long maroon hair bundled into a whip shape fluttering in the wind. His transcendent aura exploded without reservation, and with a wave of his hand, he shook the demonic flying beasts around him into flesh and foam.

After a casual killing in the air, the Transcendents landed inside the fortress, and seeing the soldiers’ admiration and morale rising, the Transcendents used his famous technique again - the Ninth Shock Power.

The airwaves invisible to the naked eye blasted out from his palms, and all the demonic beasts along the way burst into a sky of blood foam.

This blow alone killed two or three thousand demonic beasts.

The transcendental powerhouse glanced at it, turned and walked into the command, “Since I, Baili Ba, am here, there is no need to worry about the safety and security of the Longpan Fortress.”

He only nodded slightly at Meng Jingran, ignored the others, threw down a sentence, “Find me a quiet room”, and left straight away.


A short silence fell on the command.

Tang Yu learned that this man was one of the three transcendent powerhouses offered by the Northern Court.

I heard that Baili Ba was still phonetic, and the person was as overbearing as his name, but he was powerless to spit it out.

General Dai was indignant, did not expect Baili Ba to directly expose the aura. He was helpless to this kind of people who could not even negotiate, “What about the plan? Once the Baili Ba came, those alien transcendents must have noticed.”

Tang Yu was surprised at the sudden turn of events.

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