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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 4086 Cannot Unlock the Seal

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Chapter 4086 Cannot Unlock the Seal

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“That’s fine, you may get up!” Feng Jiu gestured for her to stand up. Du Fan and the others in the courtyard looked at Ye Feifei, then at each other and smiled. It seemed that they had a new addition to their team, but they just hadn’t expected it to be Ye Feifei. Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at Ye Feifei, then moved the box in front of him. When he saw that the box had a seal on it, he gathered a breath of spirit energy in his palm to open the seal. When he opened the box, he found a bead bound in an extremely strong spirit energy. The bead was only the size of an egg yolk and was milky white in colour. However, there was a flame burning inside the middle of the bead, and when he held the bead in his hand, he felt the bead exuding a warm breath. He took the bead in his hand and looked at it carefully. There was a red object under the flame, but he wasn’t able to see it clearly. However, it was very strange that there was a flame inside the bead. He thought that it was a red lotus, he hadn’t expected it to be a wisp of red lotus fire. “This is the Primordial Red Lotus?” Feng Jiu was a little surprised. She took the bead Xuanyuan Mo Ze handed over to her and looked at it. As soon as her hand touched the bead, she felt a flame entering her palm, and as soon as she touched the bead, she felt a strange feeling of the blue lotus in her body.

“This bead has a seal. My Mother tried many ways but could never unlock the seal.” Ye Feifei said, looking at the bead. After Feng Jiu had finished looking at it, she handed it back to Xuanyuan Mo Ze and said: “Try to see if you can unlock the seal.”

“I can’t unlock it.” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said, without taking the bead. When he took the bead out of the box, he had already tried to break the seal, but even with his cultivation level, he was unable to do so. Feng Jiu was slightly surprised. She looked at the bead: “Who sealed this bead? The Primordial Red Lotus is actually so well preserved inside this seal and all its powerful aura is still sealed up without leaking out.”

“Ah ah!” Yue’er, who was in Feng Jiu’s arms, waved her little hands and tried to take the bead from Feng Jiu’s hand. Feng Jiu looked down and saw her daughter grinning with a drool dripping down her face. Her chubby little hands were stretched out trying to take the bead from her hand. So, she stuffed the bead in her hand and said: “Here, you can play with it!”

Upon hearing this, Ye Feifei who was standing at the side, was slightly startled. She couldn’t help but look at Feng Jiu, then at the Little Master in her arms, a little surprised that she would stuff such a treasure into the hands of a child to be used as a toy.

When Du Fan and the others saw this, they smiled slightly, as if not surprised by it at all. “Qingcheng, take Feifei down! Talk to her about the rules and make arrangements for her daily tasks, then take her to meet the people in the mansion.” Feng Jiu gestured for Bai Qingcheng to take her away. “Yes.” Bai Qingcheng responded and looked at Ye Feifei. After Ye Feifei bowed, she followed Bai Qingcheng and left. “Does Master have a way to unlock the seal?” Du Fan asked.

Feng Jiu glanced at her daughter in her arms and watched her playing happily with the bead, her face and the bead were covered in saliva, she couldn’t help but smile: “Since it is in my hands now, it’s only a matter of time before I unlock the seal. There’s no rush, I’ll take my time!”

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