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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 1463: In Dismay

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Chapter 1463: In Dismay

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Impossible!!” Commandery Princess Yi’an was simply unable to accept this piece of news.

He didn’t go attend morning court just for that little b*tch?

“She indeed is a little vixen that bewitches people’s souls.” Commandery Princess Yi’an gripped Xu’er’s arm tightly as she stopped walking forward.

This red carpet-lined path from the courtyard atrium to the main hall merely spanned two hundred steps, yet they were still dawdling on it even after five minutes…

The Vassal Prince of An’nan clutched the red sash tightly, the veins on the back of his hand bulging.

“Walk!” He hollered, and this practically scared the guests out of their wits.

Cough, something was not quite right with the atmosphere!

Commandery Princess Yi’an promptly flared up and threw the red sash in her hand to the floor. She abruptly lifted up the red kerchief covering her head and reprimanded the Vassal Prince of An’nan coldly, “Who are you treating me as, one of those lowly concubines in your harem? How dare you shout and order me about! Don’t you forget my identity!!”

When the Vassal King Consort of An’nan, Wu Hongmo, saw this daughter-in-law disregard appearances and actually unveil herself before the marriage ceremony to censure her son contemptuously, she immediately turned livid.

While being helped forward, she raised her sleeve to slap Commandery Princess Yi’an. “You shrew! Such a shameless sl*t! If it wasn’t for the king’s betrothal edict, you think our vassal king’s estate could stomach someone like you who has lost her virginity as the vassal prince consort?? Let alone a lowly concubine, you wouldn’t even be able to be a maidservant mistress!”

Commandery Princess Yi’an had flushed red in anger, and she kicked Wu Hongmo’s waist ruthlessly.

“You’re the old woman who has lost her virginity!” Wasn’t her body in this state all thanks to her bastard son? Every time she thought of how someone who was practically a stranger had stolen her virginity like this, Yi’an was in such pain that she wished she were dead.

“Ah!!” Wu Hongmo did not expect Commandery Princess Yi’an to be so audacious and unreasonable. She actually dared to kick her mother-in-law?

This was completely at odds with her usual image.

After Yi’an kicked Wu Hongmo to the floor, cries rang out around them.

“Vassal King Consort!!”

“Vassal King Consort.” The Vassal King of An’nan was simply so furious that his face had flushed red, and his whole body shook.

After his vassal king consort’s brainless holler just now, everyone was now gazing at the Vassal Prince of An’nan with sympathy for the lush greenery on top of his head1.

How pitiful, according to the Vassal King Consort of An’nan, the king had chosen someone who had lost her honor to be the Vassal Prince of An’nan’s legal wife?


This was a bit inconsiderate!

But the king had always been muddle-headed and did whatever he thought of. This random matchmaking did not happen only once or twice.

However, some mismatched couples were well and happy, just like the crown prince and crown prince consort, while some were in so much pain that they wished they were dead, such as the couple before them.

Cough, cough, what to say. The king’s success at matchmaking could be considered fifty-fifty. He wasn’t completely muddle-headed.

*Slap!!* The Vassal Prince of An’nan Chou Fu, who had been clenching his fists, could not take it anymore and slapped Commandery Princess Yi’an’s cheek.

“Scram back to the palace! I’m divorcing you!!”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, and at the same time: …

It couldn’t be? They hadn’t even freaking completed the marriage ceremony? And they’re already wanting to divorce??

These two people’s actions seemed even more inconsiderate. Would it enrage the king?

“Shut up!” Luckily, there was still the rational Lord Vassal King of An’nan present within this heap of people who had all lost their sense of reason.


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