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«Monster Paradise (Web Novel) - Chapter 1754: Leaving the Foggy Area

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Chapter 1754: Leaving the Foggy Area

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After thinking about it for a long time and figuring out that any effort would be to no avail, Lin Huang could only put aside the matter regarding the Raiders.

“I can only tackle the problem when it arises.”

He could not think of any feasible solutions anyway.

There were seven organizations from the Eastern Eight Zone that participated in the exploration this time. There were some 4,700 explorers in total, including both lord-level and dao-level.

Moreover, the 4,700 or so people were randomly distributed in various regions.

To find the Raiders’ spies among these bunch of people was no different than looking for a needle in a haystack.

Not only that, there was no communication signal in this mystic territory.

Lin Huang could not contact Old Wang, Old He and the rest.

Another thing was that he could not confirm entirely whether Old Wang and Old He were the Raider’s spies either.

Even if he had a way to contact them, he could not discuss the matter with them.

The reason being was that he might expose himself to the Raider’s higher-ups.

He did not want to be targeted by people above dao-level.

Therefore, he could only play it by ear passively.

However, Lin Huang informed the bunch of imperial monsters under him about this matter.

After all, he did not have to worry about his imperial monsters being spies.

After the imperial monsters received the news, they would have to be even more careful during the exploration from now on.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang put the matter aside and went back into hunting mode.

Within half a day, he killed all of the Abyssal monsters in this foggy area.

Throughout the journey, he came across the brothers that Lu Yi was chasing after earlier.

The two of them had traveled over hundreds of thousands of kilometers away. They must have stopped running after realizing that nobody was going after them.

However, it was unknown why these tall and short brothers had yet to leave the foggy area.

Apart from them, Lin Huang conducted a simple investigation on the ten or so explorers in this foggy area secretly.

He did not discover any one of them to be the Raiders’ spies.

He did not continue to waste time staying there and instead left the foggy area.

In the foggy area, the tall and short brothers from Snow Kingdom did not realize that they were being watched at all.

“I can’t believe that that guy didn’t come after us. I thought one of us would definitely die today.” The short man sat on a rock and took out a packet of meat jerky from his storage space. He began to eat on his own.

The tall man stretched his hand to ask for one when he saw that.

“Didn’t you bring yours?”

“I’m too lazy to take it out,” the tall man responded expressionlessly.

“There’s not even bird poop in this lousy place and we were even chased after by a lunatic. I shouldn’t have come in with you,” the short man complained while chewing on the meat jerky.

“It was you who picked the foggy area,” the tall man retorted calmly.

“Didn’t I pick it because you left me no option?” The short man rolled his eyes as heard the tall man’s comments.

The two fell into a moment of silence. Only the sound of the chewing could be heard at the moment.

“How about we… leave,” the tall man took the initiative to speak a moment later, “If that man is still in the foggy area, he might come after us again. His probing range is larger than ours. We’ll be at a disadvantage if we stay in the foggy area.”

This time, the short man did not argue with him. He only asked after falling into a moment of silence, “Are you sure you want to leave this place?”

“It’s been almost three days since we came in. We’ve only seen a few monsters. Moreover, that man wanted to attack us for no reason. I think this area is just too strange.” The tall man nodded.

“Where do we go then?” The short man asked.

The tall man fell into silence for a moment before speaking again, “Let’s go to the sea.”

“It might be even more dangerous over there,” the short man said to the tall man while staring at him.

“But there will definitely be sufficient monsters for us to hunt.” The tall man seemed to have made up his mind. “It’ll be alright as long as we’re more careful and avoid those that we can’t kill.”

“Alright then.” The short man nodded after thinking for a little bit. “But it’s your choice. If something happens again, you’ll have to take responsibility.”

“Sure!” The tall man agreed to that directly.

North of the foggy area was a vast sea.

When Lin Huang was investigating those explorers in the foggy area, he had heard about the existence of the sea. Therefore, he chose it as his next hunting ground.

Usually, a sea of that size would definitely contain more monsters.

Lin Huang thought that it would likely be a great place to hunt.

He summoned the Shackle Serpent as he looked at the vast and endless black sea before him.

It would be a little absurd to be riding the Destructive Divine Mammoth in the sea. Therefore, Lin Huang decisively changed his mount to the Shackle Serpent.

Apart from the Shackle Serpent, he had also summoned the Enchanted Fairy that had mastered the Moon Power.

The Enchanted Fairy had certain advantages in and around water.

The two of them rode on the Shackle Serpent’s back and submerged into the depths of the sea silently.

Lin Huang still did not spread out his Divine Telekinesis. He remained low-key as he concealed his aura.

This time, he chose the long-distance ocular skill as his probing technique of choice once again.

Countless Dao tattoos consolidated into an eyeball the size of a fist before him, observing everything within hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

Within three seconds of the long-distance ocular skill being performed, Lin Huang suddenly frowned and turned his head in a particular direction.

“Liu Fu?!”

He did not expect to run into Liu Fu in this mystic territory.

Although Liu Fu had already concealed his aura entirely and disguised himself as a passing reef, Lin Huang’s long-distance ocular skill not only had the ability to probe at long distances, but also could see through illusions and disguises.

Given Liu Fu’s ability, it was only natural that he could not escape his probing. Lin Huang sensed him instantly.

“Seems like this guy is stuck in the sea…” Naturally, Lin Huang noticed that the area Liu Fu was in was a Putrescent Dragon Whale’s territory.

Judging by the Putrescent Dragon Whale’s aura, it should have mastered some 23,000 Dao seals.

As soon as Liu Fu moved, it would definitely sense him.

Lin Huang speculated that Liu Fu must have invaded the Putrescent Dragon Whale’s territory by accident and had been trapped there ever since.

Lin Huang thought for a moment when he discovered Liu Fu. He decided not to meet up with him.

One of the reasons was that he did not want to expose his ability.

As soon as they met up, Liu Fu would definitely suggest that they team up. Teaming up would bring many inconveniences to him later on.

Another reason was that he was unsure as to whether Liu Fu was the Raiders’ spy.

Although Liu Fu had been pretty nice to him up to this point, from what Lin Huang knew about Raiders, if Liu Fu really was one, he definitely would not show mercy to him when they fell out. Yang Ling was the perfect example of this.

Lin Huang gave the Shackle Serpent an order while he stayed in place with the Enchanted Fairy. He watched Shackle Serpent head toward Liu Fu’s direction.

It was simple to solve Liu Fu’s current crisis. He just had to kill the Putrescent Dragon Whale.

Meanwhile, the Shackle Serpent looked like an aquatic monster. It was nothing out of the ordinary for it to hunt the Putrescent Dragon Whale…


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