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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 2375 Snatching Her and Running

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Chapter 2375 Snatching Her and Running

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“Ah.” She stood up and walked over to the divan. “Mom heard you caught a small ermine. Is it this little one?”

Duan Yue's body swayed, and he quickly picked up the little fellow. He hid her in his arms and protested, “Mom, I can't let you have her!”

Noble Consort Duan scolded him with a laugh and jabbed his shoulder with her finger. “Look, look. Someone had previously talked big and said everything he caught would belong to Mom!”

Duan Yue scratched his nose and instantly felt embarrassed. However, he still tightly guarded the little ermine in his arms. “Just except for this one.”

Yet who knew that Qiao Mu sprung from his chest and spung her chubby little body in the air, leaping toward Noble Consort Duan.

“Mom, don't be scared, she won't…” Duan Yue was alarmed. He hastily wanted to tell his mother that this little ermine was tame and probably wouldn't scratch her.

Yet who knew that his mother was already holding the little one in her arms dotingly. She giggled, “Oh my, son. Look, look, this ermine is so fascinating!”

Noble Consort Duan laughed happily as she looked at this cute furball.

Duan Yue glanced sulkily at the little ermine. When he saw her turn her head and ignore him, he felt even more aggrieved.

This heartless little one wanted to run off with someone else after he fed her.

Qiao Mu turned a circle in Noble Consort Duan's arms. She liked this woman's soft embrace, as well as her body's fragrance.


The little fellow's small nose twitched. Her small black beady eyes turned sharp as she curled up in Noble Consort Duan's arms.

“Son, you rest well. Mom will be bringing away the ermine.”

“Mom!!” Duan Yue was indignant. He reached out to hold Qiaoqiao. “Mom, you don't know how to take care of her! This Little Dumpling of mine has lots of fussy habits. You need to wash her feet both before and after eating!”

Phooey! The little fellow turned her head and glared at him.

You're the one who washes their feet before eating! Your whole family washes their feet before eating!


“Mhm, mhm, Mom knows! Mom will take good care of Little Dumpling. Thank you, son! Mom likes your present very much.” After saying her piece, Noble Consort Duan hilariously snatched the little fellow and ran off.

Duan Yue glared resentfully as he watched his mother ditch him and run off. He wanted to faint from anger.

Mom, your son didn't say that he was going to give her to you!

Qiao Mu rolled about cutely in Noble Consort Duan's arms.

It truly was strange. For some reason, she liked this Noble Consort Duan at first glance.

It was difficult for her to not like this gentle and kind woman. Qiao Mu thought.

It was better for her to stay in Noble Consort Duan's yurt at night.

Otherwise, humph, she would be suffering a loss staying alone with a man.

Even though such a problem of a single man and a single woman being together was nonexistent with this small body of hers…

The little fellow was so furry and adorable that Noble Consort Duan was so enamored. After bringing her back, she personally fed her water and pastries.

The maidservants standing by had long turned petrified. Just like Xiao”ke”zi, they looked at Qiao Mu with wide eyes as if they had seen ghosts.

They had never seen an ermine that could eat so many pastries. This was quite an eye-opener.

This time, the little fellow was truly stuffed. She didn't sleep well the whole night because of how much she had eaten.

As a result, she was in low spirits the next morning.

Duan Yue had run over to his mom's yurt bright and early in the morning to see her. When he saw her listless state, he immediately said that he was bringing her back.

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