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«Medical Master (Web Novel) - Chapter 779 Public Opinion Can Be Manipulated!

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Chapter 779 Public Opinion Can Be Manipulated!

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“I guess.”

Seeing Yang Ningyuan nodding as he agreed, Fang Qiu said, “Next, you will pay the Internet trolls and use Weibo, the best publicity platform, to try your best to intensify the frustration of those who did not get the Trillium Root-Securing Pill. Then, you will lure those who got it to send all kinds of photos to show off so as to satisfy their vanity.”

“And you are the one behind all of this!”

After that, Fang Qiu looked at Yang Ningyuan, waiting for his answer.

As expected, “Pa, pa, pa…”

Yang Ningyuan immediately laughed and applauded, saying, “Although it looks very simple, in the business world, this marketing ploy is indeed very useful. The end result is that the buyers get to buy good medicine and I sell the drugs I produced. Whether it’s for the customers or for me, it’s a win-win situation. In this case, why don’t we do it?”

Fang Qiu shook his head with a wry smile and sighed to himself, “It’s true that you will never know what a person is thinking. Public opinion can be manipulated!”

With that thought in mind, Fang Qiu pondered for a moment, then suddenly raised his head, stared at Yang Ningyuan and asked, “It should be more than that, right?”

Hearing this, Yang Ningyuan was stunned for a moment!

Then, an uneasy look suddenly appeared on his face and he said awkwardly, “You’ve guessed it. But since you already figured it out, it proves that you’re not simple. You’re also very astute!”

“I’ve never said that I’m simple.”

Fang Qiu shook his head with a smile and said, “If my guess is right, you will also get someone to send posts to tell all the netizens that they spent quite a fortune and got the qualification to buy the pill. The first batch of Trillium Root-Securing Pill was not sold through direct sales, but through pre-selling. That is to say, before your company officially starts selling the Trillium Root-Securing Pill, they can change the contact information and address they have reserved during the pre-selling. In this case, they can sell the qualification they managed to grab at a high price!”

“As a manufacturer of Trillium Root-Securing Pill, you can pay a high price to purchase the rights. Then you can arouse public interest on the Internet and make everyone think that the pill is an excellent product. Otherwise, no one will be willing to pay a high price for it. For you, buying it at a high price is a piece of cake. If those who are qualified to buy it really sell the spot, you will definitely purchase it and make it a real deal. Then, you will leave a record of the transaction on the Internet!”

“Anyway, each person has been given a big red packet worth 3,000 yuan. It doesn’t matter if I lose more money now. It will be fine even if I need to buy all of the spots for myself.”

“Because this is the first batch of Trillium Root-Securing Pill, it’ll be best if we can make money this time. It doesn’t matter even if we don’t. Even if we have to lose money, it will be fine.”

“The next batch is the most important thing!”

Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes, looked at Yang Ningyuan and said, “In this way, the Trillium Root-Securing Pill becomes even more attractive to the public. In addition to its excellent medicinal properties, it has been very popular since it is coveted by so many people. In addition, this one can be sold at a higher price privately, which is equivalent to the concert ticket sales of those top stars. Countless people will do their best to bid for it. Even those ticket scalpers who have no expectations of the concert will get involved.”

“If people know that this can make money, they will definitely go all out for it!”

“As soon as the second batch is released, we don’t have to worry about the sales at all. We don’t even need to advertise it. With such huge publicity this time, plus the good reputation of Trillium Root-Securing Pill, we will inevitably become the focus of attention in the pharmaceutical industry!”

“This is the real hunger marketing, isn’t it?”

Yang Ningyuan did not interrupt Fang Qiu’s speech, then he laughed and applauded, saying, “It’s Fang Qiu who knows me well!”


Just as Yang Ningyuan reached out and was about to pat Fang Qiu on the shoulder, Fang Qiu suddenly said, “It’s not over yet, is it?”

As soon as he said that, the smile on Yang Ningyuan’s face instantly disappeared. He froze for a moment. Then he smiled awkwardly, shook his head and said, “You, there are some things that you should only keep to yourself.”

“As expected.”

Fang Qiu sighed with emotion and said, “You will also find a few of the 100 people who have tried the pills and get them to post online, saying how good the effect is after taking the pill.”

“In this way, the pills which are hard to get, can also help people make money and has surprisingly good effects. With these three factors, it’s impossible that the second batch will not be sold out. Even people who can’t get to buy the next batch will join the people who try to buy them at a high price. And your company can secretly sell the pills for them to hoard. In this way, you end up making more money!”

Speaking of this, Fang Qiu could not help exclaiming, “These days, buyers are not as shrewd as sellers. How can the customers know that? They seem to be free, but in fact, they have been tricked by the commercial empires in the world and are used as pawns.”

“As you said, the world has been shrouded by the business.”

Yang Ningyuan shook his head with a smile and then reminded him, “This is business!”

Not long after the pre-selling, on Weibo, people began to send all kinds of posts. They whined that they did not get the chance. They regretted that their hands were not fast enough and that they did not have access to computers. Some even hurled abuse at the three mobile operators.

