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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 1583: Appearances…

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Chapter 1583: Appearances…

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“Talisman practitioners truly are incredible. Only their attacks are effective against both people and ghost spirits.”

Qiao Mu gave a shrug, and they returned to their room together. Afterwards, they each took a hot bath before turning in early to bed.

Qiao Mu had a nice dream. She dreamed of Mo Lian standing under an elm tree in a courtyard, and he was stretching his slender hands out to her with a smile.

He wanted a hug!

Qiao Mu’s eyes lit up, and she immediately ran over into his arms. She burrowed her petite head into his chest and looked up at him anxiously, “Lian…”

Yet Mo Lian’s figure dissipated like stardust with her call, leaving her in an empty embrace.

She opened her eyes and woke up. Her body had also rolled off the bed and to the floor. She was still hugging the hard sandalwood pillow, which was poking against her small tummy.

“Pfft.” The sound of light laughter came from the bed.

Qiao Mu turned to see Qi Xuanxuan sitting there cross-legged with her long hair loose over her shoulders. She glanced at Qiao Mu with smiling eyes while commenting, “Aiyo, your sleeping posture truly is awful. Tonight, you sleep on the inside and me on the outside in case you roll off the bed again!”

Qiao Mu stood up with a poker face that said “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She composedly threw the pillow onto the bed and went off to wash up.

Qi Xuanxuan laughed out loud.

She discovered that this little stoic would always use an expressionless face to muddle over any unexpected occurrences.

The classic stubborn refusal!

After hopping off the bed, she happily ran up and elbowed Qiao Mu. “Oi, who is Lian?”

The little fellow paused while wiping her face before answering expressionlessly, “Hubby.”

“What??” Qi Xuanxuan was stunned. “You’re married.”

“Mhm.” The little fellow nodded emphatically.

Qi Xuanxuan was in disbelief. “Woah, woah there. We have long lifespans as mystic cultivators. We’re not like normal people who need to hurry and find someone to get married to once they have their hairpin ceremony at 15. Sigh, why did you?”

Qiao Mu turned to look at her. “After picking and choosing, what’s left is a bunch of old dudes! You get the cream of the crop if you marry early. My hubby is very outstanding. He is the most outstanding person in this world!”

Qi Xuanxuan’s walnut eyes opened again and turned round. “You, you! You don’t look like, don’t really look like, someone who needs to rely on a man.”

Qiao Mu deadpanned as she looked back at her while thumping her chest. “That’s just appearances! The strength you see is just appearances. My heart is actually very fragile.”

Qi Xuanxuan nearly slid to the floor.

Someone who readily ordered the white snakelet to take Fairy Liren’s life had a fragile heart?

What, what kind of joke was that.

“Is your hubby really as good as you say?”

“Mhm. He is the type who attracts uninvited attention when he walks on the street and makes all kinds of baffling women give me looks.”

Qi Xuanxuan’s jaw nearly dropped. “Why do they look at you?”

Shouldn’t they be looking at your hubby?

“How would I know!” The little stoic spat, “They’re so d*mn annoying. Every time I ask what they’re looking at, no one pays me any attention.”

Qi Xuanxuan: …

So much sympathy for your hubby. I reckon that your hubby has a long way to go!

“Qiaoqiao, what are you doing coming out so bright and early. Are we going to the city gate to wait for your senior brother?”


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