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«My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss (Web Novel) - Chapter 1433 The Two Darlings’ Shining Debut (IV)

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Chapter 1433 The Two Darlings’ Shining Debut (IV)

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Granny Ye was slightly startled. Her eyes flashed quickly with suspicion but also some hesitation.

“Hahaha…” Elder Ye laughed out loud. “Chu Wuyou, aren’t you afraid of making people laugh to death? Who gave you the face to say such words?”

Obviously, Elder Ye did not believe it at all. He knew that Chu Wuyou was a little clever, but given the current situation of the Chu family, he really did not think that there was anything to be afraid of with a woman like Chu Wuyou.

“Wuyou, I came to persuade you out of kindness. I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t listen to me.” Granny Ye sighed softly, a hint of regret evident on her face.

“Chu Wuyou, I’m warning you. Leave Ye Lanchen quickly, or else…” Elder Ye said harshly again.

“I’m very sorry to tell the two of you that I’m afraid it’s impossible for me to leave Ye Lanchen.” Chu Wuyou watched this person threaten her, and the corners of her lips clearly had a hint of coldness.

At this moment, Chu Wuyou could not be bothered to talk nonsense with them. Chu Wuyou felt that there was a fact that was absolutely above anything else.

“Chu Wuyou, you’re really shameless. Do you think that Ye Lanchen will marry you just because you shamelessly pestered him? Let me tell you, Ye Lanchen will never marry you because he wants to marry Miss Tang.” Elder Ye heard Chu Wuyou’s words, he was so angry that he jumped up.

“Oh, is that so?” Chu Wuyou replied softly. There was not much emotion on her face, and her expression was still as calm as ever.

She did not have any reaction to Elder Ye’s mention of Miss Tang.

“Of course, I’m sure you’ve seen that Miss Tang on the news. Do you think you can compete with the Tang family’s eldest miss?” Since Elder Ye had already made it clear, he wanted to use this point to strike a blow at Chu Wuyou.

He knew that women cared about this the most.

However, Chu Wuyou’s expression remained calm and there was nothing strange about it. The smile on her lips seemed to deepen.

“Wuyou, what did you mean by what you said just now?” Granny Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. Granny Ye suddenly felt that something was not right. “Why is it impossible for you to leave Lanchen?”

When Chu Wuyou heard these words, why was she not angry? Why was she not jealous at all?

Granny Ye thought of what Chu Wuyou had said earlier, and her heart was filled with suspicion. She felt that there might be something that they did not know about.

“What meaning could there be? She just shamelessly wants to pester Lanchen.” Elder Ye clearly did not realize that something was wrong and snorted.

“Because Ye Lanchen and I have already registered our marriage.” Chu Wuyou looked at Granny Ye. The corners of her lips curled up and she smiled directly. At this moment, her smile was very bright and beautiful.

“However, the two of you have already divorced.” Elder Ye thought that Chu Wuyou was talking about the past, so he did not take it seriously.

Granny Ye’s expression changed slightly. She seemed to have suddenly thought of something. “Chu Wuyou, what do you mean by this?”

“What I mean is that Ye Lanchen and I have gotten our marriage certificate again. We just got it this afternoon, so I’m really sorry that you guys are a step late.” The smile on Chu Wuyou’s face became even wider, her words sounded apologetic, but there was no hint of apology on her face… Instead, there was an obvious smile.


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