To everyone’s surprise, not a single person scolded Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation.

Even if they failed to access the website when they were giving pre-orders, no one blamed the official website for the problem.

People who did not know would think that there were too few of the pills. When they wanted to buy them, they were already sold out, so they could not access the website. Those who knew the truth would not tell others what they knew.

There was no doubt that the number of people who did not get the pills far exceeded the number of people who got it.

In this case, there was a lot of resentment on Weibo.

When those people who managed to access the spots saw that there were so many people whining on Weibo, they immediately posted screenshots of their success in an attempt to show off.

It did not take long before a large number of people started showing off.

Every time there was a screenshot of a successful attempt, there would be a group of people below the comment area asking for the transfer of the spot.

“You’re so awesome. Bro, why don’t you transfer the spot to me?”

“I’m asking for a transfer. It doesn’t matter if I need to pay more.”

There were also a lot of people who began to post on Weibo, asking for the spots.

“Who managed to secure a spot to buy the Trillium Root-Securing Pill? I’m asking for one spot. The original price is 1,000. I can pay 1,500 yuan. Anyone who is willing to sell it, please send me a private message!”

“I’m kneeling on the snow to beg for a spot. Without further ado, I’ll offer 1,600. If you’re willing to transfer it, please send me a private message.”

“Damn it, it took me half an hour to find out that they were all sold out in three minutes. Who got the qualification? I’ll pay 2,000 yuan. I don’t believe that I can’t buy things even if I have money. I need only get one spot. Those who are willing to transfer to me, contact me ASAP!”

In the blink of an eye, Weibo was filled with various heated discussions.

Some of them cried for a transfer of a spot, while some of them bought it at a high price and others held on tight to their spots and refused to sell it.

However, people always gave priority to their own interests.

Soon, someone found the man who offered 2,000 to buy the qualification.

The man did not hesitate and made a deal immediately.

He really bought it!

A reserved spot cost 2,000. A place worth 1,000 was doubled in one transfer!

“This is simply daylight robbery!”

Everyone looked at it.

“What the f*ck, there are even scalpers here?”

“Isn’t it so cool to be able to make money simply by getting a spot on the waiting list?”

“There is no need to wait to buy popular phones anymore. Hurry and get Trillium Root-Securing Pill. If you have a phone, you’ll lose a lot of money when the phone is devalued. You won’t even be able to use it. However, even if you get the Trillium Root-Securing Pill, you’ll still be able to keep it and eat it yourself. It’ll be good for your body!”

All the scalpers surged to the Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Company, aiming for the Trillium Root-Securing Pill, which was a hot item!

Many scalpers also went to the official Weibo account of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation to ask about it.

“Isn’t it too difficult to get one? There are only so few. How are we supposed to get it?”

“When are you going to release the next batch? You can’t leave us like this, can you?”

“Sir or Madam, please answer our question. When are you going to release the next batch?”

It was not just the scalpers.

Many people who could not get it also left messages to inquire about it.

The Weibo of Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation did not respond immediately. Instead, they allowed public opinion to simmer.

It was not until the heat of fallout had reached its peak that the official account of Hua Yuan suddenly sent a post on Weibo.

“Thank you very much for participating in the pre-selling of Trillium Root-Securing Pill. The 37,500 packs of the Trillium Root-Securing Pill were sold out in just three minutes, which showed our customers’ recognition of Trillium Root-Securing Pill and trust in our company. There are still many customers who have not been able to buy it yet. Our company has decided to accelerate the production. While ensuring the better effects of the pill, we promise that everyone will be able to get more. The pre-selling of the second batch of the pills will be set in the early morning, three days later. We hope that each person will manage to get a pack of the pills.”

As soon as this post was sent, all the netizens were thrilled.

Although they failed to get the spot for the first batch, there was still the second batch.

Although they had to wait for three days, it was not such a long time. As long as they could get it, waiting for three more days was not a problem.

With this thought in mind, everyone tried their best to prepare for the pre-selling three days later!

The next day,

As Fang Qiu expected, among the 100 people who participated in the tryout, there were indeed a few people who posted online explaining in detail the effects of the pill. They claimed that the effect of the pill was very good and even cured the diseases that they had tried to cure for many years.

Hardly had this kind of post emerged when it immediately pushed Trillium Root-Securing Pill to a higher level.

It was a health product that could cure diseases!

There were not many of them.

Meanwhile, more and more people began to look forward to the Trillium Root-Securing Pill.

Having seen what had happened on the Internet in the past two days, Fang Qiu was no longer as emotional as before. On the contrary, he had some form of vague enlightenment.

“In fact, it’s all because of people’s minds.”

“Are you swayed by the trend or tempted by it?”

“They’re tempted!”

“Everyone is tempted by Yang Ningyuan.”

With this enlightenment in his mind, the trace of internal Qi that Fang Qiu had failed to achieve flowed out quietly. The overflow of internal Qi was completely full.

“Next, it’s time to make a breakthrough.”

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