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«My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker (Web Novel) - Chapter 2882 You Are The Crown Prince Consort Too

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Chapter 2882 You Are The Crown Prince Consort Too

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“Xuan’er, you are also the future Crown Prince Consort of Ming Province.”

“No, that’s impossible!” Mu Rouxuan’s eyes widened in disbelief as she gazed at her mother.

“Silly child, why is it impossible?” Mu Qingya chuckled. “This marriage was arranged long ago. It’s just that the Crown Prince of the Nether Province left for some reason and never returned.”

“Oh, by the way, you and he should have crossed paths at the academy, right?” Mu Qingya cast a warm look at her daughter and continued, “Mother recently received a letter from the Noble Consort of the Nether Province, confirming the union.”

“Impossible!” Mu Rouxuan sprang up in excitement.

Observing her daughter’s lack of enthusiasm for this marriage, Mu Qingya furrowed her brow and spoke, “The Crown Prince of the Nether Province is renowned for his exceptional talent. Why are you dissatisfied?”

“Isn’t one of the reasons for your unstable mental state and the shattering of your Spiritual Ruin Realm due to the pressure from your sister since her return to the Divine Province? Her talent surpasses yours, and her status is significantly higher.”

“Upon marrying the Crown Prince of the Nether Province, you will become the Crown Prince Consort.”

“I-I don’t even know this person,” Mu Rouxuan exclaimed, her voice trembling. “I-I won’t marry! Mother, please don’t arrange my marriage like this.”

Amused by her daughter’s anxiety and agitation, Mu Qingya couldn’t help but find it a bit comical. “Why do you think I’m arranging your marriage?”

“The marriage contract between you and the Crown Prince of the Nether Province was established long ago.” She reached into her pocket and retrieved a yellowed talisman along with an exquisitely crafted ebony box, handing them to Mu Rouxuan. “Take a look at the marriage contract.”

With trembling hands, Mu Rouxuan opened the ebony box and withdrew the calligraphed marriage contract, which had a faintly aged appearance. She read through it line by line, feeling her vision blur with each passing word.

The marriage contract was meticulously detailed. In gratitude for the Mu Clan’s rescue, the

Imperial Noble Consort, Madam née Lou, had pledged that when her son came of age in twenty years, she would personally request him to marry the Mu Clan’s eldest daughter.

However, the nature of the favor owed had not been explicitly mentioned in the contract.

“No, I have no feelings for the Crown Prince of the Nether Province. I don’t even know him! I won’t marry him.” Mu Rouxuan tossed the marriage contract aside.

Mu Qingya’s expression shifted several times, her gaze turning somewhat colder as she regarded her daughter. “Xuan’er, you’re being impulsive. Your father is aware of this arrangement, and your marriage is practically set in stone! When you return to the academy, you’ll undoubtedly have more opportunities to get acquainted with the Crown Prince of the Nether Province.”

“No need to argue.” Seeing her daughter preparing to retort, Mu Qingya raised her hand to halt her. “Closeness breeds affection. If you don’t spend time with the Crown Prince of the Nether Province, how will you know whether he’s your future love?”

“Furthermore, there’s already a binding marriage contract. You will be his wife in this lifetime, and you’ll only bring shame upon the Mu Clan if you resist.”

Mu Rouxuan’s complexion paled.

Her mother had spoken with such finality, leaving her no room for counterargument?

Eastwood Court, Imperial Academy

Qiao Mu snapped out of her daze and instinctively used her inner sight to scrutinize the object concealed beneath the misty quilt within her Spiritual Ruin.

The object resembled a pristine duck egg.

Could it be that she had inadvertently ingested an egg?

She hastily retrieved the two bird eggs and sighed in relief. She couldn’t help but think that she was acting somewhat irrational.

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