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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 3874: Choosing a Name

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Chapter 3874: Choosing a Name

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Luo Yu and other people proceeded to arrange, the house a piece of lights and colours. Originally Luo Yu they picked today, but when they talked to a few others, they said something like it would be better to wait for Wash 3 to celebrate together, but in the end, after thinking about it, they felt that tomorrow was Wash 3’s day, they could celebrate it back to back, so then, there was this giddy banquet today.

“Captain, someone sent a post over.” The mercenary took a fine post and handed it to Jin Yifeng, while looking at it curiously, “Captain, whose post was sent?”

Jin Yifeng took it and glanced at the beautiful post, his heart was also slightly surprised, he reached out and wiped off the seal on it and took out the post inside to have a look at it, this time, he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned, “It’s an invitation sent by Little Manor at the heart of the lake!”

“Ah? An invitation from Little Manor at the heart of the lake?” The mercenary couldn’t help but come forward, “Captain, what are they sending you an invitation for?”

Jin Yifeng closed the post and glanced at him, saying, “Do what you need to do.” With that, he took a big step outside.

He didn’t expect that they would send him a post, inviting him over to celebrate, however, since the other party had sent the post, then he had to go and prepare something that could be used as a congratulatory gift, just, what would be good to send?

On the other hand, Duan Yunhe also received the post, the moment he saw the post, he was also surprised, he didn’t expect that they would invite him over to celebrate. So, he then also started to prepare for it, and after picking out a gift, he left the clan and headed for the Little Manor at the heart of the lake.

In the evening, Xuanyuan MO Ze came to the master bedroom and saw that Feng Jiu was teasing the two children, the two children were giggling as they lay by her side, listening to the laughter of the mother and child trio, his eyes softened.

“Ze? You came? Come and see, these two little ones smile so beautifully.” Feng Jiu called towards him, while teasing the child again.

Xuanyuan MO Ze went forward and saw that the cloth wrapped around the two children had been changed to two colours, one white and one pink, obviously differentiating them.

However, even if they were not differentiated, the child could still tell them apart because there was a small dot of red vermilion on the girl’s brow, only it was not very visible due to the black and red skin.

“Why aren’t you resting?” He came to the side of the bed and looked at her, with one hand he held over his daughter who was sleeping inside, he lowered his head and gently tapped his finger on her small lips and saw her grinning.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan MO Ze also followed and smiled, praising, “Your daughter’s eyes are like yours, so beautiful, she must be a beauty when she grows up too.”

Hearing this, Feng Jiu pursed her lips and smiled, saying, “Our children naturally won’t be bad, however, the children have all been born, have you helped them think of names? What kind of name?”

Xuanyuan MO Ze raised his eyes to look at her and said, “I thought of it long ago, the son will be called Mu Chen, and the daughter will be called Mu Yue!”

Hearing these two names, Feng Jiu could not help but be slightly stunned: “Mu Chen? Mu Yue?” She looked at him with a complicated gaze and asked, “How did you want to help them come up with such two names?”

Xuanyuan MO Ze looked at her and said, “Although I have never said or mentioned anything, but in my heart, I have always remembered MO Chen’s death for our sake, if it wasn’t for him, how would we have such a happy and fulfilling life as we have right now? Mu means to miss and admire, and Chen, is him, I hope that the children will also know in the future that there is such a person who had died for us.”

His voice lurched, saying, “As for Yue, it means divine pearl, our daughter, cherished like a pearl in the palm of her hand, named Yue, couldn’t be more suitable…”

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