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«Miracle Throne (Web Novel) - Chapter 583: Space Gate

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Chapter 583: Space Gate

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Nangong Yun looked very sorry as she came out of the Transport Point. Her clothes were tattered and her injuries weren’t light. She let out a long sigh of relief as flames appeared around her, healing her injuries.

“That old thing is truly powerful.”

“Luckily this old lady had brought a Transport Scroll!”

Nangong Yun immediately ran over to report to Meng Qingwu. This surprise attack was very successful, only the surprise attack decided by Nangong Yun was too dangerous, but good thing there were no losses. The others had already left the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s territory.

In the success this time, Meng Qingwu’s intelligence had played a large role. Back when the Eagle Burial Kingdom attacked the kingdom alliance, Meng Qingwu had already been collecting information on the Eagle Burial Kingdom through all their channels, therefore they could accurately destroy the most important fortresses of the Eagle Burial Kingdom.

This surprise attack would not have much effect on the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s main forces, but it would cause heavy losses to the Eagle Burial Kingdom. At least half of the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s food supplies would be gone and it would definitely cause a huge terror for the Eagle Burial Kingdom.

Meng Qingwu continued making arrangements, “Have Feng Caidie and Yun Yao come over. You will be led by Nangong and your mission will be to go to the surrounding countries taken over by the Eagle Burial Kingdom, cutting off the food supplies heading to the Eagle Burial Kingdom. At the same time, you will support and fund these countries in becoming countries again.”

Nangong Yun didn’t have the long term vision Meng Qingwu had, but now they had reached this point, she could at least tell what Meng Qingwu wanted to do.

The Eagle Burial Kingdom was a spirit beast country.

They were bad at farming to begin with and they had been recently attacking small and medium sized countries in all directions, wildly increasing their military each year, so they had a giant consumption. They could only live off this by conquering others for supplies.

Over the past few years, the Eagle Burial Kingdom had never stopped their aggression and one of the main reasons was that they couldn’t stop. The Eagle Burial Kingdom had to keep plundering and expanding. Right now in order to deal with the kingdom alliance, the Eagle Burial Kingdom had stopped attacking in all directions, which was a very dangerous matter.

Now Meng Qingwu had sent people to destroy the main granaries of the Eagle Burial Kingdom and used methods to stop the supplies coming into the Eagle Burial Kingdom from outside. She was also using diplomacy to rally resistance against the Eagle Burial Kingdom.

Even if they couldn’t fight the Eagle Burial Kingdom’s main forces.

Meng Qingwu still had her ways to burn down this outwardly strong and inwardly weak warring kingdom!

When Chu Tian tried to lobby the Blood Eagle King back in the Great Zhou Country, the five points he raised were not jokes at all. The Eagle Burial Kingdom only had a strong military, they didn’t have any economical power or production power. This kind of country could be destroyed without any other force!

Nangong Yun was filled with confidence. She gathered Feng Caidie and Yun Yao, preparing to set off and travel to the various countries.

Meng Qingwu had borrowed quite a few experts from the four giants and recruited quite a few experts from the forest. The twenty thousand heavy armor Berserker Army was also moved to the Great Zhou Country when the Eagle Burial Kingdom decided to launch an all out attack on the Great Zhou Country. Although there was a disparity in strength, it would be enough to stall for some time. Now they would just need to wait for internal changes from the Eagle Burial Kingdom.

The northern kingdoms’ matter was over.

Meng Qingwu had to begin dealing with the underground Subterranean World.

The four large Forest of Chaos forces were already moving against the Subterranean World. If one was to compare by strength, even if the Subterranean World gathered most of the Purgatory World, they couldn’t compare to the Forest Alliance. But the complexity of the Subterranean World and Purgatory World geography was beyond the control of the Forest Alliance.

Miracle City didn’t have much information on the Subterranean World, so the Forest Alliance soldiers didn’t have a way to enter the Subterranean World. Therefore the Forest Alliance was mainly focus on defending and controlling them.

Meng Qingwu had given the Forest Alliance Miracle Commerce’s newest technology to monitor the situation of the underground life forms. That way, it prevented the major cities from being ambushed by the spirit insects. She also had the Elven King lead the four giants to attack the Subterranean World cities from the Purgatory World.

The four of them were worth an entire army!

There were still casualty reports from the Forest Alliance that even said that some cities had been captured, but a part of the ambushes had been stopped and some spirit insect armies had been destroyed. The reports from the Purgatory World told Meng Qingwu that the four giants had already captured several cities in the Subterranean World.

Neither side budged and each side kept consuming the other side’s resources, with no one taking an advantage.

