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«My Disciples Are All Villains (Web Novel) - Chapter 1246: Infinite

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Chapter 1246: Infinite

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ever since Whitzard ate the beast essence, its strength had increased tremendously. Its ability had also grown stronger.

Ye Wei was shocked when it saw Whitzard raining down auspicious energy from above. When he regained his senses, he continued to exert pressure on the Pillar of Impermanence along with everyone else.

At this time, the divine power burst forth from Lu Zhou’s hand.

Following that, everyone from the Evil Sky Pavilion tacitly launched their strongest palm seals.


The Pillar of Impermanence sank a few meters.

Whitzard’s auspicious aura crazily restored Lu Zhou’s divine power and everyone’s cultivation.

Lu Zhou launched another palm seal.


The Pillar of Impermanence sank a few more meters.

As expected, Lu Zhou saw that the speed at which his lifespan was decreasing on the system panel continued to slow down.

The others could clearly feel the change as well and could help but feel hope surging into their hearts.

“Manifest your avatars!”

Avatars after avatars appeared in the air. More than ten Thousand Realms Whirling avatars stood above the Pillar of Impermanence.

They were a spectacular sight to behold, even more so in the dark and gloomy Unknown Land.

Lu Zhou was the only one who did not manifest his avatar. Instead, he kept channeling his divine power into the Pillar of Impermanence.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Pillar of Impermanence sank by half. Under the pressure, its diameter shrank rapidly as well.


The Pillar of Impermanence trembled with unprecedented strength.

On the ground where the mausoleum used to stand, grayish-white light shot floated up into the sky. Soon after, a foul stench from a strange energy assaulted their noses.

“What’s going on?”

The energy contained such strong negativity. Greed, selfishness, hatred, and anger swept through everyone’s minds.

“Guard your Dantians’ seas of Qi and hold your breath,” Lu Zhou said.


“Yong He had been guarding this place for 30,000 years and harbors too much negativity. Don’t let its lingering energy affect you…” Lu Zhou said.

Everyone nodded.

Lu Zhou chanted the mantra for the Great Meditation Dharani.

The sound of Buddhist Scriptures rang in the air and shrouded everyone. Soon enough, golden light surrounded their avatars, dispelling the negative energy.

Kong Wen said, “I understand now. Yong He had been guarding the Pillar of Impermanence, trying to subdue it. Its negative energy had affected the pillar, causing the pillar to be so violent.”

“It’s an inanimate object. Why is it being affected by negative feelings and energy?” Little Yuan’er asked curiously.

“All things have spirituality. When an object reaches the heaven grade, it’ll begin to gain spirituality. Its spirituality will continue to increase until it reaches the infinite grade. After going through a qualitative change, it would have a certain degree of autonomy,” Kong Wen explained.

“So it’s like maturing into an adult?” Mingshi Yin said.

“According to the law of conservation, everything has a source and a destination; there’s a balance to everything. An object is an object and will not become a person. It’s just an object that holds too much of its owner’s emotions so it would have a degree of spirituality…”

Duanmu Sheng nodded. “No wonder my Overlord Spear is growing fiercer and fiercer!”

Everyone. “…”

Mingshi Yin said, “Alright, let’s do it again!”

At this time, the Pillar of Impermanence suddenly rose from the ground. With its astonishing strength, it lifted everyone and their avatars up.


The pillar shot up, leaving the ground.


The barrier from the pillar shattered like glass at this moment. It was as though the sky had been split open. With that, a dim light began to flood Transient City again. Even the darkness of the Unknown Land was brighter than the barrier from the Pillar of Impermanence.

With the destruction of the pillar and the formation, it felt as though the clouds had dispersed.

At this time, Lu Zhou smacked his hand down on the pillar that contained everyone’s lifespans again. With that, vitality energy began to surge back into everyone’s bodies.

“It’s back!”

Someone laughed. “The years I lost are coming back!”

Everyone was overjoyed.

