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«Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 3776: Mentality

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Chapter 3776: Mentality

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Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

“Captain, we have been dealing with any danger we encounter on the way as we are in the lead. Those people behind have it easy as they don’t have to do anything. That’s not very ethical.” One of the mercenaries said, glaring at the people behind him with an annoyed expression.

“Captain, shall we either let them go ahead of us, or we ask them what their intentions are?” Another mercenary who was walking with them said.

“Yes, we have been walking in front and killing fierce beasts this whole time. Our brothers are stained with blood and injured, and they walk behind us so they don’t have to do anything. They aren’t even our employer. We are not happy being taken advantage of like that.”

“Also, they have been following us the whole time, it’s like we are being watched. Everywhere we go we see their team. I really don’t know what they want to do.”

When he heard his team talking like this, Jin Yifeng frowned slightly. Actually, he knew that his team was unhappy. They used their swords for a living and their mission was to protect Madam Xuanyuan. But the team behind them have continued to follow them this whole time and it made it seem like they were protecting them instead and were leading the way for them.

The most important point was that the other team were following them unhurriedly, as if they were doing it on purpose. When he thought of this, he looked back again and was silent for a while, then he said: “We will go our own way and do what we are supposed to do. Even if they aren’t behind us, it is still the same. Don’t pay attention to them, just treat them as if they’re transparent.”

“This path is open to the sky and we don’t own the paths in here either. They are free to go whichever way they want. Think about it from another perspective, even if they aren’t following behind us, we still have to kill the fierce beasts that we encounter. Therefore, it will be the same with or without them.” He tried to make everyone understand the situation and not pay attention to the little details.

In fact, in his opinion, as long as they carry out their mission well, regardless of whether there is a team behind them, they still have to do the same thing. Since that was the case, why bother to say that the team behind them were taking advantage of them?

In reality, it was just a different way of thinking about the situation and it was all about their mentality. The team members’ mentalities just hadn’t adjusted yet.

“But Captain…”

“Your Captain is right.” Feng Jiu chuckled and glanced at Jin Yifeng. Then she said with a smile: “You should learn to be more like your Captain, he has the right attitude.”

When they heard her speak, the mercenaries were a little stunned and lowered their heads for a moment. After all, they were being petty about things that didn’t matter.

Jin Yifeng hadn’t expected her to speak, so after he recovered from his shock, he walked over to her with a smile and asked: “Madam Xuanyuan, you haven’t rested much along the way. Is your body able to withstand the stress of walking at the same pace as everyone else?”

“Well, it’s fine. My health is very good and walking is a good activity for pregnant women.” She smiled and walked leisurely, with one hand over her belly protectively while Leng Shuang and Qin Xin who were walking beside her were cutting off the branches around them along the way so that they didn’t scratch their Master.

“Captain Jin, how much further is the location of the Snowdrop Flower? It’s been such a long time, will the Snowdrop Flower still be there? Or would it have been picked by someone by now?”

Feng Jiu asked as she was worried that the Snowdrop Flower would have been picked by someone else. After all, it was an indispensable medicine herb that they needed to wake Xuanyuan MO Ze up with…

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