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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 2551 Not Going Back

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Chapter 2551 Not Going Back

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Upon seeing that she had returned to normal, and she was in good spirits, they were relieved.

“I asked you to come over because I have some arrangements that need to be made.” Her eyes passed over everyone, and finally fell on Guan Xilin: “Elder brother, because we haven’t found out who the people who attacked me are, I want you to take Feng Ye and Zhao Yang back and let my family spend some time with them, then take them back to Sycamore Mountain.

Guan Xilin was shocked when he heard this: “So, you don’t intend to go back?”

“No.” She nodded and said: “I’m afraid if I go back, I will bring trouble to my family again. So, I want you to take them back for me. As for us, there is no way we can go back right now.”

She didn’t want to disrupt the peaceful life of her family. She didn’t want to bring danger to them. Therefore, the only way to do that was if she stayed here so that she didn’t lead the danger back to the Phoenix Empire.

Upon seeing this, Guan Xilin said solemnly with a serious expression on his face: “Alright, don’t worry! I’ll take them both back.”

“Then you and Ye Jing should go and pack first. I’m going over to Mo Chen’s first. As for Du Fan, you and the others will return to Heavenly Pill Tower first.”

“Alright.” Guan Xilin responded and left with Ye Jing first.

“Master, then we shall go back to Heavenly Pill Tower first.” They bowed, then turned around and walked out.

“Old White, you follow them!” Feng Jiu glanced at Old White who was beside her.

“Ah? Me too?” Old White was slightly stunned. It glanced at Fire Phoenix and saw that it had stopped turning on the table and didn’t move, so it murmured and walked out.

When she saw that they had all left, Feng Jiu and Xuanyuan Mo Ze let Leng Hua lead the way to the courtyard where Mo Chen was resting.

Mo Chen had been sitting cross-legged in the room ever since he had entered the room last night to adjust his body’s qi. When he heard a knock from the outside, he exhaled lightly, then gathered his breath into his body and opened his eyes.

“Come in.”

Outside, Feng Jiu opened the door when she heard his words, and walked in together with Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

“Mo Chen, I have something to ask you.” Feng Jiu came to the inner chamber and looked at him as he walked out slowly, then she went with him to the table outside and sat down.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at Mo Chen. When he saw that his complexion was much better than it was last night, he gave him a slight nod.

“Did you want to ask me about the world annihilation black lotus?” Mo Chen sat down at the table. After a while, Leng Hua brought them some tea. “That’s right.” Feng Jiu looked at him and asked: “What do you know about the world annihilation black lotus?”.

Upon hearing this, Mo Chen smiled gently. He picked up the tea in front of him and used the lid of the teacup to hold the tea leaves back, then he took a sip and put the cup down and said: “Since you have the primal chaos blue lotus, naturally, you should know about the world annihilation black lotus.”

Feng Jiu frowned slightly: “I only know that according to legend, there were four lotus seeds in ancient times, one was the blue lotus for good fortune, the second was the golden lotus for virtue, the third was the red lotus for karma, and the fourth was the black lotus for world-annihilation. These four lotus seeds are all lotus seeds from the heart of the primal chaos blue lotus. But, the primal chaos blue lotus seed is here with me, so why has the world annihilation black lotus appeared at this time?”

It was clear that the primal chao blue lotus that was nourished by the spirit energy in her body wasn’t fully formed. Before that, she thought that there was only one such primal chaos blue lotus in this world…


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