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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 2376 Anxiously Snatching Her Back

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Chapter 2376 Anxiously Snatching Her Back

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"Mom! Like I said, you can't take good care of her.

"This little fellow is delicate and has lots of fussy habits! You had better let me take care of her!" For some baffling reason, our dear Duan Yue did not sleep well last night.

When he closed his eyes, the little ermine would wander before his eyes. He worried about and missed her.

As a result, he had run over without even eating breakfast!

Noble Consort Duan rolled her eyes at her son and slapped away his hands that were reaching for the little ermine. "So stingy! You said you would give her to Mom, yet you're taking her back now!"

Duan Yue looked at his mother aggrievedly: Mom, doesn't your conscience hurt saying this? When did your son say he was giving her to you! Didn't you just snatch her and run when your son said no?

You didn't know how to take care of her and made such a lively fellow become so lethargic, yet you refuse to give her back to your son. It really was depressing!

Qiao Mu did not want to move at all. She merely looked up and then lowered her head again, lying there without moving.

Noble Consort Duan tried to feed the little ermine, wanting to play with her.

Duan Yue's eyelid kept jerking when he saw this. He hastily stopped his mom. "Mom, stop feeding her all the time. Look, she's so full that she can't even move. I'll bring her out so she can digest the food."

Noble Consort Duan wanted to block her son, yet Duan Yue had swiftly picked up little Qiaoqiao in his arms.

Just as he planned to skedaddle, Xiao'ke'zi announced outside the yurt, "Your Highness."

Noble Consort Duan halted her movements to snatch the little ermine back from her son.

Noble Consort Duan smoothed her hair composedly and said gently, "Enter, Xiao'ke'zi."

Xiao'ke'zi lifted the curtain and entered. He hastily bowed to both Noble Consort Duan and Duan Yue. Afterwards, he informed, "Your Highness, His Majesty has just given the order to round up and hunt. His Majesty wants you to go as well, saying that they will be hunting a level-seven spiritual beast on the rock slope."

Duan Yue was uninterested and waved his hand as he held the little ermine. "Not going."

Xiao'ke'zi had long known of His Highness's willfulness. Thus, he did not find it surprising at all to hear his rejection.

He said troubledly, "But His Majesty has already given the order. If Your Highness does not go… other people may make things difficult for Your Highness and say that you blatantly disobeyed the emperor's decree."

Noble Consort Duan also furrowed her brows upon hearing this. She looked up at her son.

"Humph, so what if I disobey." Duan Yue snorted disapprovingly.

Noble Consort Duan had no intention of insisting her son go hunting on the rock slope. She said to her son, "Don't go then. That place is dangerous, so it's best if you don't go."

Qiao Mu turned over in Duan Yue's arms, making herself more comfortable.

Her belly had protruded like a small ball, and she now wished for nothing more than to bonk herself on the head.

She had gotten greedy yesterday and ate two extra pastries, which made her sleep on a bloated stomach.

This ermine's body was truly too weak!

She had originally planned to make it become stronger, yet who knew that the little fellow would languish after eating two pastries.

Too annoying, too annoying.

Qiaoqiao turned over in Duan Yue's arms again.

Duan Yue looked down at her. He suddenly raised his brows and chuckled, "How about, I bring our Little Dumpling to the rock slope to get some fresh air and digest that food?"

The rock slope was surrounded on all side by precipitous and towering ice walls, but within was a naturally formed rock forest.

It was quite suitable for the little fellow to climb rocks and bask in the sun. Mild exercise would help her digest.

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