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«My Dangerous Billionaire Husband (Web Novel) - Chapter 1536: You’re too Young to Be in Love

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Chapter 1536: You’re too Young to Be in Love

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“You’re so smooth-tongued.” Ou Xuyan looked at Ou Shiman with a helpless yet doting look. Then, she took the bowls and walked into the kitchen.

After her sister left, Ou Shiman looked at her brother-in-law who was sitting opposite her. Then, she blinked her eyes cutely. “Brother-in-law, how are the three of us going to sleep tonight? I see that you only have one room here.”

Lu Fan glanced at her and said calmly, “How do you want to sleep?”

Ou Shiman immediately raised her hands to show her loyalty and goodwill. “Brother-in-law, I’ll sleep on the sofa alone. You sleep with my sister.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Ou Xuyan finished washing the dishes and came out of the kitchen.

“Sister,” Ou Shiman ran over and hugged Ou Xuyan’s slender arm. “We’re discussing the sleeping arrangements tonight.”

Sleeping arrangements?

Ou Xuyan didn’t even think about it. “I’ll sleep with you, and your brother-in-law will sleep on the sofa.”

“Sis, I know you love me, but how can you let brother-in-law sleep on the sofa? I’ll sleep on the sofa, and sis you should sleep in the room with brother-in-law. I’m already 20 years old, and I know whatever I need to now. If you guys stay make it quieter, I’ll pretend that I can’t hear anything outside. Hehe.”

“Quiet?” Ou Xuyan raised her hand and patted Ou Shiman’s head. “Shiman, what in the world are you thinking about all day?”

Ou Shiman rubbed her head. “Brother-in-law, save me. Sister is using violence against me!”

Ou Xuyan was speechless

“Sis, don’t keep treating me like a child. You and brother-in-law just got married, your relationship should be filled with passion. How can I be your third wheel at a time like this, right, brother-in-law?” Ou Shiman looked at her brother-in-law in a flattering manner. She wasn’t joking in her efforts to flatter her brother-in-law now. That was because she would need her brother-in-law to help her out in the future.

Lu Fan got up. He looked at the sisters and said, “You two sleep in the room, and I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“Brother-in-law, that’s not good, right?”

“Just sleep.”

Lu fan carried a thin blanket out of the room and lay down on the sofa. Seeing Lu Fan’s two legs overshooting the length of the sofa, Ou Shiman exclaimed, “Brother-in-law is so cool.”.

In the room, the two sisters took a shower and then went to bed.

“Shiman, what’s the relationship between Xu Yunkai and you? It was so late, why weren’t you sleeping in the school dormitory and was out and about instead? You’d better give me a reasonable explanation.”

“Sis, didn’t I tell you already? Xu Yunkai is my classmate. I like him and want to pursue him, so after school, I followed him. I didn’t expect a group of hooligans to suddenly run out! This can’t do, when I get back to school tomorrow, I must find out exactly which guy is plotting against Xu Yunkai. I will not forgive him.”

Many boys in school liked Ou Shiman, and most of them were rich or noble. However, Ou Shiman fell in love at first sight with Xu Yunkai, and this made many of her pursuers jealous, which was why they bribed the hooligans to cause trouble for Xu Yunkai. However, they did not expect Ou Shiman to follow Xu Yunkai.

“Shiman, you are still a student. How can you be in a relationship? I will definitely tell daddy and mommy when I go back.”

“Oh my God, sis, what era are we in? I’m 20 years old, how can being in a relationship at 20 still be considered too early and young? I can be considered to be a late-bloomer at this point, okay? Sure, go tell daddy and mommy, you’ve been together with big brother Ading since a young age too.”

“We’re different.”

“How is it different? Aren’t they all love?”

This question stumped Ou Xuyan. She thought for a moment and then answered, “The Ou family is inextricably linked to the green sect. Big brother ding and I were childhood sweethearts. We were very innocent when we are together, unlike you.”


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