Like this it would only benefit the Subterranean World. The spirit insects were not afraid of consuming themselves and didn’t care about this loss because the spirit insects had high degree of collective mentality. This was related to the innate social structure of the spirit insects. The Forest Alliance was just a higher form of local governing.

No matter how many Subterranean World inhabitants died, the highest rules wouldn’t be moved and countless soldiers would keep charging forward. The situation was different with the Forest Alliance. As more and more forest cities were attacked, in line with the principle of not being able to defend each other, there would be City Lords that would have the idea to leave the Forest Alliance.

The Forest Alliance had just been established!

This kind of trend would be a very large hit to the Forest Alliance and would even put this new alliance on the verge of collapse. Meng Qingwu was trying to comfort everyone while also trying to deal with the Subterranean World, but the things she could do was limited in the end. They urgently needed a way to completely overturn everything.

There was an exciting piece of news that came at this critical moment.

The Space Gate had finally been constructed!

Because the construction of the Space Gate was top secret, in order not to attract attention or trouble, even Meng Qingwu didn’t know the situation of the construction, so she didn’t know the progress of the construction. However, with how complicated the Space Gate was, it was expected to take longer than the planned time.

Who would have thought that with Chu Tian and Meng Yingying’s efforts, the Space Gate would be finished two days ahead of time.

Now the entire valley was filled with stone plates. The Space Gate was built like a giant gate, or rather it was built like a giant door frame that was over a hundred meters tall and was built right in the center of the basin. This giant door frame was built using crystals and precious metals, with large amounts of runes carved on the surface and countless Eyes of the Star and space crystals mounted into it. It was built in a large and complicated array like the stars of the sky.

[Note: Doraemon’s Dokodemo Door?]

Meng Qingwu saw this large structure and muttered to herself, “This is the Space Gate? It’s truly magnificent!”

“That’s right, this is the Space Gate that can even transport an army.” Chu Tian and Meng Yingying had been busy for several days and the two of them seemed quite exhausted. Chu Tian said to Meng Qingwu, “We can start now!”

Miracle City had an army of around one hundred thousand.

This was far from being enough because Miracle Commerce’s best equipment had been given to the Mech Suit soldiers in the Great Zhou Country, they now didn’t have any good equipment to arm this army. Moreover, Miracle City had only been constructed for a short period of time, not having enough time to train these soldiers, so they couldn’t be the main forces in such an important battle.

Of course.

The Space Gate could transport large amounts of people, but that number was still limited. Once there were too many people, it was easy to overload the power. With Miracle City’s current power grid, using all the power in the city, they couldn’t send tens of thousands of people at once.

Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu made a decision to only send thirty thousand elites, the others would be collected from the other cities and the four giants. This goal this time was after all the Spider Queen’s city, it wasn’t something one side could fight, so they had to work together to have a greater chance of victory.

The Giant Mountain Ridge sent out twenty Titans and over two thousand giants.

The Dragon’s Ridge sent out fifteen dragons, two hundred Liches, and over a thousand various other experts.

The Savage Highlands sent out twenty Behemoths and over ten thousand people from Burst Claw’s personal troops.

Finally it was the Eternal Forest. The Eternal Forest was more troublesome since it was hard for those old fogies to come up with a decision to send the elven army, even if they argued about it for a year. Finally the elven City Lords brought their own guards and came to help as private individuals.

Although this army was not big, the battle strength was absolutely explosive!

In two days, the armies all gathered in Miracle City. All of them and the thirty thousand elite troops carefully armed by Miracle City all gathered in front of the Space Gate.

Chu Tian stood before the Space Gate, “Everyone, the Forest Alliance is everyone’s family, the Forest Alliance can bring rich resources and prosperity to the entire forest, the Forest Alliance is the base giving us confidence to stand on the continent! Currently, our Forest Alliance is in a critical moment. The insects from underground want to destroy our alliance and set the forest into eternal chaos. What do you think we should do?”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The roars were like waves coming from all directions!

“We suffered quite a bit over the past few days and have suffered heavy losses, but now we will let them see how powerful we are!” Chu Tian took a step back and loudly shouted, “I announce in the name of Miracle City’s City Lord that the Space Gate is now open!”

Energy kept flowing over like thousands of rivers through Miracle City.

The runes present all lit up and gathered from all four directions before collecting on the giant door frame. After that, a powerful energy gathered inside the door frame as crackling and booming sounds came from the entire space. This space was like a bucket of water that was currently being boiled with high heat.


There was a cracking sound.

One giant crack appeared, a second, a third, a fourth. Countless cracks gathered together before they gradually formed an energy vortex. The vortex wasn’t very stable at first with large amounts of energy intersecting, but the large arrays played their part, quickly scattering the unstable energy. An image gradually appeared in the vortex, it was the underground world.

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