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«My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 2056: Vital essence of the Planet

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Chapter 2056: Vital essence of the Planet

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Translator: Noodletown Translations Editor: Noodletown Translations

Xue Lin and Mengyao Xu’s faces filled with worry when they saw Qingfeng Li get injured and his bones become exposed.

Mengyao Xu said, “There’s too many lightning streaks, I don’t think Qingfeng Li can handle it.”

Xue Lin nodded her head in agreement. “Let’s go help him.”

Mengyao Xue shook her head. “Don’t go over there. We’re just going to be a burden. Right now is a key moment to him leveling-up. He will only truly become of saint level once he survives the thunder lightning tribulation.”

Xue Lin nodded, she knew that Mengyao Xu was right, but her head was all over the place. They could only stand from afar as Qingfeng Li found himself surrounded by a thousand streaks of lightning.

Qingfeng Li’s body was nearly cracked open by the lightning, but he was exhilarated.

He knew that when the lightning attacked him, some streaks entered his skin, muscles, and bones. They tempered his body and gave him more energy.

Qingfeng Li channeled the Mortal Purgatory Body to emit a streak of golden light. At the same time, he also employed the Heavenly Immortal Chant and Conqueror Spell - these were all saint and Immortal-level techniques, each more powerful than the last.

He used these techniques to absorb the thunder lightning tribulations from the sky, which were then exercised into his own body, making him stronger than he ever was.

Suddenly, Qingfeng Li thought of a good idea. He remembered that he still had the thunder pearl on him - there were a thousand streaks of lightning in the pearl as well, waiting to level up from the middle-grade.

He wondered if his own lightning would level up to high-grade, or in other words saint-level lightning, if they absorbed all the lightning in the sky. If so, he would be more than powerful enough to fight against saints.

Without another moment of hesitation, he whipped out the lightning pearl and employed the thunder chant. The thunder pearl began to slowly absorb the thunder lightning tribulation.

He was soon met with disappointment - small cracks formed on the thunder pearl as it smashed into the lightning; it seems that his pearl could not absorb these thunder lightning tribulations.

Suddenly, he understood why. His thunder pearl held middle-grade lightning, yet the thunder lightning tribulation he was faced with was that of saints - it was Heaven’s thunder lightning tribulation.

Therefore, they wielded different powers, meaning that his thunder pearl wouldn’t be able to withstand this enormous energy. Qingfeng Li’s face twitched in pain as he put away his thunder pearl.

He knew that the pearl would not be able to absorb the lightning, so he needed another way.

Qingfeng Li continued to fight against the thunder lightning tribulations; his body was constantly injured, yet he circulated immortal techniques within to heal where he was hurt. His skin, muscles, bones, and even blood vessels received intense tempering.

Soon, Qingfeng Li felt a sense of power in his body. He felt like he was one with thunder and lightning and was powerful enough to suppress all of heaven and earth.

He knew that this was his body’s way of building resilience, and he was now strong enough to fight against the thunder lightning tribulations in the sky. He became excited and happy at the thought of this.

The others’ face turned into shock at the sight of him. They did not expect that someone would be able to absorb the energy of the lightning whilst fighting against it. No wonder he was considered to be a demon.

The Crimson Fire Monarch’s expression turned into surprise and worry as well.

He felt that if Qingfeng Li continued on with what he was doing, Qingfeng Li would become more physically powerful, to which he potentially might not be able to win against.

The young messenger in the sky realized this as well, and he said to the Crimson Fire Monarch, “What are you waiting for? Attack him, don’t let him absorb the energy of the thunder lightning tribulation.”

The Crimson Fire Monarch nodded and hurled his enormous palm at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li sneered indifferently. He waved his own fist, consisting of lightning and thunder, crashing it into that of the Crimson Fire Monarch and creating a giant boom in the air.


The Crimson Fire Monarch’s body was forced to retreat, while Qingfeng Li stood where he was.

The Crimson Fire Monarch’s expression changed. “How is this possible? Your body is becoming so powerful so fast, even more powerful than my own.”

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said scornfully, “You really think you’re something, don’t you? Now, let me deal with you.”

Qingfeng Li howled as he waved his fist. In a second, it sped towards the Crimson Fire Monarch, along with hints of thunder lightning tribulations.

The Monarch’s face went pale with horror - he was not afraid of Qingfeng Li’s fist, but he was afraid of the lightning. He was just hit with these thunder lightning tribulations, so he knew how powerful they were.

He tried to avoid the streaks of lightning, but it was like they had a life of their own and smashed right onto the Crimson Fire Monarch.


The Crimson Fire Monarch’s body crackled under the lightning, creating thousands of little cracks as he howled in pain and agony.

The young messenger in the sky frowned when he saw the Monarch getting injured. He was here to help the Crimson Fire Monarch become the master of the planet, and to level Mars up to the saint-level. He was not about to let something happen to him.

The young messenger looked at the Crimson Fire Monarch with dissatisfaction. “Have you forgotten? You are the master of the Crimson Fire Continent, capable of gathering the vital essence of all the self-cultivators on the plane to make yourself more powerful. Are you really going to lose to Qingfeng Li?”

The Crimson Fire Monarch suddenly understood. “Sorry, I was overly preoccupied with resisting the thunder lightning tribulations and forgot about something as important as this.”

The Crimson Fire Monarch looked at Qingfeng Li and laughed with disdain. “Qingfeng Li, how dare you hit me, I’m going to teach you a lesson by letting you know how powerful the master of this planet is.

The Crimson Fire Monarch put his palms together and began to chant an ancient spell that was passed onto him by the Crimson Fire Sect a hundred thousand years ago.

After he finished reciting the chant, streaks of red talisman scripts emerged above the Fire Monarch Mountain. These talisman scripts were like tiny fireflies, lighting up the heavens and earth.


Sounds erupted all over the Crimson Fire Continent, shaking up everything around them. Above the planet were streaks of red light.

Those streaks were the vital energies of the planet and contained the power and respect of all those on the Continent towards the Crimson Fire Monarch. Vital essence continued to gather, shooting themselves into the Crimson Fire Monarch’s body.

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