Little Yuan’er’s white hair was swiftly turning black and her skin turned supple and rosy at a speed visible to the naked eye.

On Lu Zhou’s system interface, his lifespan was increasing at a crazy rate.

+10,000 days.

+12,000 days.

‘So many?’ Lu Zhou was perplexed. He looked around and sensed the vitality energy before he discovered that only he had gained more years. As for everyone else, they had only gained back what they had lost.

The Pillar of Impermanence had been in this place for a long time. The lifespan it had absorbed was far greater than the sum of all the people. Even a small part of it would be a huge amount.

In Transient City, the vitality surged. The withered plants, flowers, and trees came to live again as saplings grew wildly. The ancient trees around the pillar grew until they were taller than the 1,000-year-old ancient tree at the periphery of the city.

Lu Wu leaped back as it looked at the Pillar of Impermanence that was flying up. Then, it said, “Wait. The formation is gone now. Its power should be greatly reduced.”

With the Pillar of Impermanence in the center, everything in its vicinity surged with vitality energy.

At this time, Whitzard finally exhausted its strength and flew down.


Suddenly, the Pillar of Impermanence turned and hovered horizontally.


Everyone flew away.

Then, the pillar shrunk until it looked like a rod that was about 100 feet long. Then, it attacked everyone. After a while, it was clear that its targets were Ye Wei and his companions.

Ye Wei was baffled. Why were they being targeted?

“Block it!”

The Pillar, now a rod, of Impermanence flashed with a dim light like lightning as it radiated an indescribable energy.

“There’s no doubt it’s an infinity-grade object!” Ye Wei said as he manifested his astrolabe.

The three elders followed suit and manifested their astrolabes as well.

The Pillar of Impermanence shot over suddenly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The four astrolabes creaked and caved in.

With this, the four elders were heavily injured again.

“Jade talisman!”

The four of them no longer dared to hesitate and quickly crushed the jade talismans. Rings of light appeared around their bodies in just an instant. After the rings of light shot up into the sky and vanished, the four people had already vanished into thin air.

“Single Teleportation Jade Talismans?!” Kong Wen exclaimed, “I remember now! Ye Wei is one of the four elders of Yannan’s Blessed Land! He’s one of Ye Zheng’s men!”

“What?! Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Mingshi Yin asked.

“I… I just remembered it…”

“F*ck! They got lucky!” Mingshi Yin scolded, “Earlier, they even lied and said they don’t know Ye Zheng!”

“Single Teleportation Jade Talismans are as… no, are even more precious than mystic life grass. To think they used four at once! Apart from those from Yannan, no one would be so wasteful!” Kong Wen said with a hint of admiration.

Lu Zhou said, “There’s no need to be upset. The fact that the four of them were somewhat able to withstand Yong He’s ability shows and did not fight each other after regaining their senses shows that they’re not completely unreasonable people…”

“Master is right. I believe those four will no longer dare to make an enemy out of master in the future…” Yu Zhenghai said.


At this time, the Pillar of Impermanence shot toward Lu Zhou.


Lu Zhou pushed his hand out, blocking it.

Then, the Pillar of Impermanence shot forth, flying into the distance. It was so fast that it left Transient City swiftly. Almost all the negative energy seemed to have left it at this time.

‘It’s not too late…’ Lu Zhou manifested his blue avatar and launched a Dhyana Mudra that was imbued with however much divine power he could squeeze out.

The Dhyana Mudra shot out and grabbed the Pillar of Impermanence, causing it to shrink from the size of a 100-meter-long rod to a short stick.

After it flew into Lu Zhou’s hand, a drop of blood seeped out from his palm and rolled down the Pillar of Impermanence. It flashed with red light. At this time, it seemed to have been suppressed by the divine power and was also affected with new emotions.

Soon enough, the Pillar of Impermanence quieted down and lay quietly in Lu Zhou’s hand.

“Ding! Please continue to subdue the infinite-grade Pillar of Impermanence.”


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