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«My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss (Web Novel) - Chapter 823 Third Young Master Ye’s Strongest Love Rival, Too Powerful! (VIII)

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Chapter 823 Third Young Master Ye’s Strongest Love Rival, Too Powerful! (VIII)

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Ye Lanchen narrowed his eyes and glared at her fiercely. This woman was obviously doing this on purpose.

“Miss Tang is indeed a smart person. Let me tell you, he is a bastard, a liar, and a scumbag. You must not fall for his tricks.”Liu Ying’s eyes lit up when she heard this. She felt that this matter had a chance.

“Aiya, so you are such a person. Stay away from me.”Chu Wuyou deliberately pushed Ye Lanchen. She secretly wanted to laugh in her heart.

Ye Lanchen’s face completely darkened. He glared fiercely at Chu Wuyou. The corners of his lips moved slightly and he was about to speak.

“Right, tell me, how is he a b*stard? How did he lie?” Chu Wuyou spoke again and interrupted Ye Lanchen’s words.

Ye Lanchen wanted to strangle her to death. He was a b*stard? He lied?! She really dared to say it?!

“Miss Tang, he’s actually married. He already has a wife.” Liu Ying secretly sighed. After thinking about it, she decided to tell the truth. She felt that not only did she want to avenge Wuyou, but she should also think of a way to save Miss Tang.

“Third Young Master Ye, how can you do this? You’re already married, why are you still pestering me? You scum, you liar, you bastard…” Chu Wuyou held back her laughter as she looked at Ye Lanchen and deliberately called out in a slightly exaggerated manner.

“We’re already divorced.” Ye Lanchen saw her appearance and gritted his teeth in hatred. However, he replied according to her meaning.

Liu Ying’s eyes widened when she heard his words. There was an obvious look of astonishment on her face, the fury in her eyes continued to rise. “Ye Lanchen, you bastard, you scum. You actually divorced Wuyou. Since you can’t love her properly, why did you marry her? Why did you harm her?”

Liu Ying was completely furious at this moment. Her voice was clearly raised a few notches and her chest heaved up and down continuously. “Ye Lanchen, you scum. You divorced Wuyou just because Miss Tang looked better. Ye Lanchen, do you still have a conscience?”

“Not only is she good-looking, she’s also very capable and has a lot of merits?” Seeing that Chu Wuyou still had no intention of explaining, Ye Lanchen followed Liu Ying’s words and added.

“What do you mean? What do you mean? Ye Lanchen, what do you mean? Do you mean that Wuyou doesn’t have any merits?” Liu Ying was even more furious when she heard his words.

“Oh, then why don’t you tell me what merits she has.” Ye Lanchen glanced at Chu Wuyou, and the corners of his lips curled up into a slight smile.

“Wuyou, she, she has a lot of strengths too. She, she, she…” Liu Ying tried for a long time, but she could not say a complete sentence. She choked until her face was slightly red. Then, she anxiously said, “Wuyou is very good at catching frogs, and Wuyou is also very good at climbing trees.”

“Cough.” When Chu Wuyou heard Liu Ying’s words, she almost choked to death on her own saliva. Liu Ying thought for a long time, and this was all she could think of?

Big Sister, are you sure this is a good thing?

However, when she was with Liu Ying, the two of them were still young, and they did this kind of thing every day.

“Oh, so she has so many good things. I really didn’t know.” Ye Lanchen was slightly stunned. When he looked at Chu Wuyou again, there was a meaningful smile in his eyes.

Liu Ying looked at the smile on Ye Lanchen’s face and thought that he was mocking her.

“Ye Lanchen, you scum. If I don’t take revenge for Wuyou today, I won’t be Liu Ying.”

As Liu Ying spoke, the hand that had been hidden behind her suddenly stretched out. In her hand was actually a wine bottle.

She held the wine bottle and suddenly rushed towards Ye Lanchen. It was obvious that she wanted to knock Ye Lanchen’s head off.

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